Divine Hot Tub Reviews: The Deluxe Ultra Massage

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If you have the money and the need for a comfortable and luxurious hydro massage, you’ll discover that there are so many types of hot tubs available in the market. You’ll find it confusing and bewildering, especially if it’s your first time buying one.

You don’t know where to start looking and how you’ll know if the one you’re considering is the right spa for you. Let us help you with one of the Divine Hot Tub Reviews.

We share some considerations on buying a spa or hot tub because we understand you’re clueless about how to go about buying one. We also focus on one of the bestselling Divine hot tubs: The Deluxe Ultra Massage.

We want to help you answer some of your questions with this review. Are you ready to learn?

Divine Hot Tub Review: Presenting the Deluxe Ultra Massage


The Ultra Massage spa has 115 jets for the ultimate hydro-massage experience. You can experience a full-body massage while lounging with five more members of your family or friends. Let’s learn about the hot tub more in the following sections.


  • Seven-person, 115-jet hot tub
  • 440-gallon water capacity
  • Patented ProLoc adjustable and high flow jets
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection
  • Lighted waterfall arches
  • Four pumps
  • Five-two-one warranty: five years on the cabinet and structural; two years for authorized labor, equipment, and plumbing, and one year on the insulated hardcover


Capacity and Dimension

More people will enjoy the spa if it’s bigger, so you have to consider the dimension when buying a hot tub. Moreover, you have to allocate a space for it in your backyard. The Deluxe Ultra Massage measures 92.5” x 92.5” x 92.5” and can hold 400 gallons of water.

It’s a seven-person spa, but it can only accommodate six persons for utmost comfort and enjoyment. It weighs 960 lbs, so you have to hire professionals to install it.


Hydrotherapy and Spa Jets

The spa has four pumps, where three of them power the jets, and another one powers the water filtration. It has a lounger with 39 hydrotherapy jets that provides full body massage. You can also control the sprays if you only want a specific part of your physique to have an effective massage.

Heating System

The Divine Deluxe Hot Tub passed the standards of the California Commission. Its insulation in the floor and cabinet system is highly energy efficient in maintaining the spa warm and dry.

Spa Control

Image Source: https://divinehottubs.com/collections/parts-2/products/tp600-topside-control-2014-current

The push-button controls are intuitive and can provide comfort because you can choose the temperature level you want. Moreover, they control the mood lighting feature to set the ambiance. The tub also has diverter valves on each seat to control the jets, so you don’t have to leave your place.


  • Bluetooth audio

You can enjoy listening to your favorite music through the Bluetooth audio system, which has a media player, two marine-grade speakers, and a powerful subwoofer.

  • Waterfall

The Divine Ultra Massage spa has three waterfall fountain arches with multi-colored lights that you can adjust.

Image Source: https://divinehottubs.com/collections/divine-models/products/sinclair

Our Opinion

The Divine 115-jet hot tub isn’t the largest in terms of size or water volume, but it has four pumps to power the jets and the water filtration system.

We like that we’re able to control the sprays through its sophisticated control panel. The sturdy shell is of high-quality acrylic. These features make the Deluxe Ultra Massage spa more expensive than the other models and brands.

We also like its powerful heating system because we can set the desired temperature and let the tub maintain it. Generally, the spa will lose heat faster if there is more bubbling water produced by the jets. Therefore, it requires a robust heater to ensure an enjoyable, comfortable, and luxurious soaking experience.

We like that we can experience a full-body hydromassage through the 115 high-flow jets powered by three pumps. Moreover, the tub has a fourth pump to filter the water to ensure the cleanliness and clarity of the spa water.

General User Impressions

Many customers have positive Divine hot tub reviews because their spa experiences are enjoyable, comfortable, and luxurious. They look forward to using the bathtub on weekends and special occasions because they know that the Deluxe Ultra Massage tub will always deliver on its promises.

They also like the Bluetooth connection because they can have piped-in music from a nearby source. They can have a relaxing soak with their favorite songs in the background with LED mood lights for the ambiance.

However, some users reported that the user manual doesn’t offer much help when it comes to encountering error codes in the control panels. Moreover, customer service is only available on weekdays during office hours, so if they have issues, they have to wait to contact a representative.

The situation left them frustrated, and they had to perform trial and error strategies to try to solve a problem because no one from the customer service team is available to help them.

About the Brand

Divine Hot Tubs and Spas is a division of Thermal Hydra Plastics, Inc., which started its operations in 1976 with the Clearwater Spas brand in Woodinville, Washington.

However, as a brand, Divine began selling its hot tubs in 2011. Both brands offer the same high-end functionalities and quality. Moreover, they also look similar.

Review Summary

Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of the Deluxe Ultra Massage according to many Divine Hot Tub Reviews.


  • Full-packed features
  • User control of the jets
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Expensive

Things to Consider Before Buying a Hot Tub

A hot tub is an excellent investment if you want muscle relaxation, stress relief, and family bonding. However, if you’re a new user, you may not know how to buy one, so let’s help you with the basics.


A well-known and established brand is the key to ensuring a high-quality hot tub. A trusted name in the industry is a company that has been producing it for years. Moreover, it is also continually improving its products to offer more beneficial features and quality to its customers.


Before you buy a tub, you must first determine the number of people who will use it at the same time because hot tubs have different sizes.

If you’re on a tight budget, you must be practical and realistic about your requirements. Although the biggest hot tub may be useful in special occasions, you have to consider how many people will use it regularly.


Seating ergonomics is essential if you want to maximize the therapeutic benefits of a spa. You have to pay attention to how you can gain such benefits.


You have to take note of the placement of the jets to enjoy their benefits. Properly placed jets can massage parts of your body thoroughly. Moreover, you have to check their power through the horsepower of the pump.


The durability of the hot tub relies on the materials used in its creation. Generally, acrylic shells are more scratch-resistant and more durable than inexpensive plastics.

Water Management

Cleaning the spa will be more expensive and time-consuming without the correct water management. You may consider different filtration levels that maintain the clarity and cleanliness of the water, so you don’t have to clean the tub always.

Style and Design

A hot tub will enhance the backyard landscape; therefore, its performance and quality are essential. However, it must be stylish to make you happy.

Warranty and Cost

You have to balance performance, style, and quality with your budget. If you want to receive excellent value for your money, you need to review the warranty and its coverage.

Divine Hot Tub FAQ

What Are The Benefits Of High Flow Adjustable Jets?

Hydraulically balanced spa jets of the Divine hot tubs allow you to control the airflow and water volume to provide the right jet massage for your needs.

How Efficient Is The Water Filtration Of The Pump?

The circulation pump can filter 100% of the water automatically several times a day.

Can I Control The Jets Without Going To The Control Panels?

You can control the jets and air pressure without leaving your seat to go to the control panels because each spa set has its diverter valves.

Are The Lounge Seats Ergonomic?

Lounge seats provide excellent ergonomic seating that allows you to get a full body massage. However, it’s only available in the Portage and Langley hot tub models.

How Can I Customize My Spa Experience?

Divine hot tubs have push-button controls that you can use to activate the water jets flow, temperature, and multi-colored LED mood lighting.

Final Thoughts

If you’re searching for one of the most comprehensive Divine Hot Tub Reviews, you’ve found it here. We recommend the Divine Deluxe Ultra Massage Hot Tub because its 115 jets focus on specific areas of your body for a satisfying hydro massage experience.

You’ll be happy to know that it has four pumps to power the sprays and the water filtration system. If it’s total enjoyment that you want, you’ll be delighted to experience the lighted waterfall arches and adjustable LED mood enhancing lights.

If you’re after ultimate relaxation, you may even enjoy your favorite music piped-in through a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection from an outside source.

To allay your fears of getting an inoperable hot tub, you’ll be confident to buy the Deluxe Ultra Massage when you know that it has a five-year warranty on structural and cabinet.

Moreover, it has a two-year warranty on equipment, plumbing, and authorized labor, and a one-year warranty on the insulated hardcover. If you’re yearning for the ultimate hydro massage experience, why don’t you try the Divine Deluxe Ultra Massage hot tub today?

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