The American Standard Champion 4: Our Expert Review, Revisited

Is the American Standard Champion 4 worth buying? If you are here, this is probably the question boggling your mind. American Standard makes a lot of reliable toilets, the Champion 4 is just one of them. But in this article, we will go deeper into the features of this toilet and what makes it better from the other American Standard toilets and other toilets in general. This article is an in-depth guide to its benefits and downsides, so you can determine whether this toilet will really fit your needs.

The American Standard Champion 4 Comparison Chart

PictureProductWater UsageConstructionWeight

American Standard Champion 41.6 gallons per flushOne-piece111 pounds
PictureProductWater UsageConstructionWeight

The American Standard Champion 4:Review

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“This is an ideal choice for individuals looking for a toilet with a powerful flush and won’t fail them even when flushing down a huge volume of solid wastes.”

Very few toilets can compete with the American Standard Champion 4 when it comes to its flushing power. Its heavy-duty and clog-free functionality are what make this toilet an ideal choice for all buyers but especially for families who have more toilet users in their home. We recommend this as a primary bathroom toilet or as a guest bathroom toilet.


True to its promise, it really does a good job flushing down solid wastes. It effectively flushes down a big volume of solid wastes even without using up more water and even without flushing it a second time. It’s not as efficient as the toilets with 1.2 gpf of water consumption but we think the 1.6 gpf rating is good enough for those who want to conserve more water in their home.
It’s not prone to clogging. We think the reason why it flushes wastes so effectively is because of the 4-inch piston action accelerator flush valve integrated in it. That allows more mass to be ejected from the bowl for a more thorough cleaning action.

Despite its power, it isn’t very noisy. There are a lot of toilets out there that tend to produce a loud sound when you flush it and again when the tank is filling up. You won’t experience such a problem with this one.

It already includes a slow close toilet seat. This just makes installation easier. Some toilets don’t come with the seat, so you will have to find one that will fit.

“One of the things that will catch your attention about this toilet is how clean it stays even after days of usage and even with minimal cleaning.”

That is all thanks to its EverClean Surface. It is a kind of treatment that American Standard uses to prevent sticky residues from clinging to the surface of the toilet. This feature also prevents dirt on the exterior part of the toilet from accumulating.

You can choose from the normal or right height option. The right height option is taller than the average toilet, which makes it an ideal option for people with a limited range of motion or those with disabilities. Also, if you are taller or you just prefer something that feels more comfortable, the right height option might be a better choice.


The price is a bit higher than other toiles out there. You can find toilets from American Standard cheaper than this. We think the price is the biggest drawback, but if you have habitual cloggers in your home and you are just sick and tired of unclogging your toilet all the time, this toilet might be a good investment.


We recommend this to anyone who doesn’t want to deal with a clogged toilet ever again. Its large base and neck are what makes this so effective in flushing away all those solid wastes. Although it doesn’t have a lot of fancy features that you might find in other brands of toilets, this one still takes the cake due to its reliability and durability. We find it a sturdy toilet that can accommodate heavier loads.

What Makes the American Standard Champion 4 Different?

We think no other American Standard toilet can compete with it in terms of flushing power. It’s our best recommendation if you are looking for this particular benefit. Its flush valve is an inch bigger than the other such as the Cadet 3. However, it shares some features with the other toilets from American Standard such as the EverClean surface.

We also like that it already comes with a soft close toilet seat. The Cadet 3 still needs a separate toilet seat.

It’s not as efficient as the H2Option though. This one has a dual flush function and has a full flush water consumption of 1.28 gpf, which is lower than the Champion 4’s 1.6 gpf. Both are still efficient though but if you want more efficiency and you want a dual flush feature, you might want to set your sights on the H2Option instead of this. However, compared to the H2Option, it is still more capable of flushing solid wastes. The H2Option only has a 2-inch trapway.

As for its design, the tank is slightly bulkier than the Cadet 3. It also requires a 12-inch rough in, which can be a deal breaker for those with limited spaces in their bathroom. The Cadet 3 has a slimmer profile, so if you want something that can fit in your small bathroom, that one might be a better choice compared to the Champion 4.

Price-wise, the Champion 4 is the most expensive option. It is more expensive than the Cadet 3, the H2Option and the Fairfield. If you are on a budget, you might find this out of your price range.
All in all, we think the Champion 4 is the more superior model. It is the best offering from American Standard in terms of flushing capability and durability. It’s a great buy if you want a reliable toilet that won’t give you problems in the future.

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