The Best American Standard Toilets: Our Reviews & Top Picks

Looking for affordable toilets that still have a good quality? Get American Standard toilets. They manufacture well-designed, durable and functional toilets that won’t break the bank.

There is an array of ideal American Standard toilets out there but we can help you go through your options better through this article. We looked for the best toilets that American Standard has to offer and these toilets can cater to the design, functionality, efficiency and ease of usage buyers are looking for. At the end of our review, we have a buying guide that can help you decide even further what to buy.

The Best American Standard Toilets Comparison Chart 

PictureProductWater ConsumptionWeight
American Standard H2Option1.6 gallons per flush (full flush)
3.8 liters per flush (half flush)
91 pounds
American Standard Fairfield1.6 gallons per flush95 pounds
American Standard Champion 41.6 gallons per flush (full flush)
6.0 liters per flush (half flush)
111 pounds
PictureProductWater ConsumptionWeight

Best American Standard Toilets Reviews 

1. American Standard H2Option: Most Efficient

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“The dual flush functions and low gpf of this toilet makes it easier to conserve water.”

If you are looking for a toilet that is not a water hog, get this. It’s a great choice for households with more users. With this toilet, you don’t have to dread your water bill, especially in the summer season when the kids are at home. But aside from its efficient functions, it is also a toilet you can rely on to flush down solids with forceful efficacy.


The dual flush function of this toilet is the most efficient. It has the same full flush water consumption as the Champion 4 but its half flush function uses less water. We like the dual flush function because it really allows you to conserve water more than the typical high efficiency toilet.

We like the compact size of this toilet. It doesn’t occupy a lot of space. Its bowl and tank combination is also a nice space-saving feature. We highly recommend this toilet to people who don’t have a lot of space in their bathroom. It’s also ideal as a guest bathroom toilet or a powder room toilet.

The flush action is aided by its pressurized rim. There are small chambers in the rim and they get filled up with water when you flush. As a result, air gets trapped and then increases the pressure in the chamber. It will then discharge water from the rim holes with more pressure, so that sticky solid residues are removed from the bowl. Say goodbye to those icky skid marks!

Clogging is not an issue with this toilet. The siphon is jet-powered, effectively pushing out solids and eliminating them from the bowl. Unlike other low flow toilets where the flush seems unsatisfactory, this one maintains consistent levels of water in the bowl, thereby providing a more satisfactory cleaning action.

“One thing that sets this apart from others is its Speed Connect system”.

Installation is fairly problem-free. This is unique to this American Standard toilet as the grommets and bolts have already been installed and the parts have been pre-assembled. If this is your first time installing a toilet, you might breeze through the project because of this feature.

H2Option’s EverClean Surface gives it a glossier and sleeker appearance. It also makes the surface resistant to molds and mildew. We’ll have to see after a few years if it will really hold up well against staining but with the way dirt doesn’t cling to its surface and how fairly simple it is to clean, we think it will look new for a long time.

The seat is quite sturdy. Even if you close the seat and sit on it, it won’t cave in.


One considerable problem we have with this dual flush toilet is that its dual flush buttons are quite prone to issues. The switch under the buttons can be quite sensitive and some tweaking with the settings might be needed to make them work better.

The tank tends to be a little wobbly, most likely due to the fact that only two bolts hold it down compared to the usual three bolts found in standard toilets.

2. American Standard Fairfield: Most Affordable

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“A nice and compact choice for small bathrooms sold at a price tag most people will find affordable.”

Although we were initially attracted to this model because of its affordable price tag, it soon revealed itself to be quite the high-performing and reliable toilet. We like that it’s within our price range but what really made this toilet shine is its durability. With its vitreous china construction, it is a toilet that will serve you well for many more years to come.


It’s a comfortable toilet. You can sit on it for a long time to read or check your phone while doing your business. The elongated seat also accommodates people of various sizes.

It is a one-piece toilet. Its sturdiness more than makes up for its weight. One-piece toilets tend to be heavier because you have to carry everything all at once instead of carrying the tank and the bowl separately, which is the case for two-piece toilets. But since you don’t have to attach the tank and the bowl, there are no parts that can wear out and separate overtime. It gives the toilet more stability.

“The 3-inch flush valve is bigger than others, so it accommodates more volume of wastes.”

It provides a powerful flushing action. Clogging is not a problem with this toilet since wastes are expelled effectively.

It already includes a seat, so that is one less thing for you to deal with.


The back of the tank protrudes at the lower part, so there is a gap in between the wall and the toilet tank once you install it. That can be a deal breaker because it is unsightly and it allows dirt to easily get in.

It has a different flushing mechanism. You need to push the handle down. Some people might not know this method, so if you are using it as a guest bathroom toilet, you might have to explain to your guests how it works first.

3. American Standard Champion 4: Most Powerful

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“This is ideal for people looking for a toilet that flushes more forcefully and has a lot of features for maximum convenience.”

This toilet is feature-packed, which explains why it is more expensive. There are features in this toilet you can’t find in the previous ones, so if you are looking for a more luxurious toilet that can deliver a lot of benefits, get this one. We are impressed with its flushing power that effectively removes a larger volume of solid wastes.


This low-flow toilet has dual flush action. Use the half flush for liquid wastes to reduce your usage of water.

This toilet is more comfortable to use for taller people because it sits higher than others. From the floor to the rim, the height is at 16-1/2 inches. This is also a great option for users with mobility issues. Since it is a taller toilet, it is much easier to sit on it for users with difficulties moving around.

It already comes with a slow close toilet seat. We like how durable the seat feels. Even when you move around it, it doesn’t wiggle or buckle.

Just like the first one, this toilet seat also has an EverClean Surface. We really like that this feature is integrated in this more expensive model because it just makes the price worth it. It keeps your toilet clean and stain-free longer. It also keeps it more sanitary as it prevents microorganisms from growing on its surface.

“What is unique about this toilet is its 4-inch piston action accelerator flush valve”.

You can’t find this in the other toilets. This flush valve flushes out bigger volumes of solid wastes more effectively, so you never have to use your toilet plunger ever again. It doesn’t clog easily.

Although we noticed that it flushes loudly, the noise is short-lived. It flushes down fast, so the noise is gone before you even have time to complain about it.


It has a higher rough in measurement than the others, so it does tend to sit farther against the wall. This might not be a good option if you are already dealing with a small space.

The soft close seat lid does lose its softness after a few months.

Price-wise, this isn’t the best. While we think the extra cost is worth it in getting a toilet that flushes forcefully, some people might not agree. If you are on a tight budget, this toilet is not for you.

It does take quite a bit more time to fill up the tank. If you need to flush it a second time, you will have to wait more.


Our recommendation as the best overall toilet from American Standard is the American Standard H2Option. It’s not too expensive, there are no issues with clogging, it flushes down solid wastes effectively and it’s also efficient. We think this is a great choice for anyone looking for a low flow toilet that can last for a long time.

The American Standard Fairfield is the least expensive choice. It’s not that different from the first option when it comes to features. However, the design can be a little off-putting due to the back of the tank that sticks out at the bottom. If you don’t mind that and you think this modern minimalist toilet is a great choice for your bathroom, consider getting this one.

The American Standard Champion 4 is what we recommend for taller people and people with mobility problems because it is taller than your average toilet. It is quite the powerful toilet as well, so if you don’t want to deal with clogs, this should be an excellent option.

Tips in Buying the Best American Standard Toilet

The best American Standard toilet is greatly dependent on your personal needs. We all have different preferences and needs. We suggest going through the following factors to determine what you really need:


American Standard toilets do not look the same.

“Decide what style of toilet will blend in nicely to your existing bathroom (1).”

If you have a modern bathroom, it makes sense to buy a modern toilet that will complement it. If you have a modern farmhouse style bathroom, go for the toilet with a farmhouse appeal.


Measure the space you have intended for the toilet and see what sort of toilet will fit in this space. Take into consideration the rough-in measurements as many toilets come with it. Make sure you also measure the base. Sometimes, it’s the base that take up the most space. If it has a bulky base, it might not work in smaller bathrooms.

Flushing Power

Look for a large trapway system and valve as well as a powerful jet siphon system that will work in eliminating solid wastes. Go for those that are capable of flushing down even a large volume of waste, so you don’t have to do a second flush.


How easy is the toilet to maintain? One way to tell if it is easy to maintain is if the bowl design and shape makes way for easier removal of wastes. Some bowls catch solid wastes and cause them to cling to the surface. You don’t want to deal with solid waste skid marks with such a bowl shape. We also recommend getting those with a glossier surface. Dirt will slide off faster, which can help prevent more tedious maintenance.


Efficiency should be a priority since high-flow toilets use up a lot of water. Go for low-flow ones that still have a powerful flush. A dual flush mechanism can be a nice feature as it allows you to choose a half flush to eliminate liquid wastes. Compare their gallons per flush rating. The lower the gpf, the more efficient it is.

What’s Next? 

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