Best Bath Pillow Reviews: The Most Comfortable & Cleanable Ones

Best Bath Pillow ReviewsThe hard surface of your bathtub doesn’t exactly spark comfort. If you want to soak for hours, make sure you get yourself a nice and handy bath pillow to ante up your comfort. There is no shortage of good bath pillows out there. It is just a matter of finding one that works for your comfort preferences and the size and shape of your bathtub. But consider our recommendations below.

Set aside a small amount of money for these reliable and comfort bath pillows:

Each of these pillows has something to bring to the table. Find out what they are below:

1. Gorilla Grip Original Spa Bath Pillow

Gorilla Grip

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When it comes to bath pillows, the list is not complete without this one from Gorilla Grip that became famous due to its excellent suction cups. They stay in place no matter what you do, thereby preventing the usual problems with bath pillows, which is slippage.

This bath panel has a 2-panel design and has an overall size of 14.5 x 11 inches. You can arrange it to the edge of your bathtub or jacuzzi in any way you prefer. With its 2 inches of thickness, this bath pillow is very soft and can provide your neck, back and shoulders with optimum comfort, so you can relax in your tub for a long time without feeling tight pressure or discomfort.


This bath pillow stays in place. It doesn’t budge even when the surface is slippery and how hard you recline. The suction grips are truly powerful and reliable. There is no need to constantly adjust it.

The panels are big and expansive. They should provide your back, neck and shoulders with a good amount of coverage. Even people with wider shoulders will find it comfortable to use.

It is made from a waterproof material. It keeps water away and has a quick drying function. Cleaning is also a cinch. After using it, simply wipe it clean with a cloth and you are good to go. You can also just lay it over a countertop to air dry.

The 2-inch foam is very comfortable. It has orthopedic support unparalleled by other bath pillows out there.

The waterproof functionality of this bath pillow makes this resistant to the formation of molds. The seams are airtight as well, so no water will get inside the pillow and cause molds to appear in the foams. A lot of people said they did not take good care of this bath pillow, but it is still fairly resistant to molds formation.

It never gets smelly. There is also no initial chemical smell.

Your purchase is backed by a 10-year warranty.


This bath pillow won’t work on textured surfaces, so if you have a bathtub with such a texture, this might not work for you.

2. Epica 2x-Thick Luxury Spa Bath Pillow SuperGrip Suction Cups

Epica 2x-Thick Luxury

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Whoever said you can’t have a good bath pillow without spending a lot of money clearly hasn’t seen this product yet. It is similar to the previous brand when it comes to suction power, but it is a few dollars cheaper. The suction cups are bigger, thereby allowing them to cling to more surface area, which will then lead to a more superior grip.

Loaded with comfort foam, this bath pillow will make you feel like you are in a spa. It is easy to position on your tub or jacuzzi, thereby providing the ability to customize your comfort. It has a 2-panel design with a hinge that can easily follow the shape of your tub.


It is one of the most affordable bath pillows out there. Since it is cheaper, you can get more of it and give them to your friends or family.

The comfort of this bath pillow is remarkable. It is thicker than other foams out there, thereby providing more support for your shoulders and necks. If you have an extremely uncomfortable tub or jacuzzi, this should provide the solution you are looking for.

There is a total of 7 suction cups at the back. The suction cups are big and have a good coverage, so the foam stays intact.

The manufacturer offers a “Rest Easy” warranty. It has 10 years of coverage, so you can get your money back if you are not satisfied with it.

Everything about this is waterproof. No need to worry about molds or mildew growing on its surface. The seams are tightly sewn, so water can’t go inside.

Although it is tightly sealed, it still has a good air circulation inside. The inside is very breathable, so heat does not build up easily.

It is a cinch to clean because it doesn’t get grimy easily, even when subjected to a lot of moisture. Simply wipe it off and you are good to go. It also doesn’t give off a moldy or a chemical smell.


Some said it is not as durable as they expected.

3. Bath Haven Quilted BathBed Luxury Bath Pillow

Bath Haven Quilted

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Why stop with cushioning your neck and shoulders when you can get a whole body comfort experience? This bath pillow provides support right to the tailbone, perfect for people who might suffer from chronic pain conditions. It has a total length of 50 inches, thereby providing more comfort and support to the body.

Aside from length and comfort, it also boasts of superior cushions. With its 3D Quilted Technology, it is slim and lightweight but without the added bulk. If you have a small tub, this shouldn’t take up so much space. It also features a 3D air mesh technology that allows air to still flow inside for excellent breathability.


This offers excellent comfort that goes from the head down to the tailbone.[1] If you are looking for more cushioning support, this is a good choice for you.

This is highly recommended for people with extremely uncomfortable tubs. People with chronic pain issues will also find this a comfortable cushion to use.

It holds up its shape really well. It doesn’t deflate and is quite resistant to punctures. You can enjoy its thickness for a long time.

The suction cups are strong. There are 11 of these strategically positioned all over the bath pillow, so you are truly getting a good grip. It stays in place even if you move around a lot.

It has a design that allows it to fit to the design or curvature of your bathtub. That also prevents some parts from protruding or buckling uncomfortable due to the curves.

Since it is breathable, it dries up really quickly. Just hang it up to dry. If you need to clean it more rigorously, simply put it in your washing machine on a gentle cycle and then tumble dry it. It comes with a mesh laundry bag for better body support. This is an ideal choice for people who don’t like to do a lot of maintenance with their bath pillow.

You can use Epsom salts and bath bombs with this.


Some said the suction cups have too strong grips that they needed to pry it loose with a sharp object.

4. Watsonshop Luxury Non-Slip Spa Bath Pillow

Watsonshop Luxury

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The above-mentioned products are all resistant to molds and mildew but definitely not on the same level as this one. That is because this product has something that they don’t: its 5D Mesh Material. This is a kind of water-permeable material that allows air to flow through the material easily, thereby promoting a faster drying action. It hinders molds and mildews growth and prevents odor-causing bacteria from growing in it as well.

Unlike others, the pillow area has a more curved shape, so it envelopes your upper body with ease. It really provides the comfort you are looking for. Its 17.7 x 17.7 size is also bigger than standard bath pillows out there, so you have more support for your head, neck and shoulders. There are 5 suction cups placed at the back of this pillow to allow it to stay in place.


It has an interesting owl shape and design that clings to the curvatures of your bathtub with ease.

The pillow is thick enough to provide luxurious support and comfort to the head, neck and shoulders.

No molds or mildew will grow on it, thanks to its 5D mesh material that allows air to flow through the material with ease. This means you can just hang it up to dry and the excess moisture will dissipate on its own although it is safe to wash in the washing machine.

The suction cups are strong and keep the bath pillow in place. You definitely won’t have to readjust it a lot.

The mesh material seems to hold up well even against a high level of abuse. You can wash it repeatedly in the washing machine and it still remains in good shape.

This pillow stays cool even during the summer season because of the breathable material. It doesn’t build up heat like many of the bath pillows out there.

Your purchase comes with a laundry bag to protect it when washing it in the washing machine. It also has a loofah sponge pouf. This should make for an ideal gift to family or friends.

It is one of the most lightweight bath pillows out there.

This product is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee.


There were those who said they prefer the pillow to be thicker as this was a bit flat for them.

Which is the Best Bath Pillow for You?

Now, which of these bath pillows is the best choice?

Impressive Overall Features: Gorilla Grip Original Spa Bath Pillow. As a whole, this bath pillow does not disappoint. It has just the right amount of suction and comfort. It is easy to use and maintain. It doesn’t’ get moldy and does not emit an unwanted odor. If you are looking for a bath pillow that ticks off all the things in your must-have list, this should fit the bill.

Great Price: Epica 2x-Thick Luxury Spa Bath Pillow SuperGrip Suction Cups. You can get a good quality and comfortable bath pillow minus the high price. We recommend this for people who are on a tight budget. It is very similar to the first one and also has good mildew and mold-resistant properties. It’s not bad at all for something that costs less.

Whole Body Comfort: Bath Haven Quilted BathBed Luxury Bath Pillow. The whole body comfort of this bath pillow makes this ideal for people who suffer from body aches and pains. But you can also get this one if you simply want to elevate your comfort while using your tub or jacuzzi. It has good orthopedic support and can be washed and maintained with ease. It molds to the curves of your tub well, so you can get the comfort you need, no matter what style or size of bathtub you are using.

Excellent Breathability: Watsonshop Luxury Non-Slip Spa Bath Pillow. Molds and mildew can grow in bath pillows because where there is excess moisture, there is mold. This one, however, solves that problem through its mesh technology that allows air to flow easily through it. You can simply hang it up to dry after using it. It does a great job in preventing molds from developing. It is a bit more expensive but if you want something that dries up quickly, it is worth spending a bit more money on.

What to Do Next?

We think it is important to spend your money on home products that are worth the price. If you are on the hunt for the best bathtubs, check out this page for more buying tips as well as product recommendations, to ensure that you are spending your money wisely.

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