Best Bath Sheet Reviews: Our Favorite Big Towels  For Drying Off

Best Bath Sheet ReviewsDoesn’t it feel nice to wrap yourself up in a warm and plush bath sheet after taking a bath or shower? It is like a warm hug, especially if the bath sheet is made from the most comfortable and the softest material. Today, we will help you find the best bath sheets with excellent durability, comfort, size and absorbency. Find out below which products we recommend getting.

Best Bath Sheets for Reviews

It didn’t take much deliberation to arrive to the conclusion that these are the best bath sheets you can get today:

Are you going to get your money’s worth with these bath sheets? Learn more below:

1. Cotton Craft 4 Pack Ultra Soft Oversized Bath Towels

Cotton Craft 4 Pack Ultra Soft

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For a product that comes with 4 big-sized bath sheets, this is quite an affordable choice. You have an array of beautiful and vibrant colors to choose from, so whether you are matching it with the design and color of your bathroom, or you simply have a specific preference, you will like the color options of this product.

Each towel from this set is made from 100% pure ringspun cotton with a mix of Rayon band for extra softness and silkiness. When dry, this towel weighs 22 ounces. The towel is big enough to accommodate the needs of even bigger people. It has a measurement of 30 x 54 inches.


These bath sheets are big. They have a big coverage and can work well even for bigger or taller people.

These towels are created for everyday use. Even if you use them every day and wash them repeatedly, they seem to hold up well. In fact, they get fluffier with every wash.

You can use your washing machine to wash these towels. Just make sure you don’t use bleach.

The towels are highly absorbent. They do a great job drying up the skin after a bath. You just need to pat your skin dry with these towels and they should be able to suck the excess moisture right out of your skin.

They are soft to the touch. They aren’t abrasive as well, so you can use this even when you have sensitive skin.

The color stays vibrant even after many washes. You don’t have to worry about quick fading.

These towels have a nice weight. They feel like they have a substantial weight but not too heavy that they are difficult to handle when wet.

They hold up well against a lot of abuse.  Even those who wash it every week said it always comes out fluffy and fresh out of the washer and dryer.

They have a more expensive feel and look to them. If you use them as a guest towel, your guests will be impressed. It just looks like it costs more.


You need to follow the instructions to wash these bath sheets first before using because they do produce some lint at first. That should go away once they are washed.

2. Utopia Towels Extra Large Bath Towel

Utopia 35 x 70 Inches

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Feel like you are using an expensive bath towel from a 5-star hotel with this one from Utopia. With its price tag, it seems unbelievable that something so well-made can be bought for such a cheap price. It is completely made from ringspun cotton, so you are getting comfort and durability with it.

This fluffy towel also has hypoallergenic properties, so they are perfect for people with sensitive skin. These towels have amazing drying capabilities as well since the fabric material has terry-like weaves that make sure there is enough surface area to allow complete drying of the body.


It is more lightweight than other bath sheets out there, so if you prefer something that is lightweight, get this one.

Since it is lightweight, it is easier to wash even without the use of a washing machine. It is also easier to bring, making this perfect as a travel towel.

It is quite large. It fits even larger people with no issues. Smaller people will have to wrap this around their body multiple times.

The color is true, and it stays true even when you put it in the washer multiple times.

The product is soft and highly absorbent.

Many people had great experiences with customer service. Those who had issues with loose threads got replacements easily.

For the quality and size, the price is really nothing short of amazing.


This tends to bleed when you wash it for the first time.

3. AmazonBasics Fade-Resistant Cotton Bath Sheet

 AmazonBasics Fade-Resistant

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You are getting two bath sheets with 62 x 30 – inch of size if you choose this one. Highly absorbent and lightweight, these towels serve their purpose well. They are also resistant to tears, having been crafted from strong and durable 100% cotton steel materials.

You can be assured that these towels have undergone stringent manufacturing standard. The textile used meets the highest standards on safety and the environment.


It has a classic design that will appeal to a lot of buyers. Many people will love this just because it is easy to match with their other bath products. You can also choose from different colors.

These towels, although lightweight, are highly absorbent. They do a great job in drying the excess moisture on the skin without being too abrasive.

They are big enough for full coverage and layering.

These towels are fade and tear-resistant. They should hold up well even against frequent usage and washing.

These are very soft. There were those who said they did not even use fabric conditioner, and this still felt soft to the touch.

These are not very plush and thick, so they do dry up pretty easily.


They do shed the first time washing them but after that, you shouldn’t have the same problem anymore.

4. Salbakos Turkish Cotton Bath Sheet

Salbakos Turkish

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Made from 100% genuine Turkish cotton and imported directly from Turkey, this bath sheet is one of the plushest ones you can get from the market today. It is a treat drying yourself up in these towels because of how soft and thick they are. They get softer for every wash, so you can expect these to provide you with the comfort you need after a satisfying bath.[1]

It has also undergone a very interesting dyeing process. It has undergone what they call a VAT dyeing process, which ensures the color of the towel stays for many more years to come. The dye is infused in the fibers of the materials through the use of heat and pressure.


If luxury is what you are after, you will love this bath sheet. It is arguably the most luxurious bath sheet you can find with its thick and plush material that envelopes you like a hug.

It is made to last. We like how sturdy it seems. The threads and stitches do not seem to come loose even after multiple washes.

The cotton used is OEKO-TEX certified. That means it has grown through organic means. No chemical has been added to your towel.

This towel is very soft and even gets softer after your every wash.

This product is backed by a money back guarantee.

You don’t need fabric softeners to keep these towels soft. In fact, the manufacturer advice against using fabric softeners because this can affect its natural absorbency.

The colors stay vibrant. And because cheap dye isn’t used, these towels do not bleed easily. They also do not fade and look worn out easily even after many uses.

If you are looking for oversized towels, you will love these. They are 40 x 80 inch in size, so even tall and big people can fit easily in this.


These towels are quite expensive.

Which One Should You Get?

It can be hard to choose between all these amazing bath sheets but let us help you decide even further.

Great Value for Your Money: Cotton Craft 4 Pack Ultra Soft Oversized Bath Towels. We like to think this is the best choice because it has all the features most people are looking for in bath sheets. It comes in a pack of 4, so you are really saving a lot of money. It is durable, has just the right amount of plushness and works well in drying up the skin after bathing. You can’t find anything better for its price and quantity.

Lightweight Choice: Utopia Towels Extra Large Bath Towel. You can’t go wrong with this towel if you are looking for something that is easy to carry. It is so lightweight that people even bring this with them for traveling. It has a big size as well. Even bigger and taller people find this to be quite big.

Very Absorbent: AmazonBasics Fade-Resistant Cotton Bath Sheet. These sheets may not be as thick as the others, but they are surprisingly absorbent. They have excellent drying properties. Best of all, they are not difficult to dry. They maintain their vibrant color even after repeated washing.

Comfortable and Plush: Salbakos Turkish Cotton Bath Sheet. If you don’t mind spending a bit more money for a towel that will make you feel as if you are staying in a 5-star hotel, get this one. The plushness of this towel is unparalleled and has a good absorbency that will dry you up fast. The size is just right even for bigger people. It will give you a genuinely luxurious experience.

Tips in Choosing Bath Sheets or Towels

With so many bath sheets out there, it becomes imperative that you are more discerning in your choices. Scrutinize everything from the type of material to the type of thread used as well as how thick the fabric is. Here are more things you need to consider when choosing bath sheets:

  • Check out how absorbent it is.

One important factor to consider when picking a good bath sheet is its absorbency. Of course, you would want the bath sheet to be able to dry you up effectively. Thicker towels tend to have better absorbency but make sure you have a nice drying area for it as they tend to be more difficult to dry up as well. You would want to find a balance between absorbency and thickness in order to find one that works for your specific drying needs.

  • It should be soft to the touch.

Your skin is at its most sensitive after bathing because your pores are soft. Your skin has absorbed all that moisture, so it is prone to damages. If you have stiff and abrasive bath sheets, your skin might experience damages from the friction caused by rubbing the towel on your body. It should be soft enough to glide easily on your skin. Ideally, you would also want to use a patting action instead of a rubbing one to dry up your skin safely.

The softest towels tend to be made from fabric materials like rayon, but bamboo is also a nice alternative. Also consider getting Egyptian cotton or Pima cotton as they are silky and soft without subjecting you to lint and fuzzies.

  • Get one that is more durable.

A 2-ply towel is better although it is thicker and may be more difficult to clean. If you want durability, go for cotton towels instead of rayon. Rayon is soft and silky but might not last long when subjected to repeated use and cleaning.

These are just some of the points you need to go through when choosing bath sheets.

What to Do Next?

We make sure you get all the right products you need for your home. Check out our best bathtubs here so you can be guided on how to find the tub that suit your lifestyle and your specific needs.

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