Best Dehumidifier For Bathrooms: Reviews Of Our Top-Rated Picks

Best Dehumidifier For Bathrooms

Bathrooms are typically small and enclosed spaces. Many homes don’t have ventilation or even a small window in their bathroom, which can cause excess moisture and heat from water to build up in the room. This excess moisture can lead to the appearance of molds and mildew. As molds and mildew like a moist environment, they can quickly take up residence in your bathroom and grow on the ceiling or walls.

One of the ways to protect your home from the infestation of molds is to use a dehumidifier. There are full-sized dehumidifiers that can work in dehumidifying the entire house but if you are looking for a smaller one that can work in your bathroom, you came to the right place. We looked for the best products that you can use in your bathroom. Read on to know which dehumidifiers we highly recommend.

Why Do You Need a Dehumidifier?

Dehumidifiers work in reducing indoor humidity levels. As mentioned above, it can help keep the air moisture just right in order to prevent the appearance of molds and mildew. But aside from that, it can also be relied on to keep dust mites and other airborne allergens at bay. With the help of a dehumidifier, you can improve indoor air quality, so you are less susceptible to allergy attacks.

Another benefit to having a dehumidifier is its ability to eliminate unwanted smells brought about by bacteria, molds and mildew. The bathroom, particularly, is predisposed to these smells because of the excess moisture in the air. When you open your bathroom after it is closed for a long period of time, you will immediately notice the musty and moldy odor. You can use a dehumidifier for a bathroom in order to keep this space in your home smelling fresh.

This device is also helpful when it comes to keeping molds away from things like curtains or towels. If you keep towels in the bathroom and you have a shower curtain, they can get moldy easily because of the moisture in the air.

People suffering from chronic pain can also benefit from reduced humidity in the air. Many people who deal with arthritis or fibromyalgia experience exacerbated pain when there is uncontrollable amount of moisture in the air. You can control your pain by controlling the amount of humidity in the room with the help of this nifty device.

Best Dehumidifier for Bathroom Reviews

Best Price: ProBreeze Electric Mini Dehumidifier

ProBreeze Electric Mini Dehumidifier Click for Price

If you are looking for an inexpensive and portable dehumidifier that can easily sit on your bathroom countertops, this one from Pro Breeze is the best choice. It occupies only 1200 cubic feet of counter space, making this a great choice for those who have a small bathroom. It doesn’t only work in bathrooms, you can also rely on it to keep your bedroom, basement and garage molds and mildew-free. Since it is portable, you can place it anywhere where you might have molds issues.

This has a comparatively modest 16-ounce of water tank capacity, which is capable of removing about 9 ounces of moisture out of the air every day. That should be good for small spaces like bathrooms.

The design is attractive as well. It doesn’t have loose parts that can get easily knocked off. You will also love how easy it is to remove the water tank. And incorporated with Whisper Technology, you won’t even notice that this device is quietly working in one corner of the room.


This device takes up a small footprint, so it should be ideal for those with smaller homes or smaller bathrooms. It is very compact and looks attractive on any counter space.

It has an automatic shut off feature. When it has collected enough moisture in the air, it will automatically shut off, making this an efficient dehumidifier to use in your home. It also works quietly so you won’t be disturbed by it. If you are going to place it in a baby’s bedroom, it also won’t produce noise that can wake your little one up.

The water tank capacity is fairly big. It should be just enough to deal with moderate levels of humidity in the room. Additionally, the collected moisture in the air can be easily dispensed.
It has an affordable price tag. You can buy a lot of this device for your home because it is inexpensive.


Ideally, you would want to use it in temperatures of 59 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Lower than that and it might not perform well. This is the downside of most portable or small dehumidifiers.


The price can’t be beaten. For such an affordable and small device, you are getting a lot of advantages because it does work in pulling out moisture from the air to keep your home comfortable. You would want to have this product at home if only for its convenience and portability.

All-Around Dehumidifier: Air Choice Dehumidifier

Air Choice Dehumidifier Click for Price

This dehumidifier is slightly bigger than a standard mini dehumidifier, but it still has a compact feature that can seamlessly be integrated in small corners and spaces. It is an ideal choice for those with a bigger bathroom or those who might have a washing and drying area also found in their bathroom. It has been equipped with 2 air inlets, which work in removing more moisture than your standard mini dehumidifier. If you have a bigger molds problem at home or you have a dryer that is not vented, this might be a good dehumidifying solution for you.

It features a 41-oz water tank capacity that should be enough in allowing your dehumidifier to keep working for up to 48 hours.

What you will love most about this is that it is quite the versatile device. Aside from dehumidifying bathrooms, it can also be used to maintain the dryness of clothes in your closet. It also helps get rid of the musty smell of clothes.


It works in effectively getting rid of up to 250ml of water from the air in one day. Its dehumidification prowess is better for those with bigger humidity or molds issues at home.

It works quietly. It produces noise of only 30dB. It is virtually undetectable, so you can go about your daily duties without being disturbed by this dehumidifier.

This also has an auto shut off feature. It automatically shuts off once it has already reached maximum capacity. Also, it features an anti-overflow function that can prevent the device from sucking up moisture more than it can handle. So, whether you are leaving the house or going to sleep, you can have peace of mind knowing that this is safe to use.

It has a nice compact design that fits in small corners and spaces. It is ideal for bathroom use but should be no trouble fitting it in closets, cabinets, boats, RVs and many more.

The design is simple and modern. You shouldn’t have issues displaying it.


Some people experienced problems drawing out water from the air in spaces that are less contained.


This is a good dehumidifier with a small footprint and a nice design. It is affordable as well. If you need a dehumidifier with a bigger tank, this should be a great option.

Best Performance and Power: iSiLER Electric Dehumidifier

iSiLER Electric Dehumidifier Click for Price

The previous ones are capable of dehumidifying smaller spaces but if you are looking for one that has a larger coverage, get this one. It covers up to 25 square meters of space, ideal for those with more spacious bathrooms or those who will need to dehumidify bigger spaces such as the garage, bedroom, living room, basement and even RVs and boats. It can collect up to 750 ml of water from the air in a day.

The water tank capacity is 2000 ml that is nicely built in the unit. You can’t even tell where the parts are, so seamlessly integrated the water tank is. The simple and minimalist design will surely make any space look more modern.

It only has one button, which is used to switch it on and off. Even technologically-challenged people will find this so simple to use. And since it just produces a sound of 40 dB, it will work without disturbing the entire household.


Its dehumidifying properties is powerful. It can keep humidity out of spaces as well as objects like wooden furniture and clothes. It also helps keep your home clean as it prevents dust from settling in.

The tank capacity is big for a compact dehumidifier. It is ideal for those with a bigger home or those who just have more serious issues with humidity in their house.

The automatic shut off feature comes handy when the water tank is full, so you don’t need to keep on checking on the device to find out if it’s ready to be emptied out.

The design is modern and beautiful. You will just want to showcase it on your countertops, that’s how nice it looks.

Its quiet operations make this easy to use in children’s rooms as well. You can dehumidify your baby’s room without disturbing the sleep of your little one.

It comes with a 3-month return and replacement policy. You can also take advantage of its 12-month warranty that is also backed by quality after-sales service.


There aren’t a lot of complaints about the functionality of this product except that some people thought its dehumidifying properties are not adequate for their big spaces. It is also slightly more expensive than other products with similar compact features.


With such a large capacity, this can be relied on for more serious dehumidifying needs. People with bigger rooms that require dehumidifying should get this.

Which One Should You Get?

We suggest buying the ProBreeze Electric Mini Dehumidifier if you are on a budget and you just want something that you can use to solve humidity and molds problem in your home. It is a small device so don’t expect it to perform well in keeping the entire house properly dehumidified. However, for individual spaces, it is a workhorse.

Get the Air Choice Dehumidifier if you are looking for a compact dehumidifier that you can easily prop on any surface that has a bigger water tank. This is better for more serious dehumidifying needs.

We recommend spending a bit more money on the iSiLER Electric Dehumidifier. It has the biggest tank capacity and is capable of pulling away more moisture from the air, which makes this a winning choice not just for dehumidifying your bathroom but also for other parts of your home such as your laundry room, basement, attic and garage.

We’ve weighed everything up and decided that overall the best dehumidifier for bathroom environments is the ProBreeze for its affordability paired with performance.

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Buying Guide

Keep our recommendations in mind but you would also want to take the following factors into consideration when buying:

Your Personal Needs. If you don’t deal with a lot of humidity and you will only need the device occasionally, something small and basic should be a fitting choice. However, if your home tends to be infested with molds a lot due to humidity, investing in something that has a bigger capacity is important.

Quiet Operations. Not all dehumidifiers out there perform quietly. Some might produce an unwanted noise similar to that of a fan. Look for those with low decibel performance to ensure that you won’t be disturbed every time you use it.

Durability. Make sure it is a durable device that has sturdy construction. Check to see if it is backed by a good warranty so you can be assured that it does deliver when it comes to durability.

Performance. Compare performance. Pick those that can pull away the moisture in the air as per your needs. If you tend to have humidity problems all the time, one that can draw away more moisture in the air should be bought.

What’s Next?

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