Best Bathroom Weight Scale Reviews: The Most Accurate Available

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A scale can be a good addition to your bathroom. You can check your weight every morning. This helps you in monitoring and managing your weight. It is through checking your weight that you will become more aware of the repercussions of a bad lifestyle, sedentary habits and a poor diet.

Today, you can find modern bathroom scales that have a lot of features and can present information that you can use to improve your health. Find out today which bathroom scale will suit your needs and which of the ones sold today are the best options.

Different Types of Bathroom Scales

In order to find the right bathroom scale, you should first look at the ones available today. Here are the various types of bathroom scales you can find today:

Traditional Scales. Traditional scales require manual calibration to read the weight. The accuracy of these weighing scales will depend on the skill of the user in reading and calibrating the weight.

Bluetooth Scales. These bathroom scales are equipped with Bluetooth functions that allow you to connect your weighing scale to a smartphone app. What is great about this type of weighing scale is that it allows you to send important data such as the weight that has been logged in. You can access the data in your portable devices such as your laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Wi-Fi Scales. These are similar to Bluetooth scales. The difference is in the type of connectivity. It makes use of Wi-Fi connectivity. You can also transfer information such as your weight history.

Smart Scales. These weighing scales can have Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity. Aside from your weight, these smart scales can record data such as body fat, body mass index and body water. Body Mass Index can be calculated based on pre-set weight and height. Smart scales may also have the ability to determine who is using the scale based on the history of the readings. These scales can be recorded in your app, so you can step on your scale and just check your results later. They can also be used together with the fitness tracker.

Weighing scales can also come in different materials. Glass is now a common material used in making bathroom scales. You can also choose from those made from plastic materials.

Best Bathroom Scale

Here are the best bathroom scales that are worth buying:

Check out what these weighing scales have to offer:

1. Etekcity Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale

Etekcity Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale

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This auto-calibrated weighing scale is built to last with its tempered glass material and accurate readings projected through its LCD screen. Construction-wise, this is one of the best. It has excellent quad pads for suspension and stability. It also provides good traction, so it won’t slip while you are using it.

This comes complete with all the basic things you might be looking for in an electronic bathroom scale such as an automatic on and off function, pound to kilograms conversion, overload protection system and low battery indication.


  • This is a well-built and stable bathroom scale. When you step on it, it feels solid and doesn’t feel like you are going to topple over. It also has a high weight limit. It can accommodate up to 400 lbs. of weight.
  • You can get accurate readings all the time, thanks to the 4 sensors integrated in it. You can see the readings through its LCD screen that is easy to read.
  • The scale itself is made from 8mm of clear tempered glass. You won’t worry that it will break. This material can withstand impact and can hold up well against heavier usage.
  • The manufacturing company provides 1-year warranty.
  • It has a long battery life and has protection against overloading.  It even comes with a measuring tape.


  • Some said they needed to recalibrate it after a few weeks of usage.

2. Uten Bluetooth Smart Digital Bathroom Scale

Uten Bluetooth Smart Digital Bathroom Scale

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Use this bathroom scale as your partner in keeping track of your health. It acts as your health assistant as it calculates not just your weight but also your body fat, water percentage, BMI, muscle mass, metabolism and many more. Through the high precision sensors integrated in it, it can get the most accurate readings. The top of the scale is made from tempered glass while the bottom is made from a high-quality ABS plastic material.

What makes this weighing scale different from others is its usage of BIA technology. This is a technology that makes precise measurements of the 8 body compositions included. It is compatible with different devices such as iPhone and Android devices.


  • This scale has a nice design and build. It is very thin and lightweight but is durable enough to accommodate heavier loads.
  • The LED display is big, and the display is easy to read. You can also get more accurate readings through its precision sensors.
  • You can use this to connect to applications. It is compatible with different devices – from iPhone 4s to the latest models. It is also compatible with Android devices from 4.3 to the latest models.
  • Connectivity is one of its best features. It allows you to use an application to key in your body metrics and then show your results through data charts. This makes it easier to keep track of your fitness.
  • It comes complete with all necessary warning indications such as low battery, overload, low fat and high fat percentages and re-test functions.


  • Some just had issues with customer service.

3. Letsfit Digital Body Weight Scale

Letsfit Digital Body Weight Scale

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Measuring your weight is now as easy as stepping on this scale and reading the results. It automatically detects your weight. In addition to that, it also displays your previous weight and shows you the difference. That way, you can easily tell if you have gained or lost weight.

This bathroom scale has been equipped with precision sensors in order to provide the most accurate measurements. It has a maximum capacity of 180 kg.


  • It is a well-made bathroom scale. The 6mm tempered glass is resistant to damages and breakage. It also has a higher maximum capacity.
  • The LCD display s quite large and has a blue backlight that makes it easier to see what you are reading.
  • It tells you what your previous weight is, s you can easily compare. This makes it easier to check whether you have gained or lost weight.
  • The bottom of this weighing scale has anti-skid padding to keep this in place.
  • It is an affordable weighing scale. It is also lightweight and easy to move around.


  • Some said they had issues with accuracy.

4. Renpho Bluetooth Smart BMI Digital Bathroom Scale

Renpho Bluetooth Smart BMI Digital Bathroom Scale

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This bathroom scale has everything you might need to get started in becoming fitter. It has 13 essential measurements. It tells you your body weight as well as additional information like BMI and body fat percentage. Connect it to a Smart Application. It can also be synced with APPLE, Google Fit, FitBit app and many other applications.

It is one of the most precise bathroom scales out there. It has auto calibration features and has 180 kgs of maximum capacity.


  • The black color and sleek design allow this to seamlessly blend in more modern settings.
  • It can connect to different health applications such as Google Fit, Fitbit App and Apple Health. Not only will you be able to get 13 key body composition analysis, you will also be able to store your data and share it with others.
  • It doesn’t matter how many people use this weighing scale. It can accommodate an unlimited number of users. It has a good accuracy, thanks to the sensors integrated in it.
  • It has more body composition analysis than your standard bathroom scale. Aside from weight, it also checks body fat, body age, subcutaneous fat, bone mass, visceral fat, BMI, protein, fat-free body weight, water, basal metabolism and skeletal muscle.
  • It checks body analysis easily. One step on the scale and it already checks your weight.


  • There were users who said they had trouble with its Bluetooth functions.

Which One Should You Get?

Now which of these products is the perfect choice:

Accurate Weighing Scale: Etekcity Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale. A lot of customers said they liked the accuracy of this weighing scale. Since it has been integrated with different sensors, it does a great job in displaying accurate details.

One-Step Reading: Uten Bluetooth Smart Digital Bathroom Scale. This weighing scale is easy to use. Just step on the scale and it will calculate all necessary information and then send data to your smartphone application. With the help of this scale, you can keep track of your fitness and motivate yourself to make lifestyle changes.

Well-Built: Letsfit Digital Body Weight Scale. This weighing scale has a nice and attractive design. It is also well-built. The tempered glass can resist common wear and tear. It might not have a lot of additional features but if you are only looking for a basic weighing scale that does what it promises to do, get this one.

Loaded with Features: Renpho Bluetooth Smart BMI Digital Bathroom Scale. Are you looking for a bathroom scale that is loaded with all the features you need? get this one. It gets more measurements than your regular weighing scale and has a good build that accommodates heavier loads.

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Tips in Buying a Bathroom Scale

Even if bathroom scales are relatively inexpensive, you still would want to make sure that you are getting the right one. Here are some tips you might want to consider in order to buy a good one [1]:

1. Consider the technologies and features you want to be integrated in the scale.

First decide on the technologies you want to find and use in the weighing scale. Is Bluetooth connectivity a more ideal choice for you? Is Wi-Fi connectivity more convenient for your needs?

Aside from the connectivity features, also look for technologies that allow you to input all the information needed such as your age, gender, your height and hydration level. It should be able to calculate more details such as BMI, muscle, weight, body mass, bone density and calorie count.

2. Make sure it is accurate and built-in precision.

All those features are useless if your bathroom scale isn’t accurate. The more sensors are integrated in it, the better and the more accurate the results.

3. Choose bathroom scales that are durable and built with tempered materials.

If there are multiple people using the bathroom scale, make sure it is made from materials that are strong enough to withstand heavier loads and multiple uses. Find out how much weight it can accommodate and what materials it is made of to learn whether it is a scale that will last you for a long time.

4. Find out if it is compatible with your devices.

Check the specifications and features and find out if it is compatible with the device you are using. Most smart scales are compatible with Android and iPhone devices. If you are unsure, check reviews or contact the manufacturing company directly.

5. It should be easy to use.

Does it need to be calibrated first or is it already ready to be used? Some scales may be quite sensitive that you might need to completely dry up your feet or else you can get inaccurate readings.

6. Find one that fits your budget preferences.

The more features integrated in the bathroom scale, the more expensive it gets. Set a reasonable budget for it. If you can spend a bit more money on more sophisticated features, do so. You will be able to get more features that will help you stay on top of your health more.

7. Look for one that has backup support from the manufacturing company.

In case you have questions about its features, you can contact the manufacturing company and they will let you know how to access the features you need.

What to Do Next?

Make sure your bathroom is equipped with all the features and accessories you need to not just make it look good but also make it more functional. Visit our homepage for more articles on bathroom essentials.

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