Best Low-Flow Toilet Reviews: Top Low-Flush, Water-Saving, Energy Efficient Picks

 Best Low-Flow Toilet ReviewsLooking for a simple way to reduce your water bill while helping the environment? A good low-flow toilet is an essential fixture for any frugal and eco-conscious homeowner. You can do yourself a favor at the same time you’re reducing your impact!

In this guide, we’ll introduce you to our favorite low-flow fixtures on the market today. Unlike so many low-flow models, our recommendations flush powerfully, thoroughly, and conclusively. You won’t need to flush any of these twice! Our in-depth reviews will take you through everything you need to know about our picks, and explain why we think they flush the competition down the tubes.

We’ve also put together a helpful buying guide at the bottom of this page, explaining everything you need to know to shop savvy for a low-flow toilet.

Alright, let’s get started!

Here are our favorite low-flow toilets on the market today.

1. American Standard H2Option Siphonic


  • 1.0-1.6 GPF
  • Dual Flush
  • 2 Colors
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2. Toto Drake II 1G Close Coupled Toilet

Most Reliable

  • 1.0 GPF
  • 4 Colors
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3. Niagara Stealth Elongated Toilet

Lowest Water Usage

  • 0.8 GPF
  • Under $200
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4. Kohler Wellworth Elongated Toilet

Ideal Even for Kids

  • 1.6 GPF
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5. Toto Eco Drake Two-Piece Toilet

Classic Design

  • 1.28 GPF
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6. Kohler Cimarron Comfort Height Elongated Toilet

Most Colors

  • 1.28 GPF
  • 6 Colors
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Some people are hesitant to go low-flow because of bad experiences with older models. We don’t blame you! If you’ve used some of the older models—which suffered from poor flushing performance and clogging issues—you know how bad they were. Thankfully, the latest models of are much improved.

Find out how low-flow toilets works.

The most frustrating thing about early low-flow models was the fact that they often required several flushes—using more water and negating any water-saving benefits.

The best  low-flow options on the market today were modified to address this problem. Utilizing gravity or pressure-based mechanisms, a good low-flow model should effectively empty the contents of the bowl in one flush. However, not all perform so admirably.

That’s why it’s important to choose the right model. Buying one that’s poorly designed will only leave you frustrated, and do little to reduce your environmental footprint or your water bill. Read on to find our top-rated low-flow thrones available now!

Best Low Flow Toilet Reviews

1. Top Pick: American Standard 2887.216.020 H2Option Siphonic

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The American Standard H2Option is one of the most popular toilets on the market right now! It’s been a mainstay in the dual category ever since it came out. We think it’s the best way to save some water without going completely low-flow!

The H2Option is a dual-flush option toilet. Two buttons on the top of the tank control different volumes of water, One button releases 1.6 gallons of water flushing solid waste, while the second button releases .9 gallons for liquid.

Dual-flush options allow homeowners some middle ground in between conservation and convenience, which is why this one’s so great! You can save on your #1’s, without having to sacrifice water for disposing of your #2’s.


A big portion of the American Standard’s wide appeal is its flushing power. Despite using a small volume of water, the H2Option performs better than many commercial models with regular flushes. It actually has 70% better waste-clearing than the competition!

American Standard combines jet-powered siphonic flushing action with a pressurized rim to handily empty the bowl after every flush. In a demo video from the company, you can watch an odd assortment of items—from 20 golf balls to 2 pounds of cat litter—disappear down the drain of the H2Option without a hitch. While a lot of the demo video is marketing, the fact remains that this is seriously powerful in the flushing department. Even the liquid waste option packs some force behind it, and cycles through the bowl thoroughly. Even with such a forceful flush, the American Standard is still going to save you lots of water. The solid waste function uses the standard 1.6 gallons per flush, but the liquid waste function saves more than a third of the water used! It’ll only use a gallon at a time. So, if you use that for the majority of your bathroom trips, you could be looking at close to a 33% reduction in water usage!

This one also features a permanent “Everclean” protective surface inside the bowl and out. This is a great feature, because many that use less water have a tendency to get dirty quickly.

According to most owners (though there are some dissenters), the Everclean surface does its job—which means less cleaning for you. We’ve also found that the super strong flush function kept messes as well as clogs at bay. It absolutely scours the sides of the bowl to keep stains, films, and other grime away at the same time.


The H2Option does, however, use more water over time than the other two options on this list. Though the light flush option is certainly low-flow, the heavy flush uses more water than many exclusively low-flow toilets.

2. Second Pick: Toto Drake II 1G Close Coupled Toilet

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The Toto Drake toilets are renowned for their quality, and the Drake tops many “Best Toilets” lists on the Internet.

The Drake II 1G is the low-flow edition of the popular Toto Drake model, using a mere 1 gallon per flush. The Drake II 1G compensates for its lower volume with “Dual Cyclone” flushing technology, which swirls the water around its interior for a cleaner, quieter flush.

Like the American Standard, the Drake II 1G employs a special coating in order to help keep the unit clean. Toto calls their glaze “SanaGloss”, and says that the special glazed coating works with every flush to keep the bowl clean.

At roughly 17” to 18” high (depending on the seat you use) the Drake II 1G is ADA-compliant, with an elongated rim for comfort. It also features a soft-close seat to prevent accidental slamming.


The majority of reviewers seemed very impressed with the performance of the Drake II 1G. Despite the low amount of water used by this one, most reviewers asserted that it cleared with a single flush every time. They especially liked the cyclone-style flush pattern, which cleans all sides of the bowl to loosen any debris or buildup.

Many owners also claimed that their Drake II never clogged, which can be a common problem among low-flow models. Toto’s SanaGloss coating also did its job for many owners, who asserted that the Drake II required less cleaning than their previous toilets. Previous buyers said that while most of their older thrones had to be cleaned on a weekly basis, this one could go several weeks to as much as a month without cleaning.

Of course, like all low-flow toilets, the Drake II 1G had the important benefit of saving homeowners money, while helping out the environment. Previous buyers said that while their water bills had been high historically, they saw a very noticeable reduction in costs once they started using the Drake.


There were only a handful of negative reviews, most illustrating a common complaint about low-flow toilets—that when it came to solids, a few reviewers said the Drake II didn’t always “do the job.” The majority of commenters disagree with this point, however.

The Drake II lacks the versatility of the American Standard model above. If you have a large family, or frequent issues with toilets clogging in your home, this may not be the best model for you.

Shorter families may also find the height of this toilet uncomfortable. The height complies with ADA regulations—meaning that the toilet is taller in order to be easier on the back and joints. This can also mean, however, that the toilet may be uncomfortably tall for some users.

3. Third Pick: Niagara Stealth

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Our third pick is the ultra low-flow Niagara Stealth. With only .8 gallons used per flush, the Stealth uses the least water volume of any toilet on this list! It’s seriously water-efficient.

The Stealth uses a pressure-assisted flush, which is why the Stealth turns out to be much quieter than traditional toilets. The toilet also features a chrome button on the top of the tank, instead of a lever on the side.

Buyers can choose from either an elongated bowl design or a rounded bowl. The seat height is 16” for the round and 17” for the elongated design.


The Niagara Stealth is the least expensive toilet on this list, while also saving the most water. For frugal environmentalists, that’s a tough benefit to turn down. You can save the most money up front, as well as over the long term!

At first glance, the very low water usage that the Stealth boats may raise some concerns about flushing performance. Thankfully, the vast majority of users agreed that the Stealth’s performance was consistently excellent. They said that it takes all the waste away in one fell swoop, with an extremely quiet flush and a shockingly low water usage. This is a more effective throne than many that use twice as much water!

Installation was reportedly very easy as well, according to the owners. As with many other toilets sold online, however, you will have to purchase a wax ring and seat separately. That won’t cost much more than $5 or so, and it’s easy to install without help from a plumber. If you’re not sure how to go about installing the gasket between the bowl and the tank, there are plenty of tutorials freely available online.


While this model has a very impressive flush for its water usage, such drastic conservation does lead to one drawback for the Niagara Stealth: clogging can be an occasional issue. This minor inconvenience is usually the result of too much toilet paper. In any case, it’s less apt to clog than most older toilets.

Still, for some buyers who are looking for something to put clogs firmly in the past, this aspect may prove frustrating. If you’re one of those people who just doesn’t want to deal with clogs period, you may want to get a slightly less conservative model.

4. Kohler Wellworth Elongated 1.6 GPF Toilet

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Put this on your list of low-flow toilets to consider. Its 1.6 GPF of water usage won’t take a toll on your daily water consumption at home. It has a simple and understated design that will look great in minimalist settings. The strong bulk waste flushing mechanism ensures no residue will be left in your toilet bowl. It also boasts of bowl material that retains cleanliness longer.


This toilet seat is actually shorter than others, so it might be a good choice for some people who need something more accessible for their children. It flushes powerfully. No residue sticks to the surface.

Because of that, it is easy to keep clean as well. The toilet material used keeps its cleanliness. A lot of customers commended how well it flushes. The strong flushing mechanism is highly reliable. It is also very quiet and won’t disrupt the household every time you flush it. Installation is easy as well. There were no issues about making it fit well.

Since it comes with pre-installed tank bolts, you can save so much time in installation. It is backed by a one-year warranty.

This gives a lot of peace of mind. If you experience leaks or issues with the mechanisms of your purchase, you can use the warranty.


You might need to buy a toilet seat as the package doesn’t come with it.

5. Toto Eco Drake Two-Piece Toilet

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This low-flow toilet is the solution to your water efficiency needs. It boasts of 1.28 GPF of water consumption, which is more economical than the 1.6 GPF options out there.

It makes use of the E-Max flushing system, which is one of the most powerful flushing mechanisms. It uses less water but doesn’t compromise when it comes to power.

The trip lever is made from chrome while the toilet itself is made from a material that does not succumb to corrosion easily.


This toilet has a nice and classic design that will fit any standard space. The elongated front bowl provides comfort for every use.

Everything feels and looks sturdy with this toilet. It all seems to be well-made. The flushing mechanism is very powerful.

You won’t have issues with removing residues completely. It also has a nice water saving feature that won’t take a toll on your home’s overall water consumption.

A lot of customers said the height of this toilet is just right. You can get in and out of it easily. Even people with mobility issues will not find the height difficult to adjust to.

There were not a lot of issues when it comes to installation. Even those who installed a toilet for the first time said this did not cause them problems.


The flush handle has parts that are made from plastic. Some said they had issues with the plastic parts breaking quite easily.

6. Kohler Cimarron Comfort Height Elongated 1.28 GPF Toilet

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Get this two-piece toilet that features 1.28 gallons per flush of low-flow functions. It boasts of the AquaPiston technology that effectively flushes out all solid wastes powerfully and without using too much water.

With this toilet seat, expect to save as much as 16,500 gallons of water every year.

Just compare that to a standard toilet and you will be amazed at the water-saving benefits it can offer you.


Its water-saving benefits are unparalleled. But although it doesn’t use up water to flush, it still has a powerful flushing mechanism. No solid residues and wastes will be left on the surface of the bowl.

Many customers like the elongated bowl. It is comfortable even when used for a prolonged period of time. A lot of people also said they like the height of this toilet.

Even taller people did not have issues using it. The minimalistic design is a plus for those who don’t want something too flashy. It is also easy to keep clean as it doesn’t collect dirt easily.


The package doesn’t come with a toilet seat cover and some of the bolts you might need for installation.


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All of the models listed here will help you reduce your environmental footprint while shaving precious dollars off your water bill. The best toilet for you will depend on your individual needs and wants. So, which should you choose?

If you’re looking for a dual-flush toilet that can save water without sacrificing any convenience, you should consider the American Standard H2Option. This highly reviewed and wildly popular toilet blends performance, style and water conservation. In fact, it’s the format that’s used most often in other Western countries. We love its versatility and functionality.

It’s a good choice for folks who like to conserve water when they’re doing a #1, but want to prevent clogs when #2 is the name of the game. 

Those who want to shave a bit more off their water bill should consider the other two models we have listed here. But for many homeowners, American Standard’s H2Option is a great choice that will save money and water for years to come.

Searching for a toilet that uses even less water? The Toto Drake II 1G cleans out the bowl with ease, despite using only one gallon each time.

The SanaGloss coating helps keep this toilet sparkling clean—meaning less work for you. It’s our mid-range choice for people who want to save a decent amount of water without going full-bore on the Niagara. It is rather more expensive than our other picks, but Toto has a good reputation for build quality and reliability.

The Niagara Stealth is the lowest of the low-flow toilet on this list, and thus the best choice if water conservation is paramount to you. The low water volume of this toilet doesn’t hinder its flushing performance, and it cuts a heck of a lot of water out of your bill.

Though its low water usage may not prevent every clog like some of the other fixtures we’ve recommended, the water-saving benefits of the Stealth make it an attractive choice for those looking to reduce their environmental impact and their water bill for a relatively low price.

The Kohler Wellworth Elongated 1.6 GPF Toilet is more ideal for families who might be looking for a shorter toilet that can be used easily even by their kids. This one isn’t as tall as the standard toilets out there, making this a perfect option.

Save more water for every flush with the help of the Toto Eco Drake Two-Piece Toilet. It has more low-flow features than standard toilets out there. It also doesn’t disappoint when it comes to quality and comfort. A lot of people said this is the best toilet they have used.

Great height and powerful flushing mechanism are what the Kohler Cimarron Comfort Height Elongated 1.28 GPF Toilet offers. It has good water-saving features, but it ensures that all those solid wastes as powerfully flushed down.

Our top pick for the best water saving toilet has to go to the American Standard for its timeless style and great value for money. Also, you can use a good shower curtain to create a partition from the toilet. 

What’s Next?

For more water-saving toilet options, check out our favorite dual-flush models. Looking for a way to reduce your household environmental footprint even more? Head over to our composting toilet reviews or visit more of our Best Toilet Reviews.

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