Best Toilet Paper Reviews: Our Top Choices & Buying Guide

Putting a little more thought into purchasing a daily necessity, such as toilet paper, can be a real game-changer. You shouldn’t have to settle for toilet paper that is bad for your plumbing or scratchy for your skin. You deserve a toilet paper roll that’s both comfortable and safe for your septic tank! The best toilet paper options are soft, absorbent, affordable, and eco-friendly.

Our team has scoured the market in search of the best toilet paper choices out there. After extensive research, we present you with a definitive list of our favorite toilet paper rolls, each with its own detailed overview, to help you find the best option for your unique needs and preferences. You’ll definitely want to scroll down to our buying guide at the end of the list, where we offer you the essential buying advice that you’ll need to make the right choice.

Read on to find the best toilet paper for your home!

1. Most Eco-Friendly: Silk’n Soft Bamboo Toilet Paper

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Our top eco-friendly pick is the Silk’n Soft Bamboo Toilet Paper. This toilet paper is a great environmentally conscious choice, as the company uses bamboo (a fast-growing grass plant) rather than trees to produce the toilet paper sustainably. It’s also quite soft, which makes it a great choice for those with sensitive skin.


The Silk’n Soft has proven to be remarkably soft and absorbent. It’s soft thanks to the natural plushness of the bamboo, and the fact it’s 3-ply means that it’s highly absorbent. At the same time, it’s very well-liked by customers. Its quality debunks the myth that eco-friendly toilet paper is rough on the skin or has a weak absorption capacity.

In addition to its softness, this toilet paper is also BPA-free, which makes it a good choice for those with delicate skin.

The Silk’n Soft is fragrance-free, so we recommend it to those sensitive to smell.

This 3-ply option is also quite affordable, with a price similar to that of the Charmin toilet paper (the softest recommendation on our list, coming up at number four).

In addition to not harming any trees, Silk’n Soft take care to be mindful of their environmental impact at every step of their production process. The fast-growing bamboo which they use is taken from areas that are not panda habitats so that they don’t interrupt the life of this endangered species. Additionally, the production of bamboo toilet paper requires 80% less water than that of regular toilet paper. Making Silk’n Soft also pollutes less than the regular alternatives, as the paper is whitened using the ECF (Elemental Chlorine Free) process, in a facility which employs low-impact bio-fuel. This toilet paper is also highly biodegradable.


Although this toilet paper is marked as being safe for septic and RV use, the fact that it breaks down slowly (due to its strength) makes it a bad choice for sensitive septic tanks.

2. Most Absorbent: Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare Big Roll Toilet Paper

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The Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare is definitely the most absorbent toilet paper we’ve reviewed. The high absorbency and affordable price make the Cottonelle roll a great choice for families with children, who always need something strong to wipe up a mess.


The top feature of the Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare toilet paper is its high absorbent power. This feature is a result of several properties of this toilet paper. Firstly, the special ripple on the Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare allows it to trap and hold more moisture. Secondly, the elastic texture of the paper provides strength, so that it won’t disintegrate quickly upon contact with liquids. Thirdly, it’s made to be thicker than competing brands, which gives it the capacity to absorb more.

Despite its strength, which gives it a paper-towel-like feel, this 2-ply toilet paper is soft enough not to cause discomfort to those with delicate skin, like children.

Lastly, this toilet paper comes at quite an affordable price, so that it’s a good value for your money.


Although the Cottonelle is quicker to dissolve than plusher products on the market, it still dissolves quite slowly. This makes it a bad choice for plumbing that’s prone to clogs and toilets on RVs.

Additionally, this toilet paper isn’t very eco-friendly as it comes from “virgin pulp,” i.e. brand new paper from trees.

3. Best from Recycled Paper: Seventh Generation Toilet Paper from 100% Recycled Paper

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Our favorite product made from recycled paper is the Seventh Generation Toilet Paper. This brand uses 100% recycled paper, which makes it one of our top eco-friendly recommendations. The toilet paper is also soft, absorbent, and dissolves easily, which makes it a great choice for sensitive septic tanks, RVs, and campers. We also recommend this product to individuals with skin sensitive to allergies, as it’s hypoallergenic.


This 2-ply toilet paper is another example of how eco-friendly toilet paper can be soft and absorbent. It’s almost as soft as toilet paper brands that use virgin pulp. The small margin of difference in comfort is worth the positive impact on the environment.

One of our favorite things about this product is that it’s eco-friendly. Recycled toilet paper is one of the most environmentally sustainable options on the market, as no new trees or plants are sacrificed in the process. Additionally, the production uses 64% less energy and 50% less water than the production chains of regular brands which use virgin pulp. It also creates 74% less air pollution. Seventh Generation is PCF (Processed Chlorine-Free) and uses oxygen-based compounds for bleaching, rather than the chloride bleaches that other brands use for virgin pulp. Chloride is very harmful, as it releases carcinogenic dioxins in the environment.

This toilet paper is also hypoallergenic, making it a great choice for sensitive skin, as it’s made without any added dyes, inks, or fragrances.

Lastly, this biodegradable toilet paper is great for any septic tanks or sensitive plumbing, as it dissolves in water very quickly and easily.


One of the issues with this toilet paper is that although it’s decently soft and absorbent, it’s not as strong or thick as some of the virgin pulp-based options.

Additionally, this toilet paper is a bit more expensive than some non-eco-friendly alternatives.

4. Softest Toilet Paper: Charmin Ultra Soft Cushiony Touch Toilet Paper

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The Charmin Ultra Soft Cushiony Touch toilet paper is the softest toilet paper that we reviewed. We recommend it to people with sensitive and delicate skin, and families with children.


Numerous customer surveys have ranked Charmin above the competition for softness. Its plushness makes it a great choice for children and those with sensitive skin.

The Charmin 2-ply toilet paper is also very absorbent. Its strength allows it to not disintegrate easily when it becomes wet, which means that it won’t fall apart during use.

Another good thing about this brand is that the toilet paper is responsibly sourced. Although the Charmin toilet paper comes from virgin pulp, it uses trees from responsibly managed forests that aren’t threatened by deforestation. Additionally, for each tree that Charmin uses, at least one is planted.

Lastly, when bought in bulk, the price of this toilet paper becomes quite affordable. This makes it a good choice for larger families.


As Charmin is strong and resilient to decomposition in water, it’s not good for septic tanks and problematic plumbing. It’s also a bad choice for RVs.

Some customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the sizing of the new Charmin products. The new toilet paper rolls are narrower and thicker than previous generations, so they may not fit in standard toilet paper holders.

5. Most Budget-Friendly: Scott 1000 Bath Tissue One-Ply 1000 Sheet

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The Scott 1000 One-Ply 1000 Sheet toilet paper is one of the longest-lasting products you can purchase for a highly affordable price. Additionally, it dissolves very quickly, so it’s a great choice for RVs, campers, and problematic septic tanks.


For the volume of toilet paper you will be getting, the Scott 1000 is very affordable. Even though this single-ply toilet paper will cause you to use more sheets for wiping, it still lasts a longer time than other options, which makes it quite a good value.

The Scott 1000 is more eco-friendly than other virgin pulp alternatives. The roll dissolves very quickly, and as the brand is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, they only use responsibly sourced trees in their production process.[1]


This is not a very plush, luxurious pick, so it’s neither as absorbent nor as soft as more expensive, multiple-ply options.


The best toilet paper for you depends on your needs and preferences. The Silk’n Soft delivers the comfort and absorbency of the best regular-toilet paper brands without leaving detrimental effects on the environment, making it our top eco-friendly pick. It’s a great choice for environmentally conscious individuals and families. Yet, the Silk’n Soft is not the best option for sensitive septic tanks.

Another great eco-friendly option which is excellent for problematic plumbing, RVs, and campers, is the Seventh Generation recycled toilet paper. As it dissolves very quickly, it will never cause clogging. The production process of this brand is very eco-friendly.

Yet, the Seventh Generation toilet paper is on the pricier side. A cheaper alternative for sensitive plumbing is the Scott 1000 1-ply toilet paper. This toilet paper is also quite long-lasting, which makes it a great choice for larger households.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for something very soft for sensitive skin, the Charmin Ultra Soft Cushiony Touch toilet paper is a great choice. The silky texture of this product will allow you to wipe without causing rashes, so it’s recommended to families with children.

The Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare toilet paper is the second best option for the whole family. Its high absorbent power will make it easy for you to clean up any mess. Keep in mind that neither of the last two options is a good choice for problematic septic tanks.

If you still aren’t sure which toilet paper is the best for you, read on to our buying guide where we go over some of the factors you should consider when choosing your purchase.

Buying Guide


Consumerism has had detrimental effects on the environment, and a lot of the time we are too used to our lifestyles to realize how much waste we produce on a daily basis. Consider choosing an eco-friendly option for your new toilet paper. Eco-friendly toilet paper is made from either bamboo or recycled paper. As we have shown, buying an eco-friendly brand doesn’t mean that the paper’s quality is poor. Alternatively, if you are set on regular toilet paper that uses virgin pulp from trees, try to find a brand that employs responsible sourcing or follows any other environmentally conscious regulations.


Consider your budget and how much toilet paper your household goes through on a monthly basis when choosing the best option for you. If you are a large household that uses a lot of toilet paper, you may opt for a more budget-friendly brand. You’d be happy to know that there are many affordable, quality, and eco-friendly brands. Keep in mind that buying toilet paper in bulk is the best way to get it at a good price.


Toilet paper with two or more plies is stronger and more absorbent than single-ply toilet paper. However, the more plies a brand has, the slower it dissolves, so take into account that rolls with multiple plies won’t be easy on your plumbing.

Septic Tank Situation

While a lot of brands claim that their toilet paper is “septic safe,” a lot of plush and strong multiple-ply options dissolve very slowly. If you have a sensitive septic tank, you should avoid soft and thick toilet paper.

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Hopefully, you found our review and buying guide for the best toilet paper useful in finding the best option for your needs. To get more information about each of our recommended products, follow the title links to learn their price, in-depth specifications, and customer reviews.

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