Best Toilet Seats For Heavy People: Reviews Of The Strongest & Sturdiest Oversized Options

Best Toilet Seats For Heavy PeopleLooking for a toilet seat for a heavy person shouldn’t be strange. It is a fact that we all come in different sizes, shapes, and weights, so it’s only right that there are different products that can cater to our varying needs. If you are on the heavy side, you would want to look for a heavy-duty toilet seat that can accommodate your weight not only for your comfort but also for your safety.

We searched the best toilet seats out there made from heavy-duty materials that can accommodate heavier weights. Find out which products we recommend by reading up to the end of this article.

Best Toilet Seats for Heavy People Reviews

1. Big John 6-W Oversized Toilet Seat with Cover

Comfortable & Durable

  • Price: $$$
  • Fits Both Round & Elongated Toilets
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2. American Standard Heavy-Duty Elongated Commercial Toilet Seat

Lowest Price

  • Price: $$
  • Elongated
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3. Bath Royale Premium Round Toilet Seat with Cover

Stylish Design

  • Price: $$$
  • Elongated & Round Options Available
  • 3 Colors
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1. WOLTU Heavy Duty Toilet Seat

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When it comes to heavy-duty toilet seats, this is a good choice for people with a weight of up to 330 pounds. It is made from strong materials that don’t break easily even when subjected to a lot of pressure and heavy weight. It also comes complete with toilet seat perks such as the soft close hinge that prevents the toilet from slamming shut, reduced noise in the house and an anti-bacterial seat surface that means you can easily keep this clean. The manufacturing company also boast of using eco-friendly materials.


It really is a heavy-duty toilet seat that can accommodate heavier loads. You can rest easy knowing that there is such a toilet seat that can work for heavier people in the household.

This is easy to install. The hinges are adjustable, which also makes easy to clean and then replace.

You don’t have to deal with a lid that slams shut because this has a whisper-soft closing.

It has an overall solid feel to it.

Under the seat, there are 4 “feet” that stabilizes the seat so heavier people can sit on it and feel comfortable and not have to put all of their weight on the hinges, which usually happens in a standard toilet seat.


There is a customer that said the seat cover is slightly smaller than the ones he tried before. Also, it might take a little bit of grappling with the installation as the instructions included aren’t really that informative.

2. Big John 6-W Oversized Toilet Seat with Cover

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Big John is known for their heavy-duty toilet seats ideal for heavier people. The 6-W is one of their best offerings. It can accommodate people as heavy as 800 pounds. The sitting surface is also more luxurious. It has a larger sitting surface of 19 inches, which means heavier people can sit comfortably on it and not feel like they are going to slip or fall.

This seat is made from heavy-duty ABS plastic material. It is durable and can last for a long time. The hinges can also be relied on as they have gone through injection molding. Like the seat and the cover, the hinges are also made from ABS plastic material that is not just heavy-duty but also stain-resistant.

This toilet seat for heavy people boasts of stabilizing bumpers as well. The synthetic rubbers help the toilet seat get a good grip to the bowl so that shifting is minimized. It also adds more height to the toilet seat.


This is one of the best for heavier people, but it can also be used by anyone. Even elderly people can comfortably sit in this because of its added height and more stable surface.

It fits easily on elongated or rounded bowls. People won’t have trouble fitting this in because all the things you need as well as the instructions you should know are included. In just half an hour, you should have this installed already.

It is higher than standard toilet seats, thanks to its rubber grip. If you are looking for one that boasts of more height, get this one.

The material feels strong and stable. You can really use it without worrying that it will break.

The size of the toilet seat is also ideal. It is bigger than the standard ones. Many customers also said this is one of the easiest toilet seats to clean.

It is backed by excellent customer service as well. If you encounter problems or damages, you can just let the manufacturing company know.


Some complained about the toilet seat cover having a curved back, which can be uncomfortable to sit back against when doing your business.

3. American Standard Heavy-Duty Elongated Commercial Toilet Seat

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Here is another affordable toilet seat you should get. It is made from commercial-grade solid polypropylene plastic that ensures it will not break with ease. The hinges are made from stainless steel, which trumps other toilet seats that only come with plastic hinges.

Aside from its durable features, this toilet seat is also easy to use, thanks to its EverClean surface feature that prevents stains from settling in and keeps bacteria that cause odor at bay. It also stops the growth of molds and mildew.


This is really one of the best heavy-duty toilet seats to get because it is used by many commercial establishments.

It doesn’t come with information on its weight maximum, but many users said they had family members who previously broke toilet seats use this and had no problems.

The hinge sets up easily. It is strong and can take up some form of abuse.

It is an affordable choice. You can easily change the toilet seats you already have at home with this one.


Some said it’s not ideal for those with bigger bottoms or the portlier ones. It can still be used, just not that comfortable.

4. Bath Royale Premium Round Toilet Seat with Cover

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Bath Royale pays stringent attention to the quality of their products. This toilet seat from this brand is made from a high-quality polypropylene material that doesn’t get damaged easily when exposed to harsh environments like that in a bathroom. It is a non-porous material, which means it can withstand some moisture and does not absorb microorganisms. It is also more resistant to staining.

What makes this different from other plastic toilet seats is that it is made from recycled materials. It also feels more comfortable, unlike wood that tends to be stiff. It can accommodate up to 400 pounds of weight, great for heavier people. Some flexing should be expected but the material won’t bend or break.


This one fits with many standard toilets. It has quiet close functions. You don’t have to worry about accidentally slamming it shut. Just tap it and it closes slowly.

This toilet seat is also easy to clean. With just its quick release function, you can remove the toilet seat and clean it like you would a normal toilet seat.

It comes with non-slip bumpers. These 4 bumpers effectively displace the weight and distribute it all over the toilet seat so that it doesn’t break easily.

Many also commented on how high-quality the mounting hardware included in this is. It is also backed by a good customer service so if you have issues with the product, it will be addressed right away.


Some said the soft closing lid closes too slowly for them. It is also incompatible with a bidet so if you are thinking of adding one, this is not a good choice for you.

Benefits of Buying Toilet Seat for Heavy Person

If you or you have a family member who might be on the heavier side, buying a toilet seat for heavy people is a good thing. You can install one in your main bathroom or a guest bathroom that will accommodate the needs of different people.

This kind of seat can withstand heavier loads, so it doesn’t cave in or break easily when subjected to a lot of weight. It also provides a lot of comfort and peace of mind to the user. Knowing that sitting on the toilet is safe to do can bring a lot of comfort. Many of these seats also boast of a comfortable opening.

Even average people can opt for these seats instead of the traditional ones. These seats are made from durable and commercial-grade materials, so you can expect strength that can withstand a lot of weight. You probably won’t have to worry about replacing your toilet seat again if you have this.

Which One Should You Get?

For a no-fuss toilet seat that is easy to clean, install and use, get the WOLTU Heavy Duty Toilet Seat. It’s also an affordable choice so if you are looking to save a couple of bucks, this should be the one you should buy. Also, if your weight doesn’t go above 300 pounds, you shouldn’t have issues using this.

Anyone can enjoy the benefits of the Big John 6-W Oversized Toilet Seat with Cover but if you are looking for a toilet seat that can accommodate heavier weight, as heavy as 800 pounds, get this one and it will not fail you. It is comfortable to use, has a nice grip on the toilet bowl and has added height for better comfort.

If you just want to have something sturdy to use at home and for guests or family members who might need a more durable toilet seat, the American Standard Heavy-Duty Elongated Commercial Toilet Seat is a more ideal choice. It is truly heavy-duty but there are no specifications as to how heavy a weight it can accommodate.

The Bath Royale Premium Round Toilet Seat with Cover is also ideal for people 400 pounds of weight and below. It is a bit more expensive, but you won’t notice how much you spent with this with how great the material is and how durable the seat is.

Buying Guide for Toilet Seat for Heavy Person

When it comes to buying a toilet seat for a heavy person, here are a few things you need to keep in mind:

User’s weight

Toilet seats can accommodate the varying weight. When searching the market for the best toilet seat to get, find out first the weight of the person using it or get an idea of the maximum weight of the person that might use the toilet. This way, you can choose a toilet seat that will truly accommodate your needs.

Comfortable surface

Even though you are buying a heavy-duty or industrial-grade toilet seat, you still would want to make sure that it is comfortable to use. The surface should not be hard to sit on no matter what weight you are. It also should not wobble or shift, which means you should make sure that it can be installed in place with the help of screws or knobs to prevent it from moving around loosely.

Size of the toilet

Keep size into consideration as well. It should also fit with your existing toilet. Also, make sure it fits the size of the user. You don’t want the toilet seat to end up being too narrow that it can cause instability or too big.


Toilet seats shouldn’t be too expensive but it’s a good idea to set aside a reasonable budget for it, so you can get more features from it.

Additional features

Look for additional features such as soft closing features. This feature is essential as it prevents the lid from slamming shut.

Easy-to-clean features

It should be made from materials that are easy to clean and don’t absorb germs, bacteria, and stains easily. The toilet seat should keep its new appearance even after a long time.

What’s Next?

Now that you know all these, what should you do next? We suggest checking out more toilet products. Click here to find out some of the most comfortable toilet seats that you can add to your home. Read our product recommendations and reviews to learn more about the features that are worth buying.

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