Best Toothbrush Holder Reviews: Attractive & Hygienic Options

Best Toothbrush Holder ReviewsBeing more organized in the bathroom starts with having a good toothbrush holder. You would think choosing a toothbrush holder is a no-brainer (how difficult can it be?), but with a plethora of options out there, it seems wise to take a moment to determine which style and material really works for you. We will let you know what your best options are, and you get to decide which one suits your lifestyle and preference more.

Best Toothbrush Holder Reviews 

We’ve searched for all sorts of toothbrush holder styles and we think these are your best choices:

Find out below what makes these toothbrush holders stand out from the rest:

1. Hblife Stainless Steel Bathroom Toothbrush Holder

Hblife Stainless Steel Bathroom Accessory

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If your motto is “simplicity is beauty”, you definitely will like this simple, basic and no-nonsense toothbrush holder. But you know, life is already complicated, so we can use some simplicity in our life just to keep us on track and the design of this toothbrush holder definitely fits the bill. Made from a sturdy stainless steel material that has a food grade property, this will last you for a long time.

This toothbrush holder has slots for 4 toothbrushes and 1 toothpaste. They hold up the brushes well and has enough room for other knick knacks and accessories like your razors. We highly recommend this for small families who don’t want something too fancy or too expensive.


The material used is sturdy and can last for quite a long time, preventing you from having to look for a replacement any time soon. It is also resistant to rust and doesn’t fade overtime even without too much maintenance. It also doesn’t get moldy. This should be a good material that will work better in the harsh environment of a bathroom.

It is compact, so it shouldn’t take up a large space on your countertop. It fits in a corner of your bathroom sink.

It has an open design that allows proper ventilation, which helps dry up your toothbrush easily as well as any moisture or drip.

The bottom serves as a drainer as well. There is no icky pooling of water at the bottom, which is one of the reasons why toothbrush holders become grimy overtime.

It is very stable. Even if you load up it up with toothpaste and more toothbrushes, it stays upright. You don’t have to worry that it will topple over.

The exterior is glossy and remains that way. It doesn’t accumulate white water spots. It stays attractive in the bathroom.

This is one inexpensive toothbrush holder. If you are looking for something simple and will not break the bank but is still well-made, get this one.

Many people find this easy to clean. Dirt doesn’t stick to it easily.

The feet have a rubber material that prevents them from sliding off of the countertop.


The drain rack at the bottom are spaced too far apart, so if you have a toothbrush with a thinner handle, they might slip off.

2. Joseph Joseph EasyStore Toothbrush Holder

Joseph Joseph EasyStore 70509

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If you have a modern minimalist style in your bathroom, this would be a sterling choice. It is a slim and compact toothbrush holder that features a removable section inside. Despite its compact and space-saving design, it can easily fit two toothbrushes, an electric brush and a toothpaste. This is recommended for those with multiple bathrooms. Station this in the master’s bathroom and also have one in the kids’ bathroom. The size is just right for couples or solo dwellers as well.

It might be enclosed unlike the previous one, but it has an open design that allows ventilation of your toothbrushes and has parts that can be dismantled with ease if it needs cleaning. It has a sturdy base that holds the weight of the toothbrushes and the toothpaste with ease.


Simple, minimalist and inexpensive, this toothbrush holder will appeal to many buyers who don’t want something overly complicated in their bathroom.

It is very stylish. It looks great in modern bathrooms.

It is just right for the needs of a small family or for couples. It doesn’t have a big footprint, so if you have a limited counterspace, this is perfect for you.

Cleaning it is easy since it can be dismantled. You can easily take out the parts and reach all the nooks and crannies where dirt tends to collect. Some said they just wipe it clean. No need for intense brushing.

The divider inside is removable. If you want to store more or you have bulkier toothbrushes such as electric toothbrushes that need more room, you can get the space you need by simply taking out the divider.

It has a good rubber grip. It clings to the surface of the countertop easily, so it doesn’t move around.

This caddy has a nice weight as well. Even if you fill it up with heavier load, it doesn’t topple over.


There is no drain at the bottom, so make sure you dry your toothbrush well before putting it here. Otherwise, your toothbrush will sit in a pool of water.

3. mDesign Decorative Bathroom Dental Storage Organizer

mDesign Decorative

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We find the style and design of this toothbrush holder effective and flexible. It has 4 slots for your toothbrushes and a caddy right beside it for your toothpaste. It comes in different color choices, so if you are looking for one that will work better in the design and color of your bathroom, you should find this a more fitting choice just because of more color options.

This toothbrush caddy is made from BPA material and mixed with chlorine-free plastic. It has a durable build that will last you for a long time, even when placed in the harsh environment of a bathroom. It has a size of 5.8 x 3.2 x 4.5 inches, just right for a typical countertop or sink.


The classic style and design of this toothbrush holder makes this work in vintage style bathrooms. However, it also works in modern bathrooms.

It has a good amount of space for 4 toothbrushes and a caddy for the toothbrush. The height is just right to prevent the toothbrush and the toothpaste from leaning over.

The toothbrush caddy can fit electric toothbrushes easily. It is also big enough to hold bigger sizes of toothpastes.

This has a sturdy base. You can’t easily knock it over and it doesn’t easily slide off of the countertop.

It is inexpensive.

Its plastic material is sturdy and doesn’t break easily.

Simply wipe it to keep it nice and shiny. It doesn’t require too much to maintain.

It has a drip collector at the bottom that makes sure your toothbrushes do not sit on a pool of water.


If you have water, you need to wipe it clean after using as the hard water shows white marks on its composite material.

4. MECO UV Toothbrush Holder and Dispenser

MECO UV Wall Mounted

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It is not enough that you keep your toothbrushes organized, you would also want to keep them sanitized. The air in the bathroom is one of the dirtiest. If your toothbrush is stationed near the toilet bowl, the flushing action from the toilet can cause fecal matter spores to get in the air and then fall down on the surfaces of your bathroom.

Get this toothbrush holder that comes with a UV sanitizing feature to keep all your toothbrushes clean. It can effectively kill up to 99.9% of bacteria and germs lurking in your bathroom using UV technology. Simply place your toothbrushes in the rack and then switch it on. In just 5 minutes, you have clean toothbrushes. You can have up to 5 toothbrushes in here, great for small to medium families.


This toothbrush holder has all the bells and whistles. The UV function ensures you have clean and bacteria-free toothbrushes all the time. The UV function is so easy to use. Just press the switch and it will work for you. It cleans your toothbrushes in mere minutes.

It can fit more toothbrushes than the previous caddies. You can hang up to 5 toothbrushes here, even the bulky electric ones.

You never have to worry about cross infection because there are 6 insulated plates incorporated in here that keeps your toothbrushes from sticking to each other.

It has a toothpaste dispenser. The automatic dispenser makes use of a vacuum pump squeeze technology that dispenses just the recommended amount of product, thereby avoiding using too much of it when brushing your teeth.

Since it is wall-mounted it doesn’t take up any counter space. It also means you won’t accidentally knock it over.

It is easy to install to a wall since it comes with a hook stand. You can mount it with ease.


It needs electricity to operate. It is also more expensive than other toothbrush holders out there.

Which Toothbrush Holder is the Best Choice for You?

Basic and Simple Design: Hblife Stainless Steel Bathroom Toothbrush Holder. If you don’t like something too fancy and you just need a basic toothbrush holder that does what it is supposed to do, get this one. It has enough toothbrush slots for a small family and has a good toothpaste slot as well that can hold a bulkier electric toothbrush.  It is also affordable, great for families on a budget.

Great for Small Families or Couples: Joseph Joseph EasyStore Toothbrush Holder. The minimalist design of this toothbrush holder works for modern bathrooms. If you don’t like all those fancy toothbrush holders out there and you only need one that will suit the needs of your small family or for couples, you should find this a great choice. It can be deconstructed for more thorough and more effective cleaning.[1]

Classic Style: mDesign Decorative Bathroom Dental Storage Organizer. It is just as functional and stylish as the previous ones. Sold at an affordable price, it is hard to go wrong with its functional caddy and slots for the toothbrush. It features a drain that effectively prevents water from collecting at the bottom of the toothbrush slots. Again, this is a great choice for small families or for couples.

Has All the Bells and Whistles: MECO UV Toothbrush Holder and Dispenser. With a toothpaste dispenser and UV technology that can kill germs and bacteria on your toothbrush, this is one of the best toothbrush holders you can get out there. It is more expensive, but the extra cost is understandable considering you are getting more features. It also delivers more benefits compared to the previous models such as space-saving benefits and more slots for toothbrushes. You should have no problems installing this toothbrush holder because everything is included in your purchase.

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Tips in Keeping Your Toothbrush Clean

They keep our teeth clean, but have you given a thought to how clean your toothbrush really is? Here are the tips you can try in keeping your toothbrush clean:

  • Use an anti-bacterial mouthwash to clean your toothbrush.

Soak your toothbrush in a glass full of a mixture of mouthwash and water. Use an anti-bacterial mouthwash for better results.

  • Keep your toothbrush in a place away from the toilet.

You need to put it significantly away from the harmful splatter of the toilet when flushing.

  • Sanitize your toothbrush.

You can opt for a toothbrush holder with a UV sanitizing option or you can get the hand-held UV sanitizers out there and simply let it run over your toothbrush.

Make sure you replace your toothbrush every 3 months as well. No matter how well you clean it, they can still get grimy overtime.

What to Do Next?

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