Bullfrog Spas Reviews: Are They Worth The Hype?

Let’s face it

Buying a hot tub is a huge investment, well, unless you are an athlete, billionaire, or movie star.

It’s only smart that you’ve decided to research the best brands you can find. You want to know what they are reputable for, and if they actually live up to that hype.

All in all, you need all the information you can get about a brand before you part with your hard-earned money — even if you pluck money from trees, your comfort should be your top priority.

In this post, you’ll discover if the Bullfrog Spas hot tubs live up to the hype as one of the best hot tub makers in the industry. Do they really make the best hydrotherapy jets?

You’ll learn about the quality of their materials, energy efficiency, and add-ons, like sound systems and WiFi. You’ll also learn how their Jet Pak system might be the answer to your hydrotherapy needs.

Without any further delay, let’s get down to business…

Top Bullfrog Spas Review

Enough said about the company. Let’s look into some of Bullfrog’s best hot tub models.

1. Bullfrog SpaVault

The SpaVault is Bullfrog’s only kit available for full or partial in-ground installation. It ensures that your spa is installed safely and correctly and even with a surrounding landscape that fits your backyard or deck.


  • Patented galvanized steel
  • Integrated surrounding material

What I Like About This Product

Aside from the aesthetic appeal of having a spa in your backyard, the installation by Bullfrog is professional.

The beautification of the hot tub’s surroundings to taste with materials like stone, wood, or brick pavers is a classy touch to any home.

What I Don’t Like About This Product

There’s really nothing to hate about the SpaVault. The only issues anyone can have would be with the purchased hot tub model. Yes, you’d choose a model separately.


  • Elegant outlook
  • Lasts as long as pools


  • None


It’s straightforward

If you want a spa construction that would last a lifetime or prefer the architectural design of in-built spas, go for the SpaVault.


2. Bullfrog Model R6L

The R6L is a cozy 6-person hot tub in the Bullfrog R-Series collection – a collection of personalized quality hot tubs. The R6L features a bent-knee lounge seat (L in the model name depicts lounge) that’s perfect for enjoying different massages.


  • Seat capacity: 6-person
  • 6’8″ x 7’4″ x 34″
  • 3 JetPaks of your choice
  • 136 jets
  • 5HP pump with 2-speed
  • Fully customizable
  • Water capacity: 342 gallons
  • Dry weight: 575 pounds

What I Like About This Product

Without any doubt, this is a high-end spa with EnduraFrame construction, stylish design, and energy-efficient construction.

But what really appeals to me is its quiet operation. It’s also easy to maintain and may not see any repair for half a decade.

What I Don’t Like About This Product

The R6L is a top quality hot tub, but the control panel is likely to develop faults over the years, which isn’t out of the ordinary. Fortunately, this usually happens – if it ever does – within the warranty period.

Another issue is the power of the pump. Some jets may have to be turned off for them to function at full pressure.


  • Easy to design
  • Quiet operation
  • Can be operated remotely


  • Some parts on the control panel may wear out after some years
  • Pump can’t power all the seats at full pressure


The R6L is a stylish spa that’s great for a small family or installation on a patio, balcony, or small space.

Overall Quality – 4.5/5


3. Bullfrog Spas Model M9

The M9 is the largest model in Bullfrog’s M Series of elite personalized luxury hot tubs. It has the most seating in its class, more JetPaks, plenty of seating layouts, intuitive features for smoother operation, and elegant lighting and ambiance.


  • 7’10” x 9’2″ x 38″
  • Seat capacity: 10-person
  • 7 JetPaks of your choice
  • 323 total jets
  • 3 high-performance Jet pumps with 2-speed
  • Water capacity: 566 gallons
  • Dry weight: 575 pounds

What I Like About This Product

Unlike the R6L, it has a touchscreen main control panel that’s not only modern but impossible to develop keypad issues. There’s even an in-seat control system that allows adjustment of basic settings from the convenience of your favorite seat.

The seats are spacious and have a variety of styles that can get a bubbly party started at any time. Honestly, this a luxury spa and its stylish and functional features can only charm you.

All M-Series hot tubs now have new features like a hidden filter system, integrated Frog@Ease system, and hidden suction, all behind the JetPaks.

What I Don’t Like About This Product

Contrary to advertisements, it can only seat eight persons and definitely, doesn’t have four lounge seats.


  • Powerful pump
  • Impressive and mood-setting lighting
  • Spacious
  • Adjustable headrests


  • Only has one lounge seat


The Bullfrog M Series hot tubs combine versatile seating layouts, splendid aesthetics, innovative water care system with the trademark JetPak Therapy system. The M9, in particular, offers more space and seating.

Overall Rating – 4.8/5


4. Bullfrog Spas X6R

The X6R is the most sought after hot tub in Bullfrog’s affordable quality X-Series line. It is one of the smallest but makes a value-packed and affordable hot tub for relaxation with a few friends.


  • 6’7″ x 6’7″ x 34″
  • Seat capacity: 5-person
  • Water capacity: 290 gallons
  • 21 total jets
  • 5HP pump
  • Dry weight: 503 pounds

What I Like About This Product

This hot tub is not only one of the most affordable Bullfrog Spas product, but also cheap to maintain.  This, in part, is due to 110V wiring and also the limited number of jets.

Speaking of which, the pump is more than capable of powering the 21 jets to give a relaxing massage, even without JetPak.

The size is perfect for use.

What I Don’t Like About This Product

The control panel or system may be difficult for non-tech savvy or older users to operate. You need to press combo buttons to access some settings.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Powerful pump


  • Difficult to use controls
  • No JetPak Therapy System


If you are looking to enjoy the top quality craft of Bullfrog Spas or any luxury hot tub, the X-Series is a great line to start. You’ll only be missing out on the trademark JetPak Therapy System.

Overall Rating – 4.5/5


About the Bullfrog Spas Brand

Bullfrog International, LC, is a company based in Utah that specializes in manufacturing luxury hot tubs. In February 2011, Jerry Palsey was named the CEO of Bullfrog International. 

What makes this new leadership so special is that Jerry was the former Executive Vice President at Jacuzzi and Sundance Spas. He brings in a ton of experience from some of the most prestigious hot tub companies ever.

Bullfrog has a branded JetPak Therapy system that’s arguably the best jet/hydrotherapy system you’ll find on the market.

Anyways, that’s probably not enough reason for you to fall in love with this brand, right? So, I’ll give a more detailed review of their manufacturing quality below.

Personalization Features

I’ll start with the obvious — the JetPak Therapy System.

Imagine being able to choose the pressure, intensity, or type of massage you want to enjoy in your hot tub. Each JetPak dishing out a unique massage and wellness benefits.

If it’s an aching lower back, sore neck, or you just want to relieve tension in your muscles, there’ll be a special JetPak up to the task.

Even better, the JetPaks can are interchangeable, so you can upgrade at any time as your body needs change. The JetPaks can also be swapped between seats to share a different sensation with a friend or loved one or a seat that fits your height.

Actually, this pleasure-filled experience isn’t a thing of imagination.

The Bullfrog JetPak Therapy system has 17 different hydrotherapy jet systems and even shows you how each one feels with intuitive and informative videos.

The only thing is, the JetPaks cost within $400 to $800 depending on the dealer. This is a lot more expensive than the chair customization in most competing brands, but it’s worthwhile if you’re particularly concerned with therapy.

That’s basically all you need to know about the JetPak system. They are therapeutic, highly customizable, and expensive.

As regards the general personalization of Bullfrog Spa hot tubs, you get all the upgrades and accessories you can in other premium spa manufacturers.

Built-in audio system, waterfall, LED lights, steps, cloud control,  and sanitization upgrades are some of the things you can choose to upgrade while designing your spa.

But you would be disappointed if a UV-C or saltwater sanitation is what you find. All in all, Bullfrog is a premium hot tub manufacturer, and their hot tubs are highly customizable.

Energy Conservation

The overall construction and insulation of Bullfrog hot tubs make them energy efficient. The spas have full-foam insulation and a quality, tight-fitting cover that aids heat retention.

The only gripe is with the plumbing. Agreed, the tubs have excellent plumbing craftsmanship, and of course, 90 percent less plumbing is a plus.

But the claim that it makes it energy efficient is somewhat questionable. Besides, less plumbing work doesn’t translate to the price of their hot tubs.

Overall, Bullfrogs spas are energy efficient. The company claims that its dense insulation and JetPak therapy can save you up to 59 percent over other competing hot tub brands.

Construction and Material

Remember the less plumbing work we discussed earlier? It’s a witty design that actually reduces the chances of leaks occurring as there are fewer pipes and holes.

The shell base is ABS acrylic, which is durable and impervious to water, but out there. The next step is to cover it in a 100% wood-free EnduraFrame material that doesn’t rot or corrode.

All the components in Bullfrog Spas hot tubs are top-of-the-line and manufactured in the USA.

Customer Service

Customer service is functional, but like other high-end tub brands, it varies with your dealer. You can also register your warranty on the Bullfrog website or access a ton of up-to-date and informative manuals and resources for further assistance.

Regarding warranty, it varies according to the line of the spas, with the more expensive lines having longer coverage.

The luxury spa lines like the R-Series and M-Series, for instance, have a lifetime warranty on frame and up to 10 years on shell structure.

Final Thoughts

Finding the perfect hot tub brand takes a lot of work.

Luckily for you, you now know that Bullfrog Spas is one of the best luxury hot tub makers in the industry.  You get to enjoy quality USA-manufactured components, durable EnduraFrame, energy-efficient construction, and responsive customer service.

Most of all, you can relax and enjoy a therapeutic spa experience, knowing they have arguably the best hydrotherapy jets in their JetPak Therapy system — a multiple jet system that’s highly customizable for unique therapeutic massages.

If you want the best Bullfrog Spas hot tub and can splurge, I’ll suggest you go for the Model M9. It’s the true definition of a luxury spa and has enough space if you decide to throw hot tub parties with friends. 

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