Coleman Hot Tub Review: The 6-Seater SaluSpa

A hot tub makes for an awesome experience when it’s available at your disposal. You deep in for a hot soak with friends, family, or a significant other. Enjoying a cold beer, good talk, and maybe even watch a show on a flat-screen TV overlooking the spa.

If you’re lucky to get a premium hot tub, strong jets of water massage, soothe, and relieve your sore back, aching neck, and throbbing feet. The only thing is, standard hot tubs can cost way over a thousand dollars, not including maintenance costs.

Now, does that mean you can’t join in on the spa experience? Not exactly. Inflatable hot tubs are the heroes here today, saving you from missing out on all the fun with a low-cost option.

Today, I’ll introduce to you one of the best inflatable tubs I’ve seen on the market – Coleman SaluSpa. It’s all you need to start enjoying relaxing hot tub soaks.

In this Coleman inflatable hot tub review, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know about the Coleman SaluSpa, and you make deciding whether to buy it or not easier.

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Coleman Hot Tub Review: Presenting The Saluspa

So, so what’s so special about the SaluSpa? Why has it got thousands of reviews online? Is it just because it doesn’t put a hole in the pocket? What makes it so special?

To be honest, it’s mainly because of its astonishingly low price. But there’s more – it offers a whole lot of value even for an inflatable hot tub its price.

The SaluSpa, formerly known as Lay Z Spa, is a 6-person inflatable hot tub manufactured by Coleman Company, Inc. Like you already know, it’s an affordable hot tub one of few quality ones at that.

It features a durable, puncture-resistant inflatable wall that retains its shape under pressure. The 110V circuit pump powers the many bubble jets and also inflates/deflates the hot tub. It also runs the filtration system and heats it.

The standout feature of the SaluSpa, just like other quality inflatable hot tubs, is its ease of use and portability.

I’ll recommend the Coleman SaluSpa for users who just want to enjoy a relaxing hot soak. And users who intend to carry this spa experience on trips or move a lot.  However, it’s not the best for anyone looking for fast heating or heat retention.


Features and Benefits

Size and Seat Capacity

 The Coleman SaluSpa hot tub is manufactured to sit four to six at a time. It measures 77 inches in width and diameter and is 28 inches tall. To have the best experience, only four adults can sit conveniently in this hot tub.

The tub has a water capacity of 254 gallons, making it about 2,100 pounds when filled. That’s doesn’t even include the weight of people who would get in the hot tub. 

The point here is that it’s heavy and should be treated as such. Don’t try to install it on a deck without the approval of a structural engineer.


The spa is powered with a 110V electric circuit. With it, the heating system heats up at approximately one to two degrees per hour.

Typically, it takes a whole day for it to heat up to 104 degrees. When it’s not in use and covered, it would stay within the range of 100 degrees.

But you should know that it needs to run constantly to stay hot, then set the temperature to 104 degrees, hours before you intend to use it.

Durable I-Beam and Leatheroid Construction

The liner of the SaluSpa is stronger than you’d think. It is made with Tritech 3 – polyester core material reinforced with two layers of PVC – material, which is similar to vulcanized leatheroid.

In fact, the liner is advertised as a puncture-resistant material to show the extent of its durability. Between you and me, don’t try to prick the rubber with a sharp object for a test run. In the same way you wouldn’t use a hammer on your phone screen protector.

As regards the lining of the walls, that’s where the I-beam construction comes in. This makes it extraordinarily sturdy compared to other brands. Without exaggerating, five guys could sit on the edge of the spa without it compressing like a bouncy castle.

All in all, it has a durable exterior that can last up to 5 years without leaking, if maintained properly. 

Cushioned Air Pad Floor

Unlike standard hot tubs, inflatable hot tubs don’t have in-built chairs, which makes them less enjoyable. But that’s one less thing to worry about with the Coleman SaluSpa.

It has a well-cushioned floor that’s comfortable to some extent. If you like, you can buy a floor cushion or headrest for extra comfort. But it really isn’t necessary. 

Digital Control Panel

The digital control panel is located right on top of the pump, where it can be operated within arm’s reach from inside of the tub.

Navigating the control panel is easy. It has self-explanatory icons to control the water temperature, power bubble jets, and more.

Reinforced Insulated Cover Insulation and Heat Retention

Every hot tub needs to have insulation mechanisms in place to save running costs. With the Coleman Saluspa, its inflated cover is all it has in place for insulation. It also comes with a stock bubble wrap that would be placed under the hot tub

The cover has a similar texture to the floor of the hot tub, with locking clips to ensure it stays closed. In my opinion, the cover is only good for keeping out debris and serving as a child-lock feature.

Overall, I wouldn’t recommend the Coleman SaluSpa to anyone in search of an energy-conserving hot tub – or an inflatable hot tub at that.

Nonetheless, you can go ahead and strengthen its insulation system if you’re a DIYer. It’d cost you iver 50 bucks to get materials, but it would pay off in the long run, as you reduce the rate on your electric bills.

Filtration and Cleaning

The Coleman SaluSpa inflatable hot tub comes with two filters and a ChemConnect chemical dispenser.  One thing about the filters is that they clog up pretty fast. So, you’ll need to change or wash them more often (preferably in a dishwasher), to keep the water clean.


The hot tub liner has a 3-month manufacturer warranty that becomes active from the date of purchase from the retailer. For the pump, it has a 1-year warranty, that’s also active from the date of purchase.

About The Brand

Coleman Company, Inc. Co. is an outdoor recreation gear company that started its journey 120 years ago with the creation of the first portable gas lantern.

The company revolutionized the outdoor industry with cooler manufacturing in the 1950s. Today, the company has its headquarters in Wichita, Texas, with over 3,000 employees and hundreds of products.

Now, they’ve branched out to become a manufacturer of anything outdoors, like camp tents, sleeping bags, lighting, and of course, inflatable hot tubs. They even make small boats like canoes and pontoon boats.

Coleman is a company with a rich history. In 1905, Coleman lighted the first football game played at night with their gas-powered lamps. After a series of acquisitions by several brands, Coleman Company Inc. is now a subsidiary of Newell Brands.

Coleman Spa Review: General User Impressions

Being one of the most popular inflatable hot tubs on the market – with thousands of online customer ratings – users usually have had the chance to drop their two cents on its overall performance.

For the most part, customers were particularly satisfied that it delivers optimal performance despite its very affordable price tag.

That aside, many customers cherished the ease of assembly of this hot tub. For an aging couple, it took them only about 40 minutes to install the hot tub despite having to watch instructions (which it doesn’t require) online. It requires no tool for installation, except the pump itself, and your hands.

One major gripe customers pointed out was its slow heating time, but they were quick to dismiss this considering its price.

Our Opinion

To be honest, I’ll rate the Coleman SaluSpa an unbiased 9 out of 10. The only reason it’d go any lower would be because of its auto-shutoff and poor insulation.

Even at that, its insulation issue is excusable as other inflatable hot tubs have the same issue for obvious reasons. For a few bucks at your local Walmart, you could get a foam padding to place it on, and some blankets or Styrofoam to wrap the liner.

That aside, it takes a full day to get the water to 104 degrees on the first day or from a cold/warm state. As bad it may sound, it’s the way it is with inflatable hot tubs.

Besides, the Coleman SaluSpa would stay within 100 degrees for than more than an hour. Just be sure to keep it running constantly, and you would enjoy using the hot tub. I’ll recommend to anyone looking to just relax after the stress of the day or chill with friends on the weekends

Regarding its portability, the SaluSpa doesn’t disappoint. The liner can be easily deflated and packed in a bag. This way, you can store it in the garage or attic if you won’t be using it for long, or carry it along with you on a getaway trip.

The jets aren’t best you’d find around, but they aren’t bad either. They draw air from outside the tub to produce an immense amount of bubbles that feel good, but really don’t massage the body. The worst part is that the heater and jets can’t work simultaneously, so the water heat drops faster. I’d never recommend this hot tub to anyone for hydrotherapy.

However, it remains one of the best inflatable hot tubs I’ve come across, and its price is incredibly affordable.


  • Can be installed by anyone in less than an hour without tools
  • Powerful bubble jets that give a nice, fluffy, and relaxing sensation
  • Easy to carry around — can be deflated and folded.
  • Sturdy construction — lasts for years without issues and retains its shape
  • Good bang for the buck
  • Quiet pump, especially when the heater is on, and just a little louder with the jets on


  • Heating is slow — about 2 degrees an hour
  • Doesn’t retain heat well enough and has to run all day
  • Automatically shuts off after 72 hours


Things To Consider Before Buying An Inflatable Hot Tub

As promised earlier, I’ll walk you through all you need to know about the Coleman SaluSpa. That doesn’t mean if it’s a good or bad product in general, but also if an inflatable tub, like the SaluSpa, is the right fit for you.

Consider looking into these factors to make that tough –not so tough – decision.


Almost every inflatable hot tub is easy to install. Most of them, like the SaluSpa, have a multi-functional pump that powers the jets and also pumps the liner (rubber body). In the end, you wouldn’t need a tool, other than your bare hands, to complete the whole installation process.

Also, with inflatable hot tubs, you won’t need extra hands to get the spa to your installation site. Just pick a spot, get the liner out of the carry bag, and pump it with air.

So, if ease of installation is a dealbreaker for you, you can’t go wrong with an inflatable hot tub.

Size and Seat Capacity

The seating capacity of hot tubs (both standard and inflatable) can be tricky. Frankly, the stated seat capacity of most hot tubs, including the Coleman SaluSpa, doesn’t equate to its size.

Not that a hot tub with a 6-person capacity wouldn’t fit six persons, but most times, it’d be with them being packed like sardines. So, keep in mind that the hot tub will likely not sit up to the number of persons it claims, at least comfortably.

The Coleman SaluSpa, for instance, can only fit four adults comfortably.


Cleaning a hot tub is important not just for your health, but that of the hot tub parts as well. That’s why you need to go for a hot tub that can be easily cleaned or cleans itself well enough for a long period.

Since most inflatable hot tubs can’t self-clean for long, it’s pertinent you consider one that’s at least easy to clean. The filters of the SaluSpa can be tossed in a dishwasher whenever they are dirty.

Note that you’ll still need to add chemicals, like bromine or chlorine, pH increaser, and pH decreaser, pH tester, and so on, to keep the water reusable. The SaluSpa only comes with a chemical dispenser but no chemicals.

Jet Types

The jets in an inflatable hot tub are not anywhere as strong as those in a standard hot tub. These jets only produce bubbles instead of a strong pressure of water, so the best you can get is a gentle massage-like feeling.

The more the number of jets, the better the experience. But the water would cool down faster once the jets are running.

Added Accessories

Quality hot tubs come with all the necessary accessories you’ll need to ensure a complete spa experience. Make sure you get a hot tub that comes with an insulated cover, at the very least.

Some other hot tubs include a thermal pad to improve heat retention, like the Coleman SaluSpa. If you are looking for extra features like LED lights and waterfalls, you may have to consider buying a standard hot tub.

Coleman SaluSpa FAQs

Is It Comfortable Without Seats?

Yes. The hot tub floor is padded, so it’s comfortable, although you can decide to buy cushioned seats for a better experience if it suits you.

Does It Come With Filters and Other Accessories?

Yes, it does come with 2 filters. It also comes with a pool cover, an air pad protector, and a chemical floater/dispenser.

Can the Heat and Jet Be Used Interchangeably?

The heater goes off once the air jets are running.

Final Thoughts

Not everyone can afford to buy a Jacuzzi or high-end outright. It doesn’t hurt to have a taste of the spa experience with an inflatable hot tub. Moving forward, you can upgrade to a more functional, but also much more expensive standard hot tub.

If you are ready to start your hot tub journey with the best affordable inflatable hot tub, I’ll recommend the Coleman SaluSpa. Aside from the obvious affordability, it’s portable, durable, and doesn’t require much technical knowledge for installation.

If you’re on a tight budget and need to want the best affordable inflatable hot tub money can buy, the Coleman SaluSpa is your top-choice.

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