TubShroom Review: Is This the Best Hair Catcher that You’ll Ever Need?

Anyone with long hair knows that good hair maintenance involves a lot of shampoo washing. That means every so often you’ll have to remove all the hair that gets stuck inside the drain.

Hair is one of the biggest contributors to blocked bathtub and shower drains. Fortunately, there are simple gadgets in the market that can trap hair and fur before it makes its way to the drain and one of the most popular of these is the TubShroom.

The TubShroom is simply a hair catcher that protects your drain from clogging up with clumps of hair. It slips inside a standard bathtub drain and it guarantees to catch every hair without disrupting the flow of water.

Presenting TubShroom A Revolutionary Drain Protector

It is said that necessity is the mother of all invention. For TubShroom, that statement could not be more true. The product came about when a couple of long time friends developed a cheap solution to their constantly backed-up drain.

They both had long hair and lived with several pets in their house which meant that they usually had to spend time and money unblocking their drain.

After developing a simple but effective prototype that worked successfully in their home, the duo decided to go into business and take it to mass production to help other people like them. The TubShroom is simple, easy to clean, and affordable.

It is very relatable to millions of other people and the response to it is overwhelming. It is now a multi-million dollar product found in millions of homes across the world.


Features and Benefits


Unlike regular hair catchers that are laid over the drain, TubShroom is designed to go inside the drain where it collects the hair out of sight. It has a mushroom inspired design that allows for an easy grip while removing and inserting into the drain.

It is engineered to fit any standard 1.5″ -1.75″ width tub drain. If your tub already has a drain cover, you’ll be able to unscrew it easily with a screwdriver and then fit it inside. Generally, the top cover should not be flush with your drain, it should leave a gap to allow water to get through.

The tube itself perforated around it to allow the free flow of water. The size of the holes is important because it will determine how well it will work. The bottom part of the tube has a lip where the hair wraps around neatly and has extra holes to prevent water from backing up.

Ease of Cleaning

 According to this article by the American Academy of Dermatology, it is normal to shed between 50 to 100 hairs a day. For people with long or thick hair, this can be a lot of hair going down the drain and creating frequent drain blocks. With TubShroom, you’ll never need to snake your drain to remove the clumps of hair. The hair collects around the cylinder and cleaning is just a simple wiping with some tissue paper and putting it back.

It also collects other gunk that would also clog up your drain. If allowed to collect over a long period, the gunk will resist the flow of water. So if you find that your tub doesn’t drain properly, just take it out, wipe it off and put it back in the drain.

Safe and Environmentally Friendly

Most of us keep drain cleaning chemicals in our homes to help us quickly fix the drain when it clogs. Though they seem to be an easy solution, drain cleaners have long term effects on the pipes and the environment.

Drain cleaners have been known to cause corrosion and leakage in pipes. They are also poisonous and highly flammable which is a health and safety hazard, especially to children and pets.

Beyond that, some of the wastewater from our homes may end up in our lakes and oceans causing long term damage to animal and plant life. When we consider all these, TubShroom provides a safe and environmentally friendly alternative for a clean drain.

Tubshroom Review: Our Opinion

The best products succeed when they provide simple solutions for ordinary people in the simplest of ways. TubShroom is an innovative approach to providing an effective solution to an ordinary drainage problem that affects millions of homes everywhere. It’s no wonder then that is one of the best selling products in its category with thousands of 5-star ratings and reviews.

It can effectively collect all the hair going down the drain as well as every other gunk coming down from the shower. By ensuring that your drain is free from a messy hair blockage, it will save you thousands in plumbing costs. It also protects your drain pipes from leakage caused by corrosive drain cleaners, and by extension, the environment. 

Though it is an excellent product, it does present some imperfections. For instance, it does get full of hair and gunk quite fast. So, it requires to be cleaned quite often and for some people, it can be unpleasant. Although it is easy to wipe the hairy mess off the TubShroom, cleaning the mold that accumulates on it is a bit more challenging.

General User Impressions

The TubShroom has been received very well in the market with now over three million homes using the product. The most loved feature of this product that all users agree with is its ability to catch all the hair going down their drains. And it has proved to be more effective than most products in the market when it comes to drain protection.

Users have also noted that cleaning it is not a pretty sight and it can be s bit gross. The thing about it that most didn’t like was that you need to clean the gross every other day or it would get blocked.

For some people, it is preferable to having a plumber come over or to using chemical drain cleaners. For others, it’s simply an inconvenience and they’d rather have the plumber unclog the drain for them every so often.

Tubshroom Review Summary


  • Unlike most drain protectors, it goes inside the drain for better hair collection
  • Collects every hair every time you shower without restricting the flow of water
  • Collects most of the gunk produced when showering
  • Does not require any special installation — just insert and remove when necessary
  • Made from an industrial-strength silicone material for easy cleaning
  • Safe and environmentally friendly alternative


  • May not sit properly in older style bathroom drains
  • Can get a bit yucky
  • Needs regular cleaning, especially if you’re washing a lot of hair because it builds up quickly
  • May get mold which also may leave stains


Things To Consider When Buying A Hair Catcher

If you’re having a persistent clogged drain, you may want to consider getting one. It’s important to know that hair catchers come in various designs and are made of various materials. This Tub Shroom review will help you understand some of the most common features to look out for.


To start with, you’ll need a catcher that is effective at trapping the hair while at the same time allowing water to drain through. So the size of the perforations on the hair catchers matter; neither too big nor too small.

As with size, the ability to remove the gadget and clean it with ease is also important since you’ll need to clean it every so often.


Other important features include the construction of the catchers. Most of these catchers are designed to fit the standard drain of the tub or shower so you should take note of the diameter of your drain.

Also, some catchers are designed to lay over the drain while others are inserted into the drain to trap the hair out of sight.


Finally, there is the material to consider. The material of the gadget determines its price, durability, and ease of cleaning. The most common materials include silicone or rubber, plastic, and stainless steel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will It Allow You to Plug the Tub For A Bath?

Unless your tub has a trip drain, you would need a stopper that is compatible with the TubShroom to block the water. The StopShroom is a companion product that you can use to block the water in your tub while the TubShroom is still fitted in the drain. This ensures that you still get drain protection when you drain the water after your bath.

Does It Catch Hair That Is Shorter In Length?

Yes. It will catch all types and lengths of hair and pet hair. Longer hair will just require you to clean it more often.

How Do You Clean The Mold?

The TubShroom is safe to wash in a dishwasher and is safe to clean with any bleach free cleaners in your home. It is recommended to regularly rinse it out to avoid mold accumulation.

Final Thoughts

The TubShroom is the perfect way to prevent hair from ever blocking your bathroom drain. It slides into the tub drain to catch every hair and gunk that is washed off in the shower.

The hair attaches itself to the catcher preventing it from going down the drain to cause a blockage. The hair is easily wiped off with a paper towel, a process that will take you less than a minute to accomplish.

This TubShroom review highlights all the great features of this product and its benefits. The product guarantees a safe and environmentally friendly way to maintain cleanliness in the drain. It is also more economical than having a plumber unblocking your drain every other month.

If you’re struggling to wash long or thick hair because it will block your drain, we recommend having the TubShroom fitted in your drain. You have a choice of 5 bright colors plus chrome to choose from and it also comes in a slightly bigger size for an oversized drain. Click here and check out the product for yourself.

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