Welcome to Home Worthy List. There are some people who have great ideas in their minds but fail to execute it into something tangible. It could be due to the lack of artistic capability to put it into writing or it could be due to failure to communicate the exact things you want. We, at Home Worthy List, try to bridge that gap.

We could all be interior designers, home improvement gurus and whatnots if only we had the ability to take what’s in our mind and make it into something real. Thing is, not all of us have that ability. Have you ever planned on making a home improvement project but realized a year later that it’s still a concept?

Haven’t we all. What you’ll find here at Home Worthy List can help minimize the decisions you have to make when planning to improve your home. As an example, should you decide to upgrade your old bathroom to something more modern, we’ve got reviews for the best toilets for your needs. Let us take away the stress of having to read through tons of reviews of each toilet in the market. We’ll summarize the best products in the market and even give you an easy access to ordering one.

Let the Home Worthy List crew narrow the best, most valued, best worth, best design, and whatever best we come across with for you to be able to see a simplified comparison of different products in the market.

See, we’re just like regular people. We don’t claim to know it all but what we do, is we research the best and bring you the good and the bad on each product!

Here at Home Worthy List, we try our best to be fair in our reviews to serve our audience better!

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