Best Bath & Shower Sponge Reviews: Our Favorite Ones To Use

Best Bath & Shower Sponge ReviewsTake your hygiene and bathing habits to the next level and get a good quality shower sponge or loofah. A shower sponge allows you to take better care of your skin and lather your bath products easily all over your body. There are so many options out there but don’t worry because we will help you find the best shower sponges that you can use everyday and get excellent results.

Best Shower Sponge Reviews

There were a lot of good contenders, but we think these choices are the best:

#1 Easymoo Bath Loofahs Sponge Shower Pouf Body Scrubber

Ideal for Sensitive Skin

  • Star Rating: 4.5
  • Highlight: Made from Bamboo Charcoal
  • Price: $
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#2 Vive Loofah Sponge Back Scrubber

Anti-bacteria Layer

  • Star Rating: 4.3
  • Highlight: Comes with a Back Scrubber
  • Price: $$
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#3 Michelle’s Melting Pot Exfoliating Foam Sea Sponge

Gentle Exfoliation

  • Star Rating: 4.2
  • Highlight: Ergonomic Feel
  • Price: $$
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#4 Shower Bouquet Loofah Bath Sponge Swirl Set


  • Star Rating: 4.6
  • Highlight: Pretty Swirls of Color
  • Price: $$
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#5 CraftsofEgypt Natural Spa Beauty Bath Sponge

Rougher Texture

  • Star Rating: 4.5
  • Highlight: Biodegradable
  • Price: $$$
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Are you curious as to why these are the best ones? Learn more about their features below:

1. Easymoo Bath Loofahs Sponge Shower Pouf Body Scrubber

A great product for people on a budget, this product comes in a pack of 3. It might look synthetic, but this black-colored loofah is actually more natural than you think. It contains some PE material but other than that, it is the closest thing you can have to a natural shower sponge as it has carbonized bamboo as its main material. This material not only makes this wonderful natural product to have but is also great for upcycling as bamboo is a renewable kind of material.

A little bit goes a long way with this shower sponge as it lathers products really well. Its width of 4.7 inches is just right to fit most hands, so it doesn’t feel too big or too small when using it to lather soap all over your body. It also comes with a long 12-inch lanyard, so you can hold on to it easily and hang it to dry once you are done using it.


This is one of the most affordable shower sponges out there. And because one pack comes with 3 shower sponges, you are actually saving more money.

It is soft and not at all too abrasive but is capable of dislodging dead skin cells. Your skin feels softer and smoother after using this.

The ergonomic design makes this easier to hold even when your hands are soapy and slippery.

You can save a lot on shower gels because this lathers well. It forms suds well.

It should be ideal even for people with sensitive skin since the material is soft and doesn’t chafe the skin.

It is made from bamboo charcoal. Charcoal has odor-eliminating properties. It can keep your body fresh as it helps in reducing body odor.

It doesn’t buildup mildew, according to users. It doesn’t smell overtime and it dries up pretty quickly.

Getting rid of excess soap is easy. Just rinse it out and you should be able to hang it up to dry without soap bubbles forming on it.

Many said this lasted them for a long time. One sponge is durable and doesn’t unravel easily.

This product is renewable and has mostly natural materials, so it is better for your skin.

Users appreciate how it doesn’t have a plastic smell to it the first time they used it like many shower sponges have.


The cons were really a matter of personal preference. Some said they were disappointed with the size and wished it was bigger than they expected.


2. Vive Loofah Sponge Back Scrubber

Get a loofah back scrubber and a hand loofah if you choose this product. The loofah back scrubber has a handle long enough to reach all areas of your back. It makes access to your back easier. It effectively cleanses the skin and removes excess sebum and dead skin cells without being too abrasive. It should be safe even for people with sensitive skin.

The loofah back scrubber has a non-slip grip, so you can easily maneuver it even when you have soapy and slippery hands. Don’t worry about excess moisture because the handle has an antibacterial finish that prevents molds and mildew from developing.


Exfoliating your skin has never been this easy. Thanks to its 17-inch long handle, you can easily reach your back without contorting your arms.

The loofah itself has a soft material. It feels nice on the skin and even improves circulation. Your skin feels instantly soft and well-cleaned afterwards.

The handle of the loofah brush is easy to grip. There is a non-skid rubber grip near the edge of the handle, so it prevents your hand from slipping. You can scrub as gently or as aggressively as you prefer.

The loop is big enough to slide your hand inside. That way, you can prevent it from dropping on the floor.

It is a wood handle, but it has a coating that prevents water from seeping inside. As a result, the handle is resistant to the formation of mildew and molds. It is also resistant to cracking and splitting.

It comes with a loofah scrub that you can alternate with the back scrubber.

The manufacturer offers a 60-day unconditional guarantee with this product. If you are unhappy with it, they can refund your money. There were also those who said they reached out to customer service and their issues were promptly addressed.

It also has an anti-bacterial layer, thereby offering more peace of mind.

Since this one has a wooden handle, it doesn’t break easily compared to others with a plastic handle.


There were those who said the loofah for the back scrubber is softer and might need a bit more pressure to actually clean well.


3. Michelle’s Melting Pot Exfoliating Foam Sea Sponge

Get luxurious baths all the time with this pack of shower sponge. Your purchase comes with 3 shower sponges, so it should last you for a long time. It sets itself apart with its unique texture. It is highly absorbent and has a soft texture, so it is a better choice for people with sensitive skin. It can even be used by babies or young children.

Just use a small amount of product with this as it effectively lathers any type of product and distributes it easily to your skin. It has mold and mildew-inhibiting properties as well.


This sponge has 5 inches of size that fits most people’s hands just right. It is small enough to hold with one hand but big enough to cover more skin surface.

It is very affordable. One pack has 3 sponges in it. It should last you for as long as 3 months. Many people said it holds up so well that they even use it as a dishwashing sponge.

These are thick. It has an ergonomic feel and can produce suds easily.

A lot of people said it feels stiffer than other synthetic loofahs but if you are looking for a gentle exfoliation better than what the other synthetic loofahs can provide, this should be an excellent choice. There were users who said they have sensitive skin and did not have problems with this product.

It doesn’t unravel like many of the synthetic loofahs out there.


It is not really a natural sea sponge.


4. Shower Bouquet Loofah Bath Sponge Swirl Set

These super-sized loofahs are what you need if you want a richer lather. With its 75 grams of density, it guarantees more luxurious lathering and more excellent exfoliation. One pack comes with 4 loofahs boasting of pretty swirls of colors. You can share it with your family members.

The lathers last longer, thereby allowing you more savings on your shower gel. The mesh material is high quality and has a nice density that allows you to get the lathering action you want.


This set is one of the prettiest shower sponge sets out there. The colors are striking. They also make wonderful gifts to friends and family.

You get 4 sponges. You can share it with your family or keep it in stock, so you have something to use in the next couple of months.

This sponge is huge. It is bigger than the previous ones, so if you fancy a more luxurious lather, you should be able to find this a great choice.

The density is also good. The shower sponge is thick enough to allow a rich lather.

It is affordable. You are getting a lot of sponges for a competitive price.


There were those who said it has a smell that doesn’t go away even after many washes.


5. CraftsofEgypt Natural Spa Beauty Bath Sponge

This set of 3 loofah is made from natural materials. Being a natural product, it gives your skin a natural glow and effective unseats dead skin cells. It makes your skin softer and smoother.

Each loofah has a 6×6-inch size that fits your hands just right. It needs to be soaked in hot water first for about 15 minutes if you want it to retain its original shape.


This is bigger your average mesh shower sponge, so if you want more coverage and better grip, this should appeal to you.

Say goodbye to chemicals and plastic. Everything about this is natural.

People said this is the only shower sponge that made them feel cleaner. The skin really feels soft and glowing after using this product.

They are biodegradable. You never have to worry that you are leaving behind trash that will take years to decompose. Even the string is made from cloth.

Because it is more abrasive, this works better in getting rid of calluses. If you want to exfoliate your feet better, use this.

There is no unwanted chemical smell from this shower sponge.


You still need to add hot water to soften it up before using it for the first time. It also tends to have a rougher texture, so it might not be the most ideal for people with sensitive skin.


For other shower essentials that you can use in your bathroom, read this article.

The Verdict

Having trouble deciding? Let us help you out even further:

Editor’s Choice & Most Eco-Friendly: Easymoo Bath Loofahs Sponge Shower Pouf Body Scrubber. This seems to have it all – texture, quality and price. It has a nice softness to it that effectively gets rid of dead skin cells but without chafing the skin. Its main selling point though is its eco-friendly functions. It has natural ingredients that make this better for the environment.

Durable Features: Vive Loofah Sponge Back Scrubber. If you are tired of buying a shower sponge with a handle that breaks easily when you put pressure on it, get this one. The handle is made from wood, so it should be impervious to damage. It is also good for sensitive skin and should have a good enough firmness to it that it effectively removes dead skin cells.[1]

Doesn’t Unravel: Michelle’s Melting Pot Exfoliating Foam Sea Sponge. If you don’t like the design of the previous shower sponges because they have a tendency to unravel, get this. It holds up well even with frequent use. People even use it for washing dishes.

Extra Large: Shower Bouquet Loofah Bath Sponge Swirl Set. We recommend this set for people who prefer a bigger shower sponge for more lathering action. It has more density to boast of as well. You can use just a little bit of product and make the lather action last with this sponge.

Au Naturel: CraftsofEgypt Natural Spa Beauty Bath Sponge. This all-natural shower sponge is just the thing you should look for if you want to reduce your carbon footprint and impact on the environment. It is natural and made from a real plant, so it naturally decomposes once you are done using it. It also has a nice abrasive texture that can get rid of dead skin cells and can slough off calluses.

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