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If you are like most people, you probably look forward to a nice and warm bath at the end of a long and tiring day. Soaking in a warm bath is cathartic after all the stress of the day, so it is important to invest in a good bathtub that will help you transform your bathroom into your very own personal spa.

There are different types of bathtubs but today, we are singling out the benefits of cast iron bathtubs. If you are on the lookout for one, check out the different brands we found and highly recommend. Make sure you keep on reading to know which of these bathtubs are the best choices for you.

Benefits of Cast Iron Bathtub

There are so many modern bathtub options today, so why cast iron material? The use of clawfoot tubs made from cast iron dates back in the early 19th Century. It exudes a vintage style and charm that is difficult to beat with the modern bathtubs today. In fact, they are growing in popularity once again today because of the rising trend in vintage style bathrooms.

But more than its timeless beauty and charm, there is more to get from the cast iron bathtub.

Here are some of them:

1. Many cast iron bathtubs have thick materials for excellent soundproofing.

If you want to transform your bathroom into this spa-like place where you can get some peace and quiet, you can do that with the cast iron bathtub. Its thick material has excellent soundproofing capabilities that prevent clanging noise from the water splashing on it. This makes it easier to relax after being surrounded with noise.

2. Clawfoot bathtubs are typically better in smaller bathrooms.

The typically modern and built-in tubs tend to look clunky in smaller bathrooms. They take up a lot of space. But if you are looking for something that can fit in a smaller space, a clawfoot cast iron bathtub just might be the space-saving solution you are looking for.

3. The material helps keep your bath water warm for a longer period of time.

What is great about a cast iron bathtub is that the material has good insulation and heat-retention properties. That means you can soak for a long time in your warm bath without worrying that it will get cold easily.

4. They can stand the test of time.

So many old houses equipped with cast iron bathtubs still have this tub in the house. That is how durable it is. Today, you can find those with a cast iron material and an enamel finish to make the bathtub more resistant to stains. You can easily clean the tub using natural materials such as lemon oil. Additionally, cast iron tubs are also quite resistant to scratching, fading and chipping.

Best Cast Iron Bathtub Reviews

Here are the cast iron bathtubs we highly recommend getting:

Check out all these features of benefits of these cast iron tubs:

1. The Tub Connection Chariton Claw Foot 61 Inches Cast Iron Slipper Bathtub

The Tub Connection Chariton Claw Foot 61 Inches Cast Iron Slipper Bathtub

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Understated elegance and timeless beauty are just two of the things that this cast iron bathtub can offer you. Make a bland bathroom look a lot more inviting and classier with the help of the style of this tub. It features 46 gallons of water capacity and 14 inches to overflow. The inside of the tub is made from porcelain material for easier maintenance and cleaning.

This is a freestanding tub with 61 inches of size and is the perfect choice for any size of bathroom. You also have the option of getting the complete plumbing package for more seamless installation.


  • This is one gorgeous bathtub. Those who have it at home said that their guests always asked where they get their tub. This will definitely make a great investment and will make a great selling point in case you sell your home in the future.
  • The chrome accents are a nice touch.
  • You have the option of getting the whole plumbing package for easier installation.
  • It has a nice and solid construction. You can really tell that this cast iron tub is built to last.
  • The price tag is less expensive than many of the cast iron clawfoot tubs out there.


  • This is quite heavy. A lot of people said it took multiple people to haul it in.
  • It might not be ideal for taller people. There probably wouldn’t be enough space for the legs of taller people to stretch out.

2. Maykke Montebello 70 Inches Transitional Oval Cast Iron Freestanding Bathtub

Maykke Montebello 70 Inches Transitional Oval Cast Iron Freestanding Bathtub

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Get this deep oval bathtub if you prefer deep soaking. It can accommodate 63 gallons of water, perfect for those days when you just want to relax in the tub with a good book. Since it is made from cast iron material, the water will stay warm for a long time. The exterior is made from a white enamel material for easier cleaning.

Aside from its contemporary design that will suit more modern spaces more, what makes this tub stand out is its levelling feet that are completely adjustable. You can easily stabilize it on any surface.


  • This gorgeous cast iron bathtub is a sterling choice for more modern bathrooms. The size is just right for taller people to be able to move around with ease.
  • There are no grooves that collect dirt, so it is easy to clean. Also, the porcelain finish allows the dirt to easily wash out.
  • This is the tub to look for if you want one for deep soaking.
  • It also already comes with an overflow and drain assembly. The polished chrome trim makes this tub look very elegant.
  • It has levelling feet that are completely adjustable. It prevents uneven installation.
  • Customers said this is a comfortable bathtub to soak in.


  • This tub is quite expensive. Some people might be put off by the hefty price tag.

3. The Tub Connection Clay 67 Inches Cast Iron Slipper Tub

The Tub Connection Clay 67 Inches Cast Iron Slipper Tub

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Inject some style and class to your bathroom with the help of this cast iron slipper tub. It has more room to offer, so you can rest your tired and aching feet and stretch out to your heart’s content. The 53 gallons of capacity allows deeper soaking. Made from cast iron, you can be assured that you are getting all the benefits of this tub material. The interior is made from porcelain to maintain the elegant gloss of this tub and to ensure that it is easier to clean.


  • This is one elegant-looking tub. It really won’t disappoint because it looks even more beautiful in real life.
  • This tub can actually accommodate taller people. If you find the other tubs too small for you, get this. There is still plenty of room to stretch out.
  • Many customers said this is a well-crafted cast iron bathtub. You can really tell the quality of the tub by how well it is constructed. Nothing looks out of place.
  • The oil-rubbed bronze feet offer a nice contrast to the white exterior of the tub.
  • It is also less expensive than other tubs out there.
  • This tub is also backed by good customer service.


  • The tub can be quite heavy.

4. The Tub Connection Buchanan 71 Inches Double Ended Slipper Tub

The Tub Connection Buchanan 71 Inches Double Ended Slipper Tub

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This double-ended slipper tub is just the perfect choice for bigger bathrooms because of its sheer 71-inch size and its equal height ends that would be perfect for soaking. The 44 gallons of water capacity makes this fitting for deep soaking. Since it is two-ended, two people can soak in the tub with ease.


  • This tub is really gorgeous. It has a nice finish and shape that works so well with modern or even vintage design settings.
  • The two-ended set-up accommodates two people. With its 71 inches of size, it should not just have enough room for 2 people but enough room to stretch out as well.
  • It has a beautiful finish. It also has brushed nickel feet that looks great in contemporary settings.


  • Again, this can be quite heavy. You probably need more people to haul it up to a bathroom. It is also quite big, so it might only work well in bigger bathrooms.

Which One Should You Get?

Ideal for Average-sized People: The Tub Connection Chariton Claw Foot 61 Inches Cast Iron Slipper Bathtub. This tub is more on the smaller side, so it might not be the best choice for taller people. However, if you are average-sized or smaller, you will surely fall in love with the charm and style of this tub. It has a nice price tag and it comes completely with the installation fixtures you need.

Great for Soaking: Maykke Montebello 70 Inches Transitional Oval Cast Iron Freestanding Bathtub. The capacity and depth of this freestanding bathtub are perfect for soaking. And since it is made from cast iron, you can stay for as long as you like as the material can retain heat effectively. We also recommend this tub if you have a more modern design in your bathroom.

More Room to Groove: The Tub Connection Clay 67 Inches Cast Iron Slipper Tub. This is the tub to get if you want more space to stretch out. This might be more ideal for taller people. It also has a good depth to it, great for deep soaking.

Good for Two People: The Tub Connection Buchanan 71 Inches Double Ended Slipper Tub. The two-ended design of this bathtub is great for two people. It is also deep enough for soaking. If you like having ample room to move around get this one.

Buying Guide for Cast Iron Bathtubs

Finding the best-cast iron bathtub doesn’t have to be a monumental task. Here are a few factors you should consider to make sure that you are buying the best cast iron bathtub for your home[1]:

1. Design and style

Clawfoot tubs may all look the same but check out the nuances in curves and shapes. Some tubs may have a more flared out opening than others, which might allow you to get a more comfortable reclining position. Check to see if the longer end can easily accommodate your size when sitting down. That makes it easier to find a good style and design that will work for you.

Inspect the design of the claw foot as well. They may come in different finishes. There are those that do not come with a claw foot but are a freestanding design that will enhance the look of a modern space.

2. Materials

Aside from cast iron, what other materials were used to create the tub? The choices are varied. Some may come with an enamel interior while others might combine cast iron with porcelain interior.

3. Size and Capacity

Two things you don’t want to forget when buying a cast iron bathtub is to check the size and capacity. The size should fit in the space you have allotted for it in the bathroom. Do some measurements in your bathroom before buying, so you have an idea just how big a bathtub is the ideal choice. Also make sure you check the capacity. Find out how much water you can fill it up with. Will you be able to totally immerse in it? These are some of the things you should consider.

4. Installations

What fittings are included with your purchase? It should include fittings that are easy to install in your existing set-up at home. If you have to buy more fittings or change your current tub set-up, installation can get more expensive.

What to Do Next

Make sure you have everything you need in your bathroom. Visit our best bathtub reviews to help you find the perfect tub for your home. Get some tips and suggestions on which one to buy.

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