Best Padded Toilet Seat Reviews: Soft Favorites For Pure Comfort

Best Soft Toilet Seat Reviews

Did you know that some people spend more time sitting on their toilet than they do exercising? According to studies, the average person can spend a collected time of one hour and 42 minutes every week. That is actually more than the usual one hour of weekly exercise most people spend in the toilet.

It’s not difficult to understand why so many people spend a lot of time sitting on the toilet. Relieving one’s self is relaxing and it may be the only time in the day that people get to be away from the hustle and bustle of their life. Moms, for instance, may find toilet time the only time they have for themselves, hence maximizing that peaceful time before they go back to their chaotic routine.

With so much time spent sitting on a toilet, it’s only right that you look for a soft toilet seat that won’t cause discomforts while doing your business or while relaxing and browsing your phone. That is exactly what we have set out to do. We found the best padded toilet seats out there and found the products worth buying.

Why Should You Choose a Padded Toilet Seat?

There are a lot of toilet seats out there but why is there a need to go for the soft and padded ones?

Comfort is a big factor. Your circulation is not cut off because the seat is not hard. You can do your business and take as long as you need without feeling any discomfort.

Many toilets today also come with hard toilet seat surfaces, so you might need to replace them with softer ones. There are toilets that come with Quick Release toilet seats, so you can replace them with ease.

These seats are also ideal for children and older adults. Children might find the seats a lot more comfortable to use. You might not have to buy another toilet seat for your child anymore because this one already offers ample comfort.

Elderly people who might be suffering from pain and discomforts should try using soft toilet seats. It makes getting on and off the toilet a lot easier.

Many soft toilet seats also have padding, which might prevent them from getting too cold in the winter. With these toilet seats, you can avoid sitting down on a cold toilet during the winter season.

Best Padded Toilet Seat Reviews

Eco-Friendly Option: Mayfair Soft Toilet Seat with Molded Wood Core

Mayfair Soft Toilet Seat with Molded Wood Core Click for Price

You will be hard-pressed not to choose this one because of its nature-friendly features. The manufacturing company made use of eco-friendly materials that won’t add up to the growing waste problem today. Aside from this, it also has mechanisms that make this so easy to change and then clean. It has a hinge system that facilitates the fast removal of the seat, so you can keep it clean with ease.

Although the seats are cushioned, the inside has a wood core that gives this durability. You can expect to use this soft toilet seat for a long while. It also delivers on its promise of good comfort. The padded seat feels comfortable.

If you have a round toilet, this will surely fit. It is compatible with most brands of toilets out there such as Toto, American Standard and Kohler. You can also choose from different colors such as pink, blue and green.


This is a good fit for rounded toilet. If you have a rounded toilet, get this as it will fit perfectly. It also has different color options, great for those who might have different color specifications.

The hinges are easy to release. You can remove it from the toilet and clean it with ease. It doesn’t take a long time to clean as well. With proper care and maintenance, this should look like new for a long time.

The cushioned seat is soft and comfortable. It is ideal for all people but mostly for children and adults who might require more padding in their toilet seat.

If you are looking for a durable toilet seat that won’t fail after just a few uses, you won’t be disappointed with this one. It has a wooden core, so you can be assured that it will perform well for a long time.

It might not be the cheapest out there, but it is still quite affordable. You can get a couple of this for all the toilets in your home. A lot of customers said this doesn’t feel cheap at all. In fact, it feels more expensive than other expensive toilet seats they have used.


There aren’t a lot of issues with this save for a few isolated problems such as rusting screw. Also make sure you hinge it properly. If not, it might dislodge if you move.


All in all, this product has a good value, perhaps the best value out there. With its nature-friendly properties, this should be at the top of your list of things to buy. Feature-wise, it is not lacking in the standard features most people are looking for.

Best Price: Ginsey Standard Soft Toilet Seat

Ginsey Standard Soft Toilet Seat Click for Price

If you are looking for something more affordable, get this. It is one of the cheapest out there, but it performs well despite its low price. It is a plastic seat that has a textured vinyl material. The hinges are also made from plastic.

We like how simple this toilet seat is. It does its job well without you worrying about extra parts that might get damaged. It is simple and straightforward to care for. You can just remove it from the toilet and scrub it.

It comes with an installation instruction that should provide enough information about how to install it, how to remove it and how to care for it.

This seat also holds up well despite the plastic construction. You can get a lot of uses from it and not have to worry that the padding will deflate. It also comes with various color options and designs, so you can choose one that suit your style preferences.


This is a comfortable seat. You will want to stay on it longer, great for those moments when you just want to take a slow and stress-free day.

It comes in different colors and designs. If you have a different color of toilet and have a hard time finding a color of toilet seat that will suit, go for this. You just might find the color you are looking for.

It has a good price. You can go ahead and buy more of this as a spare or for all the toilets in your home.


This might not be the best option for heavier people as heavy weight can leave indentations on the padding. It’s also important to provide a lot of care and attention to the material to prevent early wear and tear.


This should be a good purchase for those who have a low budget. It can serve you well for many uses. It can also be a good option for those bathrooms you don’t use a lot such as guest bathrooms.

Best Comfort: Comfort Seats Deluxe Soft Toilet Seat with Wood Cores

Comfort Seats Deluxe Soft Toilet Seat with Wood Cores Click for Price

One of the reasons why you will find this comfortable is due to its high-density foam. This kind of foam truly provides comfort to users as it can accommodate different weight. The ergonomic design makes this easy and comfortable to use.

Installation is fuss-free. Although it doesn’t have a self-releasing system, using a screwdriver to fit it helps in keeping it sturdily in place. The hinges are adjustable as well, so you can get a better fit, something that you might not get from other toilet seats.

It is a durable soft toilet seat option not just because of its padding but also because of its corrosion-resistant hardware. The inside of the padded seat has a wood layer for additional stability and durability.


It is easy to install even though you will still need a screwdriver. You can also manually turn the included nuts.

It has superior comfort. The padding stays in shape even if the toilet is used by a lot of people. It doesn’t deteriorate or deflate easily. You can also easily see how high-quality the construction is. Nothing feels flimsy and cheap. There is also no bunching or crinkling of the vinyl material.

The hinge is also durable according to many customers. They did not have problems with the hinge design and it has kept the seat in place.

It holds up really well even when used by people who are on the heavier side.


Some had issues with the seat not staying up. There are also cases where the seat slides from side to side.


This seat has the most substantial padding out there. It truly provides a good amount of comfort so even people who are heavier will find this a great choice.

Which One Should You Get?

If you are concerned about the materials that is in your soft toilet seat, get the Mayfair Soft Toilet Seat with Molded Wood Core. It is made from eco-friendly materials, so you can be assured that it will not harm the environment. It is also a long-lasting toilet seat that you won’t have difficulty using. You can remove it from the toilet without exerting a lot of effort.

For those on a tight budget, get the Ginsey Standard Soft Toilet Seat. It is inexpensive but has mechanisms that make it easy to install. You also won’t have problems keeping this clean.

If comfort is your main concern, get the Comfort Seats Deluxe Soft Toilet Seat with Wood Cores. It is made from durable padding that can truly provide the comfort you are looking for. It doesn’t deflate easily unlike other low-quality paddings out there.

Buying Guide for the Best Padded Toilet Seat

To ensure that you are making the right buying decision, here are some additional buying tips you would want to know:

Check the materials used.

Most soft toilet seats have a vinyl material for the seat. Not all of them are created equal though. Some might easily bunch up, fray or wrinkle up. Also check the paddings used. Look for those equipped with high-density foams so you can be assured that you are getting not just a comfortable toilet seat but also a durable one.

Look for one with good hinge mechanisms.

As you might now know, toilet seats have different hinge mechanisms. Some have a self-locking feature that you can just easily release and lock. Others might have to be installed using additional tools such as a screwdriver. If you are going for the former, make sure it clips and attaches with ease. If you are going for the latter, choose those that are resistant to corrosion and can be installed easily even if you will have to use additional tools.

It shouldn’t discolor easily.

Some toilet seats might turn blue or yellow after a few months of use. Check to make sure that yours do not succumb to this problem. You would want your soft toilet seat to last for a long time.

What’s Next?

Now that you have found a good soft toilet seat, you might want to replace your old toilets at home. There are a lot of highly efficient and durable toilets these days. You can choose from modern square toilets or go for comfort height toilets, which are taller than standard toilets.

If you are after comfort, check out our guide on the most comfortable toilet seats on the market. Whether you are on a tight budget or you are looking for the best value, you are bound to find one that will suit your needs from the products we recommend.

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