Best Toilet Auger Reviews: The Top Tools For The Job

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Best Toilet Auger ReviewsNobody wants to deal with a clogged toilet all the time. But when it happens, you would want to know what to do and try what you can to get rid of the clog. This is why it is nice to have de-clogging tools at home such as the good old toilet auger. It is easy to use, and its simple mechanism is still one of the most effective when it comes to removing clogs. Make sure you set your sights on our recommendations for the best toilet augers below.

Best Toilet Auger Reviews

Consider getting one of these toilet augers:

Here are the things you should know about these toilet augers:

1.  Ridgid K-6 DH Toilet Auger

Ridgid K-6 DH 6ft

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Ridgid has always been associated with high quality products. They have been in this business for decades already and is an industry leader when it comes to making tools and equipment. This toilet auger is just one of their sterling innovations.

This toilet auger has a reach of up to 2 meters or 6 feet. It has a drop head that works in getting rid of blockages in the toilet. What makes this different from other toilet augers is its vinyl guard that works in protecting delicate porcelain material of most toilet bowls. You will also love how ergonomic the handle of this toilet auger feels. It should be great for prolonged usage. The price is at the higher end of the spectrum but given the overall great quality and build of this product, you won’t regret spending more.


Unlike other toilet augers that tend to damage the toilet bowl, this one has a vinyl guard that works in preventing damages to the toilet bowl as you use this.

It works really well in getting rid of clogs, especially those that smaller toilet augers or snakes have not managed to take out.

The cable is sturdy and doesn’t kink easily. It also has a long reach. It can go as deep as 6 feet, to truly clear those blockages.

It features a drop head. This works better for toilets with more bends. Use this as well for mounted fixtures that are back-to-back. It can also work in toilets with eco-friendly features.

The tube is resistant to corrosion, so it should last you for a long time.

It requires a bit more force to truly get rid of the clog, but it gets the job done.

There are plenty of video tutorials that you can find online to learn more techniques on how to use this.

Many said this is the only thing that worked with their toilet blockage problem. It did the trick for them.


Be careful not to scrape the porcelain. Some people did not know how to use the vinyl cover and then ended up damaging their toilet.

2.  Cobra Products Home Toilet Auger

Cobra Products 3/8 in X 3 ft

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Say goodbye to stubborn clogs. This inexpensive but capable toilet auger can solve your various toilet clogging concerns. It has 3/8-inch by 3-feet spring wire that is made from high carbon material. It installs easily and has a good design that makes handling a cinch. It comes with a poly safety tube that can help protect your porcelain toilet from scratches. It also comes with a plastic turning handle that makes this easier to use.


If you are looking for an inexpensive toilet auger, this is a good choice.

This is a good toilet de-clogger. Whatever your clogging issue is, this will likely take care of that problem.

It is ergonomic. It comes with non-slip grip handles to make sure you lower it down to your toilet drain without problems.

The safety guide tube prevents damages to your porcelain toilet. Many people find it easy to use. They said they were able to use it to get rid of clogs in mere minutes. It gets down easily and doesn’t sag along the way.

This product comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

Installation shouldn’t be too difficult. Many people had it set up in mere minutes.

This also works for low flow toilets.


It doesn’t crank, so if you are looking for one that has a professional feature like this, you will be disappointed.

3.  Mibow Drain Auger

Mibow Drain Snake Cleaner

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Deeper clogs are no match to this toilet auger that has a length of 39.30 inches. It is not just great for toilets, it is also great for sinks, basins and tubs, wherever there is a drain. What you do is just insert the tool in the drain and then gently remove the things clogging in it.

This tool is great because it is more flexible. It can reach those nooks and crannies of your toilet easily. The wound-steel spring design coupled with its tail spring means you can easily navigate it in the curvature of the toilet. It also features a silicone handle that is resistant to the damaging effects of high temperature, so you can pour hot water on it if you want to disinfect it.


This is one of the most affordable toilet augers out there. If you are on a budget and the first one is too pricey for you, choose this as an alternative.

It is so simple to use.  Just insert t in the drain or toilet and it does the work for you. It can pull clogs out from collected garbage to hair. This is an all-around de-clogging solution.

It is light in weight. Because it doesn’t weigh too much, it is much easier to navigate around the toilet.

It has a handle that is easy to grip. Because of the superior grip feature, you can maneuver this tool in different directions.

It has spring reflexes that make this more capable when it comes to following corners and curves.


Some said this is more difficult to remove from the toilet drain.

4.  Forlive Drain Clog Remover

Forlive 5 in 1 for Clogs

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This is the best choice if you are looking for a flexible and inexpensive toilet auger. This is a set that comes with 5 pieces and 3 styles of toilet augers to work with any type of clogging problem. Aside from the toilet, this can also be used to clean bathtubs, floor drains and kitchen sinks. You can choose from three sizes 40 inches, 24 inches and 20.1 inches.


This is a more versatile toilet auger compared to others. It comes with different sizes of wire, so you can choose the one that will suit your preferences.

It is durable and safe or the environment. It is made from a stainless steel material that has a good level of flexibility. With this, you no longer have to use chemicals.

This is an inexpensive tool that comes with different accessories. The one with the blue handle can be used for toilets, bathrooms, floor drains and a variety of other purposes while the one with the red handle can be used to retrieve lost items or even grab collected hair.

This product is quite an affordable choice. It is a value for your money since you are getting more tools for a price that is comparable to its competitors.

It is easy to use. So many users were able to use this to remove their clog problems without problems.


It did not come with instructions on how to use it, so you need to figure it out by yourself.

Which Toilet Auger is the Best Choice or You?

Longer Reach: Ridgid K-6 DH Toilet Auger. This is the best you can get if you are looking for a longer reach. It goes deeper and it works even in toilets with a lot of bends. It has a durable tube, so it should work for you for a long time. It is a bit more expensive than other toilet augers out there, but it is worth every penny because of how well it works on those clogs.

Inexpensive Choice: Cobra Products Home Toilet Auger. Don’t want to break the bank? You will love this then. It is cheaper than the previous one and is the cheapest on this list, but it doesn’t lag behind when it comes to stellar features. It gets down the toilet with ease and works in getting rid of clogs in minutes.

More Flexible: Mibow Drain Auger. If you are dealing with more nooks and crannies, you definitely need to get this one. It has more flexibility, so it can bypass those corners and curves easily to get to the clog. It is also well-made and inexpensive, so if you are looking for something reliable but without spending so much money, get this one instead.

Value for Your Money: Forlive Drain Clog Remover. This is a good choice because it comes with 3 different lengths of plastic de-cloggers. You can choose the longer one for those stubborn toilet clogs. It is inexpensive as well and for the number of accessories you can get, it is a really good value. Many people also did not have issues using it. They said they were able to get it down to the root cause of the clog and were able to take it out with minimal issues. The other sizes can be used to clean kitchen sinks and bathroom drains, so this should be a versatile choice that will work as an all-around de-clogger in your home.

Toilet Auger versus Snake: What is the Difference?

You might wonder whether the toilet auger and the toilet snake are one and the same. They are not. They have similar functions, but their design is actually different. The toilet snake, for instance, is a coil of wire that features a corkscrew type of tip. This is what is used to remove the clog. The toilet snake is typically preferred for jobs that do not involve too much buildup. If there is too much buildup, a toilet auger might work better.

One distinct different to a toilet auger from that of the toilet snake is its closed or open coil head. The closed ones are designed to push the barrier and the one that is causing the clog. The open coil ones, on the other hand, have a hook that works in collecting or retrieving the blockage. The toilet auger is longer and tends to be more heavily built.

How to Avoid a Clogged Toilet

Clogged toilet can happen but there are some things you can do to prevent this from happening. Here are some of those things:

  • Do not flush anything that is not human waste.

Even toilet paper should not be flushed down. If you must flush it down, use those toilet papers that are more toilet-friendly and can dissolve easily. You can also consider installing a bidet as this is better for your skin and helps reduce the need for toilet paper.

  • Keep small objects away from the toilet.

Try not to use the top portion of the toilet as a storage area. If this is inevitable because you need the extra space, make sure you keep the toilet bowl lid closed at all times. This also prevents kids from playing with the toilet and accidentally flushing things in there.

  • If it is slow to drain, address it right away.

A slow drain is indicative that there could be clogs in there. While it is still manageable, address it right away rather than wait for a complete clog. Use a toilet auger to locate and remove the clog.

If you do these things, you should be able to use your toilet properly and without dealing with clog issues.

What to Do Next?

Let us help you find the best household products. Make sure you check out our guide on How to Clean a Toilet for more information on which products out there are worth adding to your home. Use our product reviews and buying guides to ensure that you are getting the best choices.

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