The Best Whirlpool Tubs: Our Expert Reviews And Recommendations

Having the best whirlpool tubs at home is the easiest way to have constant access to hydrotherapy. Through the integrated jets that create a swirling motion, soaking in these whirlpool tubs can provide relief to aches and pains, boost blood circulation, alleviate soreness and promote relaxation that you otherwise can’t get with a normal bathtub. It saves you the trouble of having to go to a spa. You can get all these benefits right in the comfort of your own home.

There are plenty of options out there and that can confuse you as to which one to choose for your home. This buying guide can help you narrow down your choices based on your own preferred features. We made sure to look for different whirlpool tubs that tick off a lot of features such as great price, excellent efficiency, nice depth and overall size and number of jets. Our compilation of whirlpool tubs features products from reputable bathtub manufacturing companies, so whatever you choose, you know you are getting one with a good quality.

Comparison Chart for Whirlpool Tubs 

PictureProductNumber of JetsMotorType
Woodbridge Whirlpool Water Jetted and Air Bubble Tub10 adjustable body massage jets

10 whirlpool bubble bath jets
American Standard Evolution8 Jets1.4HPDrop in
Ariel Platinum14 multidirectional jets1.5HPFreestanding
PictureProductNumber of JetsMotorType

Best Whirlpool Tub Reviews Reviews 

1. Woodbridge Whirlpool Water Jetted and Air Bubble Tub: Best Choice

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“A reasonably-priced jetted bathtub that will not break the bank but has more power and has the most jets for the best massaging effect”

We find this the best among the rest because it has the greatest number of jets. There are 10 adjustable body massage jets plus the same number of bubble bath jets. This equal ratio of water massaging power and air bubble therapy delivers maximum relief from your aches and pains. The massage jets are more powerful but if you are looking for just a light massage, it is easy to adjust it so that only the bubble bath jets are working. You can customize your settings for only 10 jets to work or maximize your usage and use all of them at once.


It has the most powerful motor in this list. A dedicated circuit of 15A can give you a hydro massage that can truly relieve you of your aches and pains. There’s nothing flimsy or weak about its jet massaging effects. You can go full force and use all jets or simply opt for a gentle air massage through the bubble jets for those days when you just want a relaxing effect.

This freestanding tub measures 67 inches by 32 inches. We like how spacious it is on the inside despite having a bulky and thick frame. Total immersion is possible, even for taller and bigger individuals. Two average-sized people can also cram themselves in it but it might be a tight fit.

It shares one trait with the other bathtubs in this list and that is its acrylic construction. But aside from the use of Lucite acrylic material, which is a known durable material for tubs, it has also been reinforced with fiberglass and Ashland resin. The latter is something that can’t be seen in the other tubs. As a result, you get a tub that can accommodate more load and won’t get damaged easily no matter how many times you turn it over during installation.

The anti-odor properties come in handy during those days when you don’t have time to clean and maintain your tub. It doesn’t get dirty and smelly easily.

They have a US-based support team. They are easy to call when you have issues with your tub and they act on problems fast.

“The twist overflow function is a nice feature and something you can’t easily find in other whirlpool tubs.”

If you want to drain the tub, simply twist the overflow and it drains automatically. No more sticking your hand in dirty tub water!

We like the simple and minimalistic design. There are no grooves where dirt can easily cling and the material is shiny and glossy, so dirt doesn’t stick to it easily. It also has a curved back, which is great for relaxing.

For a freestanding tub, it is quite lightweight. The Ariel Platinum is also a freestanding tub but that one weighs more than 200 pounds and this one is just under 100 pounds. Installation and placement are easier with this one.

This tub has excellent doubled-walled design, which is great for insulation. Water stays hot for a longer period of time, which is great if you want to soak longer.


The air bubble jets have a tendency to be loud when used alone. It’s not a big issue and not a deal breaker but if you find it annoying, you just might end up not using it.

Draining it takes a few minutes longer than others. Again, it isn’t a big issue but can get a little bit annoying.

You can’t turn the underwater mood light off. This might be a good feature for others but if you don’t like staring at that blue light every time you soak in this tub, you might find the light a bit of a downside.

2. American Standard Evolution: Most Affordable

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“This is the least expensive whirlpool tub in this list that is an excellent choice for people who are on a budget.”

A pretty basic tub but has reliable functions, we highly recommend this as a starter whirlpool tub. Don’t expect anything too fancy about this tub given its price but it does what it is supposed to do even if it only has 8 jets. If you don’t have a lot of money to burn, but you still want the best massaging effect, we highly recommend this.


It is affordable but it surprisingly packs a lot of power. The motor is capable of running its 8 adjustable sets, for a more effective massage.

The on and off control is located at the side for easier access. You can reach it even when lounging in it.

“Its EverClean antimicrobial function is its strongest feature, allowing the tub to remain clean for a longer period of time”.

This feature keeps not just the tub but also the pipes free from mildew and molds and other microorganisms for a longer period of time, which is ideal for those who do not have time to maintain or clean their tub.

The motor has a single speed setting; however, you can adjust the strengths of the jets by turning the outlet collar.

This one performs more quietly than Woodbridge. The jets do not produce annoying noise without compromising its power.

It features 3 inches more depth compared to standard soaker tubs, which is great for a deeper soak.


It is less expensive than others but since it is a drop-in option, you might have to spend more in its setup and installation.

3. Ariel Platinum: Best for Bigger People

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“This is a heavy-duty whirlpool tub with more capacity and more features. Bigger people will find it more comfortable to soak in this tub.”

Bigger is better when it comes to tubs and that is the case with the Ariel Platinum. Get this if you want more room to move around. It’s a more expensive option but you are getting more features with it including Bluetooth speakers and LED chromotherapy lighting for that additional relaxing effect.


This thing is huge. It is bigger than the other options and has more water capacity. It can easily hold more than 70 gallons of water. We recommend this for people who like more room to groove. The average person can stretch out more in this tub. While the Woodbridge is a tight fit for two people, this might allow more space to move around for two people. It’s also a more ideal option for bigger and taller people.

“The multidirectional whirlpool jets integrated make this tub different”.

All 14 jets can be positioned in such a way that they create ripples in the water to provide the best massaging effect. You can customize not just the direction of the jets but also the force of its water flow.

It has all the bells and whistles you can expect from high-end whirlpool tubs. The LED chromotherapy lighting creates a relaxing mood, to make your bathroom really feel like a spa. The Bluetooth radio also contributes to the relaxing atmosphere.

The touchscreen keypad is also a nifty feature. It’s very accessible and you can control the settings of the tub with a keypad that is within arm’s reach.

It’s a gorgeous tub. We like how it looks against modern tiles.

It is quite the durable tub as well. The Woodbridge is still the most durable for us just because of the added resin feature but this one doesn’t lag behind with its fiberglass and acrylic construction.


Because there are more features like the touchscreen keypad and the Bluetooth speaker, this is not an easy install. We suggest hiring a professional contractor just to make sure you install everything correctly including the wiring, otherwise, you risk burning the sensitive computer chip of the touchscreen pad.

It takes longer to fill compared to the other tubs. It’s not just the size. The included tubing just doesn’t make way for faster fill. You can replace those with a flex pipe, the stainless-steel type, and that should improve the fill rate.

It’s more expensive. It is double the price of the previous whirlpool tubs but if you are looking for an investment tub, this is a good choice.


The best value for your money is the Woodbridge Whirlpool Water Jetted and Air Bubble Tub. The price is not too cheap but not very expensive either. And since it is a freestanding tub, you don’t need additional things for installation. The massage function isn’t as strong as the one from Ariel but just right in relieving moderate levels of aches and pains. It will also last you for a long time given how rock-solid its construction is.

If money is an issue, go with the American Standard Evolution. It is the cheapest one in this list. It might lack the bells and whistles the other bathtubs have but it makes up for it with its deeper construction. The jets are also more forceful, so the massaging functions can truly relieve improve circulation and more painful pressure sores.

If you want to get the full spa experience in your home, we suggest the Ariel Platinum. It is packed with features you can’t get in the other whirlpool tubs. It’s also more spacious, so 2 people can fit comfortably in it.

How to Find the Choose the Best Whirlpool Tub 

We want you to make the best buying decision, so here are a few pointers we suggest you go over before deciding which one to buy:

Power and Efficiency

Its motor power can tell you how forceful the jets are. If it has a lower motor power, it might not have a more forceful massaging effect. Compare power and go for the high-powered ones but make sure you can still adjust the power settings and program it, so that you can use it efficiently.

Number of Jets

The more jets are integrated, the more capable it is in providing a massaging action. Of course, how effective it is in relieving aches and pains will also depend on the placement of the jets. If they can be directed in the direction you prefer, that would be a better option.

Size and Depth

It defeats the purpose of buying a whirlpool tub if it is a tight fit. You won’t be able to relax in that kind of tub, so make sure you check the size and depth specifications before deciding to buy.

“Size is an important factor that can affect your enjoyment of the tub (1).”


Don’t expect to have the fancy features you want in a cheaper whirlpool tub. Prepare to spend more if you want more nifty features.

What’s Next? 

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