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Time spent in the shower is something I look forward to because of the ‘me’ moments I get. I do not only get to have introspective thoughts, but I also live out fantasies; I am a superstar and the bathroom is my stage. Yes, I know it’s every bathroom performer’s fantasy, but there’s nothing wrong with a little dreaming, is there?

Well, I wasn’t your average dreamer, though. I always felt my bathroom could be more stage-like and less ordinary to give me the amazing shower experience I craved. It is not surprising I became fascinated with LED showerheads the moment I learned about them. I’ve come across different LED showerheads on my journey to find the best, and I thought to drop my Shower Wow review. Read on to learn more about Shower Wow LED Showerhead in this review.

Shower Wow Review: Features and Benefits

Easy Installation

Shower Wow is so easy to install and it doesn’t require tools for installation. All you need to do is to unscrew your old showerhead and replace it by screwing the Shower Wow into your shower. Once that is done, turn the shower on to get it working. You would have to switch off the lights to see the lights change gradually through the colors of the rainbow.

Powered with Water Pressure

The Shower Wow works with water pressure, as soon as water flows in, the pressure generates electrical energy by spinning some small shafts built in the showerhead to power the lights and it comes on. There is, therefore, no need for electricity or a change of battery. Just turn on the shower, switch off the lights and you are good to go.

Note that the hue of the light and the rate at which the color changes are influenced by the amount of pressure exerted by the water in your bathroom. If your Shower Wow changes color constantly at a fast rate, giving you the club experience, you most likely have high water and regular water pressure. If it gets stuck at a particular color or changes very slowly, you guessed right! Your water pressure is very low.

Shows All Rainbow Colors

The Shower Wow transitions through all 7 colors of the rainbow. The colors cascade between light blue, red, green, purple, teal, blue, and orange to give a fun and colorful experience. This is unlike what is regular in the market as most LEDs come with either a single color or double. This feature makes it unique as it claims.


  • Easy and quick installation.
  • Requires no batteries, electricity and external fixtures.
  • Powered with water pressure; because this showerhead depends on the pressure of water through your pipes and not energy, using it does not affect your utility bill.
  • It gives a fun and exciting shower experience.
  • Helpful for parents with toddlers and kids. It attracts them to take a shower without giving their parents much trouble.


  • Lights need to go off to be effective; this product might not be for those who are scared of being alone in the dark or older adults who are prone to falls and injuries in the dark.
  • It makes loud noises, which is a result of the water pressure system.
  • It gets boring over time. Given enough time, anything can become routine and tedious. The shower wow showerhead is not an exception.
  • Bulbs are irreplaceable, once the bulb goes off, that’s the end. Although LEDs that are of high-quality can last up to 50,000 hours. The concern is if Shower Wow is of a high-quality.
  • It does not have any control. You cannot change the product settings once it’s been installed, it continues to work as far as the water pressure is enough to power it. This means if you want it to stop displaying, you would have to remove/replace the showerhead.


Things To Consider Before Buying A Showerhead

It might surprise you to learn that your choice of a showerhead can greatly influence your experience in the shower and make you either dread or look forward to bath times. You might want to consider these important points before you get a new showerhead:

Shower Experience

Having a good shower is beyond being clean and a good shower experience is relative; a rainfall showerhead could be all you need or a pressurized one, you might prefer to go simple, or go for the LED showerhead. Realizing the type of shower experience you desire would guide you in choosing a showerhead that defines and fulfills your needs.

Ease of Use

Some showers have a unique setting that might not be easy to figure out; you should put in mind who wants to use the shower. You also have the option of choosing either a fixed or a handheld shower depending on your preference.


No matter how much you desire a luxurious showerhead, your pocket should be a determining factor. Although it is not a bad idea spending a little more to achieve that awesome shower experience since it is something to look forward to every morning.

Water Pressure

The flow of water from the shower dribbles if the water pressure is too low and can hit you hard if it is too much. This pressure is created from the pipes through which water flows into your showers or taps. There are showerheads designed to control the water pressure in your bathroom, you might want to consider this when choosing one. If the water pressure is high then it might damage the shower so make sure to use a top-rated shower curtain or sliding door that would stop the water pour outside the shower during high water pressure. 

How Much of a Wow is Shower Wow

Like every new product, Shower Wow claims it is a unique showerhead designed to create a light show of rainbow colors when the shower is on. The color changes gradually and goes through the 7 colors of the rainbow, unlike most LED showerheads.

The frequency of the color change and the intensity of light is usually as a result of the water pressure passing through the showerhead. In fact, if your water pressure is very low it might not come on at all. It is however appreciated more when the lights are off.

It attracts children and helps their parents to get them to have a fun shower without hassle.

Who Can Use the Shower Wow?

Pretty much anyone can use this showerhead: people who want a dazzling shower experience, those who are not morning people or find getting into a shower in the morning burdensome so need a little incentive.

This product would also be of great help to you if you’re a parent who finds it difficult to get your children into the shower. Simply have the shower wow showerhead installed in their bathroom and watch them turn into shower enthusiasts. The only thing is to find a matching shower caddy but there are some hanging shower caddy with 7 colors to match it on Amazon. 

If you are afraid of staying in the dark, it is not advisable to use this showerhead because you might have to switch the lights off to enjoy the colorful lighting.

What Do Users Think of Shower Wow

Some users of Shower Wow have a different opinion of the product, opposing the claims of the manufacturer. Going through customer reviews on top online stores, most have complained about its noise -some even going as far as saying they would rather not use it all than endure the noise, while others say they find the noise bearable and the fun shower experience totally worth it.

Few were too concerned about the lights going off to fully enjoy Shower Wow. There was also a complaint about not being able to change the settings of Shower Wow to their preferred settings.

No one said anything contrary to the claim of Shower Wow having 7 colors or it being easy to install but, the quality of the product was questioned by some because the lights stopped working in some cases a few days after installation or never came on. Shower Wow is a delicate shower pipe so cleaning it is a hassle. There are some shower cleaners that work to clean it without damaging it. 

Despite the not so great reviews from some buyers, there were still others who gave the product a 5-star because they enjoyed it and had no complaints.

From the reviews, it is safe to say that Shower Wow does give a wow experience.

What We Think Of Shower Wow

It is the norm to seek advice about a product you intend to buy from those who have bought it or used it. Most products are not made for everyone and can definitely not meet the needs or satisfy all.

Shower Wow is not a bad product, no one has refuted its claims of being easy to install, or show evidence that it does not display the 7-colors of the rainbow as claimed. It is, in fact, fun to use. Except for the noise of course, which some find unbearable.

Many buyers bought the product without knowing how it works. Those who gave a review of the product as not working or complained about the intensity of the light being low might have been unaware that the water pressure in their bathroom is a major determinant in the functionality of the product.

When you put off the shower after you have installed Shower Wow, your bathroom goes pitch black. Parents with toddlers might have to consider keeping a night lamp on while using the Shower Wow to avoid being in complete darkness. This is to avoid injuries to your children or even yourself. Putting on a lamp should solve your worries of having to take a shower in the dark.

If you plan on getting the Shower Wow, make sure to search popular online stores like Amazon before buying to be certain you are getting the real deal. Putting into consideration the reviews here and that of previous buyers, you would agree that Shower Wow is worth a try, it just might be the extra thing you are looking for to give you an amazing shower experience. Also due to high water pressure from the shower wow you need to get a strong shower pan. We have a full in-depth article on shower pan review so check it out. 


How Much Is Shower Wow?

It is sold on Amazon and other online stores. You can get Shower Wow on Amazon for about $30 including a shipping fee of $7.95. That’s quite affordable!

Is It Safe For Kids?

Shower wow does not have any control button and it is not powered by electricity. This makes it safe for kids of all ages to use. To entertain them you can use a hanging shower speaker

How Long Would It Last?

Most LEDs of high quality would last for about 50,000 hours. Since that is a rather long time, you probably don’t need to bother about this product’s durability.

Final Thoughts

Here you have it! A detailed review of the Shower Wow showerhead. A LED showerhead with 7-colors of the rainbow, easy to install and remove, attracts children to have a shower and needs no external source of energy to power it.

It is a good option for all ages as it gives you a club-like or stage-like shower experience for the renowned adult performer, or a fairy-like adventurous affair for children.

The shower wow works as it claims to and is very affordable. Which makes it a product worth considering in my opinion.

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