Best Space-Saving Toilets for Small Bathrooms: Top Compact Throne Reviews for Tight Spaces

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Best Space-Saving Toilet For Small Bathrooms

A small bathroom can easily feel and look cramped with the addition of a standard sized toilet. This is why if you have a small bathroom, you want to go out of your way to find a more compact toilet that will not take up a large amount of space in your home’s small bathrooms. That way, you can use your bathroom without feeling constricted. Smaller toilets also ensure a good flow of traffic in the bathroom. If you choose this, you can still add more shelving units and maybe even a vanity counter for your bathroom.

There are plenty of options for small bathroom toilets out there. Whether you are looking for a feature pact toilet, or one that is American made. We found the best small toilets available to fit your needs.

We didn’t choose the small toilets on our list simply by its size though. We looked at features such as flushing power and performance, as well as ease of cleaning and the comfort that an elongated toilet can bring. Read our guide to know more about our best small toilet recommendations.

Best Toilets for Small Bathrooms – Our Reviews

1. Saniflo Sanicompact One Piece Toilet

Super Low Profile

  • Price: $$$$
  • 1.0 GPF
  • No Toilet Tank!
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2. Kohler San Souci Comfort Height Compact Elongated Toilet

Stylish Design

  • Price: $$$
  • 1.28 GPF
  • One-Piece
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3. HOROW HWMT-8733 Small Toilet

Sleek Design

  • Price: $$
  • 1.28-1.6 GPF
  • Dual Flush
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4. Renovator’s Supply Ceramic Round Space Saving Dual Flush Corner Toilet

Space-Saving Corner Toilet

  • Price: $$
  • 0.8-1.6 GPF
  • Dual Flush
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1. Best for DIYers: Saniflo Sanicompact One Piece Toilet

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It’s a perfect choice if you are building a half bath.

There are a lot of compact toilets out there but not one as easy to install as the Saniflo Sanicompact One Piece Toilet. If you are converting sites such as a basement or a room that doesn’t have a plumbing system installed, you can get fit this toilet in. You can use a nearby water line and connect it to this piece for a water source. Even with no professional help, this can still be installed with ease.[1]

It’s a perfect choice if you are building a half bath. If you plan on converting a useless space such as an empty closet to a half bath, this will certainly be a fitting option.

Its design allows you to connect a sink. It also flushes the water from a sink connected to it. You can even use the vertical space it gives to install shelves. And with just using one gallon a flush, this toilet can conserve a lot of water.


It really is a compact and flexible toilet. Since you can connect a sink with it, you don’t have to worry about separate plumbing systems anymore.

Its construction is durable as well. Made from a combination of neoprene, stainless steel, and Vitreous Polypropylene, you can be assured that you will get a lot of uses from this toilet.

It is easy to install as it has convenient mechanisms such as the discharge elbow has a 36-degree rotating function. Additionally, there is already a non-return valve installed. This will ensure that backflows won’t happen. A lot of people installed this in places without a pre-existing plumbing system and didn’t have a lot of difficulties.

This also comes with a warranty. In case you have issues with it, you can get the customer service to solve the problem for you.

A lot of people installed this in places without a pre-existing plumbing system and didn’t have a lot of difficulties.

Above all these features, this unit is nice to look at. It fits in both modern and traditional design settings. The quality is also on par with other full-sized toilets.


Reviews have state it requires an electrical supply to flush. There is an electrical timer piece incorporated in it that will ensure it flushes only one gallon of water.

This might be too expensive for others though. Its ease of usage comes with a higher price tag.


We still think this is worth buying even though it is a bit more expensive. With how easy it is to install even in attics, basements, under the stairs or anywhere that doesn’t have plumbing readily available, we would readily fork out the money for it. If you are doing renovations at home and want to have a half bath for your guests to use, go for this.

2. Small Toilet with Full-Sized Features: Galba Small Toilet

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What you will like most about this other than its space-saving design is its self-cleaning surface.

This may be a small toilet, but its features can be likened to that of a standard one. It is just as comfortable as a full-sized toilet, but it is a kind of toilet that adults and children can use comfortably. It has a one-piece design that is not difficult to install because of how compact it is.

What you will like most about this other than its space-saving design is its self-cleaning surface. The materials used for this toilet make this resistant to fading, rusting or discoloration. Even with minimal cleaning, you can still maintain a toilet that looks new.

It comes with a dual flushing system. You can choose the full flush for solids and half flush for liquid wastes just like a standard-sized toilet. But unlike other full-sized toilets out there, the toilet seat that came with this feels a lot sturdier. It is made from a stronger plastic material, so it actually doesn’t feel cheap.


While still more expensive than a standard toilet, it is less expensive compared to other compact toilets out there. It comes with the same features as a toilet that is full size as well such as a dual flushing mechanism.

You won’t have issues keeping this toilet clean. It is smaller, so it doesn’t take a long time to clean. However, its surface also prevents dirt, dust and other unwanted debris from accumulating in it. You can install it in many sites, such as corners, and not have to worry that you will have a hard time cleaning it.

A lot of people said this is one of the easiest to install.

The shape of the toilet is also nice. It doesn’t leave marks on your skin. Even smaller kids can use this toilet with ease. It comes with a soft close seat lid, which is good if you have kids around who might accidentally slam the lid shut.

A lot of people said this is one of the easiest to install. It also has installation points that are better than others. For instance, its water line is higher than standard toilets.

If you are looking for a smaller toilet that still has a good height for adults to use, get this.


Reviews have said there are issues about the toilet seat lid coming off easily, but this is an isolated case. Some also said the flushing buttons oxidizes and started becoming green.

The toilet bowl is round, which is not as comfortable as an elongated toilet bowl.


It’s hard to find a better toilet for small bathrooms like this with the features of a full-sized one. If you like the look of a full-sized toilet but would want to have one that fits in your small bathroom space, get this. It is worth the money as well because of it’s quality and flushing performance.

3. Stylish Choice: Kohler San Souci Comfort Height Compact Elongated Toilet

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People who hate cleaning will love this.

Looking for an elongated bowl but don’t like the full-sized ones in the market today? Set your sights on this one. It has an elongated bowl in a compact toilet design that will surely provide the comfort you need but without occupying such a big space in your bathroom.

This also has a comfort height feature, which means it is 17-19 inches tall, and is easier for adults to sit on the toilet bowl and stand up. And like many Kohler toilets, this one is also equipped with the AquaPiston canister system that allows it to be filled with water in different angles so that it will then flush out effectively by delivering water in different sides of the toilet.

This canister system is also a cut above the rest because of its sealing material. It keeps leaks at bay and ensures that the canister will work for a longer period of time.

People who hate cleaning will love this. The groove-less and corner-less design of this toilet prevent dirt, molds, mildew, and dust from collecting anywhere on the exterior of the toilet, making this so much easier to keep clean.


The design is stylish, while still being compact. You can integrate it into modern bathrooms. It is designed in a simplistic manner that makes it easier to maintain and keep clean, so if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands to clean your small bathroom, this will be an ideal choice.

It also has a good water-saving feature.

The elongated toilet bowl provides the comfort of a standard toilet.

It has a good flushing technology. It can really get all particles and wastes out, thanks to its water flushing mechanism that allows all sides of the toilet bowl to be cleaned. Customers also said this worked quietly for them.

The American made manufacturing company backs it up with a one-year limited warranty. It also has a good water-saving feature.


Some reviews said people didn’t like the lever. They said it rubbed against the cylindrical part that is in the flushing mechanism. It’s not difficult to fix though.


You would want to get this if you like a simply designed toilet with no grooves on the side of the toilet. It is quite easy to use and has a powerful flushing mechanism that is worth the extra money you spend on it. It would be a great fit whether you are looking to put it in a large or small bathroom.

4.HOROW HWMT-8733 Small Toilet

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It eliminates instances of clogging and leaking.

Punctuate the look of your modern bathroom with this minimalist toilet. It has a sleek and groove-less design. With no corners and grooves to act as a catch-all for dirt, this is a toilet that you should find easy to clean. It is more compact than your standard toilet, but it still has a decent and comfortable size. The seat length is at 16.5 inches while the height from the floor is 16.5 inches.

The fully glazed flushing mechanism allows quieter and more powerful flushing action. It eliminates instances of clogging and leaking.


This bathroom can easily fit in smaller, compact, spaces like a half bath or a small basement bathroom. The design is minimalistic, so your small space will not look cluttered easily. There are also no annoying grooves in the design that will collect dirt and make this easier to clean.

This toilet should not consume too much water.

Speaking of cleaning, this bathroom should not be too difficult to keep clean due to its self-cleaning glazed surface. That means wastes won’t stick easily to its surface.

The design of this toilet prevents clogging and leaking. You can also be assured of its efficiency. It only uses 6 Lpf. This toilet should not consume too much water.

The 5 years limited warranty of this toilet is reliable. The warranty protects your purchase against premature fading or staining. It also comes with 3 years warranty on the flushing component of the toilet.


Reviews commented that installation may not be as simple with this toilet as it is for others. It includes a faucet type of hose piece, so you might have to get one specifically designed for a toilet.


Get this toilet if you plan on creating a half bath with a minimalist set-up. Despite its smaller size, it still packs a punch when it comes to comfort. Its efficiency and sturdy flushing mechanism also do not disappoint.

The round toilet bowl is considered not as comfortable as an elongated one.

5. Swiss Madison Sublime II Compact 1-Piece Toilet

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If you are looking for a compact toilet with a dual flushing mechanism, this is a good choice. The half flush function uses up only 0.8 GPF while the full flush uses 1.28 GPF. With its porcelain finish, this is a toilet that won’t give you a hard time with clean-up. It also features an elongated bowl for superior comfort.

This efficient toilet seat has a soft closing seat cover as well for those mornings when you just want peace and quiet. With its fully skirted design, you won’t have issues integrating this in your bathroom, no matter what your chosen design theme is.


This is an efficient toilet set, and packs a punch for it’s size. You can also the full or the half flush for more efficiency. Each flush utilizes water conservatively.

You will love the simple lines and grooves of this one. It looks so elegant and will likely look great in your bathroom even after many years.

Although it is marketed as a smaller toilet, it doesn’t compromise on comfort. It still has a good enough height and a spacious elongated seat.

You will love the simple lines and grooves of this one.

The elongated bowl provides the comfort of a standard size toilet while allowing you to fit it into a small space.


There were those who said this toilet seat takes a bit of time to install. There were also reports of clogging.


We recommend getting this if you are looking for a more efficient space-saving toilet. Aside from its dual flush mechanism, it is also a low-flow toilet that will not use up a lot of water.

6. Renovator’s Supply White Ceramic Round Space Saving Dual Flush Corner Toilet

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The contemporary look of this small toilet is suitable for different design settings.

Do you only have a spot in the corner for a bathroom? Get this one. It can be seamlessly integrated into tight spaces and corners. Made from White Grade A Vitreous China material, the entirety of this toilet is scratch and stain-resistant.

The contemporary look of this small toilet is suitable for different design settings. It also features a modern dual flush mechanism with a push-button system for easier usage.


We like how well it conserves water.

This toilet can be seamlessly integrated into tight bathroom spaces. You can put it in corners with ease. It has a nice and compact design that won’t get in anything.

We like how well it conserves water. With its dual flushing mechanism, you should be able to conserve up to 25000 gallons of water each year.

It is nice and beautiful. The material used is easy to maintain. Wastes and residues won’t easily stick to its surface as well.


This unit does not come with the bolts needed to install it. You will have to get these additional parts. The seat might not be the most comfortable one out there as well.


This is the toilet you should look for if you have a very compact space in your bathroom and nothing you have tried fits. It easily works in tight corners. Its efficiency is also commendable, so even if you are using a small toilet, it still functions as a full-sized one but with water-saving benefits.

The round toilet bowl is sometimes thought to be less comfortable than an elongated one.

What Makes Small Bathroom Toilets Different?Small Bathroom

Aside from having a compact design, these toilets may also have space-saving design elements. For instance, there are compact toilets that can be placed in corners, which will help homeowners maximize every space in their bathroom.

There are also those compact toilets that dispense the need for a large tank piece, like a standard toilet needs. They can be ideal to use in a half bath or those living in tiny homes. You can also install shelving units on top of it or even place a sink to further conserve space and give you a bit more storage.

When it comes to water-saving features, the compact toilet great for small spaces isn’t really that different. You can still find toilets that are smaller boasting of good water-efficient features, the less amount of gallons it requires to flush, the more money you will save throughout the year.

If you have kids at home, these toilets might prove to be easier to use. However, there are also those smaller toilets with a comfort height (17-19 inches tall) ideal for taller adults. Look for those if you want a taller toilet seat but still has a compact design that will work in your small space.

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What Small Toilet Is The Best?

If you don’t like to get the help of a professional plumber, go for the Saniflo Sanicompact One Piece Toilet. Many avid DIY-ers swear by how easy this is to install. It comes with a higher price tag, but if you plan on converting a useless space such as your attic or that spot under your stairs into a half bath that you or your guests can use, you would want to spend your money on this toilet instead.

We like the Kohler San Souci Comfort Height Compact Elongated Toilet’s superior flushing performance. This is the one you should get if you like something with a simpler design. There are no exposed pipes or grooves that will collect dirt in this one. The elongated toilet is up to 31 inches from the wall, and provides for maximum comfort.

The best small toilet is the Galba Small Toilet. It mimics the look of a standard-sized toilet, and it even has the features of a full-sized toilet to boast of. The dual flushing feature can help in conserving water in your home. This is the one to get for full bathrooms that are smaller.

Consider These Things When Choosing A Small Toilet

Buying a toilet for a small bathroom isn’t that different from buying a full-sized toilet. However, there are a few factors to consider such as the following:


Some compact toilets might be more difficult to install than others while there are also those that can be installed even when you don’t have an existing plumbing system in the space. Take into consideration your particular installation needs so you can choose one that is a cinch to install in your allotted space.


Smaller doesn’t have to mean your comfort is compromised. You just have to make sure that it has the right toilet bowl size that will still work with your comfort needs. Also, check if the seat is comfortable to use and isn’t made from cheap plastic materials. Also, consider an elongated toilet bowl for maximum comfort, elongated toilet seats are up to 31 inches from the wall and allow extra space where you need it most. Elongated toilet seats will measure up to 31 inches from the wall.

Water Consumption

Find out how much water it consumes. You might be using a smaller toilet, but it is still using many gallons of water to flush out waste. Make sure you do a comparison on how efficient these toilets are. You want to save the most amount of gallons per year that you can.


Compact toilets tend to be more expensive because they are often more replete with features that make installation easier. Decide what price tag you are comfortable with before you start shopping.

Other Buyers Asked-

What is the smallest space for a toilet?

There should be at least 24 inches of space between the wall and the front of your toilet. Most codes also required at least 15 inches of space between any sidewall, and at least 30 inches from the center of your toilet to the center of any other sanitary fixture like your bathtub or sink.

What is a short projection toilet?

A short projection toilet is a toilet with a smaller depth than the standard toilet. This means that it does not protrude from the wall as far as a standard toilet does, and allows you to have more floor space in your bathroom.

Do Wall-Hung Toilets Save Space?

Yes, wall-hung toilets save space in your bathrooms. Since it is attached to the wall, the bowl and is up to 12 inches closer to the wall, saving you a ton of space

What’s Next?

We’ve outlined our picks here, with the help of our guide you will hopefully be able to make a choice about which best small toilet fits your needs. Make sure you click on the links of the products that are the best choices for you. If you are looking for full-sized toilets or toilets that have quiet mechanisms, you can find all the things you need to know from our homepage. Check out this page and our other product recommendations to find the most efficient toilets out there.

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