Best Toilet Review: Top Brand Ratings & Most Reliable Picks To Buy On The Market

Last Updated on January 14, 2021 by Lynda Stevens

Best Toilet ReviewsFinding the right toilet is no easy task…

The best toilets are effective, efficient, and subtly stylish. They’ll help you deal with your bodily duties quickly and easily, without headaches or regular calls to the plumber.

Here’s the thing:

You deserve something with a clean and powerful flush–something that works so effortlessly you almost forget it’s there!

That’s where we come in.

We’ve spent the time and energy to find the absolute best toilet on the market to fit your needs so you can spend less time shopping and more time living your life.

Below, we’ve rounded up all our favorite thrones…

…and if you’re in a hurry, just check out the Kohler Wellworth K-3998-0, which is our #1 pick for most families. This affordable and stylish dual-flush model will look and work great in all of your bathrooms.

Best Toilet Reviews

1. Kohler Wellworth K-3998-0

Best All-Around Pick

  • Two-Piece
  • 1.1-1.6 GPF
  • Price: $$$
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2. Toto Drake II Two-Piece Elongated

High Profile, ADA Compliant

  • Two-Piece
  • 1.28 GPF
  • Price: $$$
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3. Toto Eco Ultramax Elongated

Sleek Design

  • One-Piece
  • 1.28 GPF
  • Price: $$$$
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4. American Standard 288DA114.020

Great Temporary Option

  • Two-Piece
  • 1.1 GPF
  • Price: $
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5. Toto Neorest Dual Flush Toilet

Washlet / Bidet

  • One-Piece
  • 0.8-1.0 GPF
  • Price: $$$$$+
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6. Kohler K-4007-0 San Souci Toilet

Compact, Low Profile Design

  • One-Piece
  • 1.28 GPF
  • Price: $$$$
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7. Saniflo 023 Sanicompact Self-Contained Toilet

Self-Contained, Low Water Usage

  • One-Piece
  • 0.8-1.0 GPF
  • Price: $$$$$
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8. Toto Drake Elongated Bowl and Tank

  • Two-Piece
  • 1.6 GPF
  • Price: $$
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9. Kohler K-3723-0 Persuade Curv Elongated

  • Two-Piece
  • 1.6 GPF
  • Price: $$$$
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10. American Standard 221DA.104.020 Colony

Cheap But Not In A Good Way

  • Two-Piece
  • 1.28 GPF
  • Price: $
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 1. Kohler Wellworth K-3998-0

In our opinion, the Wellworth K-3998-0 is the best toilet to buy for the average buyer.

While Kohler’s reputation is generally as a maker of expensive, premium fixtures, we think this Wellworth model is currently the best budget buy for a household toilet. There are certainly less expensive designs on the market, but we think this is the least you can pay for something genuinely great. It’s simple, classy, and efficient. In our opinion, the Wellworth K-3998-0 is the best toilet to buy for the average buyer.


It’s very affordable. You can usually find one of these available for well under $250. That’s not the absolute cheapest price available, but it’s the least we think you can pay for something that looks good, flushes effectively, and stays usable for years to come.

It’s a dual-flush model. Normally at this price, you’d only see single-setting models. You can choose between a 1.1 gallons per flush option and a full 1.6 gallons per flush option, all using a side handle.

We love having two choices on a budget toilet. After all, if you’re out to stay on budget, saving on your water bill only sweetens the deal! This one brings excellent efficiency to a throne that’s only half the price of most of our recommendations.

We think it’s a great investment.

Kohler Wellworth K-3998-0

We also like that it keeps the traditional handle flushing mechanism rather than going for modern buttons. Buttons are all well and good, but they can take some getting used to, especially if you’re going to be installing your new purchase somewhere guests will use it.

It looks great and is easy to maintain. The smooth everclean surfaces and swooping lines strike a nice balance between contemporary and traditional aesthetics. That means that the Kohler works well with practically any decor style you might have in your bathroom. Just make sure your other fixtures are white!

We think it’s a great investment. Cheaper models have crappy connections that leak and deteriorate almost instantly, and their bowls get filthy fast. Not the Kohler! The finish is resilient and easy to care for, and everything’s a lot nicer than you’d expect for the price.

We think it’s a great investment.

It’s covered by a 1-year warranty.

Quality control and shipping are very good. Unlike with most budget toilets, you can count on getting one of these in perfect nick and without any factory flaws.


It has a lower seat height, at 14 inches. This isn’t a “comfort height” or ADA-approved (aka ADA compliant) fixture. Still, if you’re used to any older model, you won’t have anything to adjust to.

You’ll need to buy a seat separately. Any standard elongated model will do just fine. This company also makes a few add-ons specific to this throne. Just be aware that your total cost will probably be a bit over $250 once you’ve added in a seat.

This is a two-piece toilet. That’s good news for folks who will be lugging it upstairs, but it does make for more complicated installation and more of a time commitment when you clean your bathroom.


2. Toto Drake II Two-Piece Elongated

It’s the perfect mix of efficiency, quality, and value for the typical household.

This Toto model is currently our recommendation for the average buyer. It’s the perfect mix of efficiency, quality, and value for the typical household. We like that it saves gallons of water without compromising on user-friendliness or flushing technology. In fact, while there are much pricier models out there, we don’t think any of them outperform the Drake II!


It’s ADA-compliant, with a more modern seat height than the model above. This one’s great for older folks and those with accessibility concerns, but just about everyone will agree that it’s more comfortable.

It has a very efficient flushing system using much less water per flush. The Drake II is a single flush system model, using 1.28 GPF. That’s well under the federal limit and should satisfy the strictest state and local regulations as well. Even if you’re not obliged to go below 1.6 GPF where you live, the efficiency is outstanding.

One other benefit of having so much force rocketing around the bowl–the Drake II practically cleans itself.

It uses less water without you having to do anything differently. That’s why we recommend this one to the average buyer, rather than a 1 GPF model or a dual flush system. Not only do you not have to select between flush settings, but you don’t have to worry about clogging it because there’s less water going through. Just use it as you normally would, and get ready to watch your plunger gather dust.

It’s an extremely powerful flusher. In fact, we think this one’s pretty much the best throne available in that department! The more expensive Toto and Kohler models below equal it, but don’t beat it. Considering the Drake II is substantially cheaper, we think that’s especially impressive. The fact that it can conserve so much water while offering such massive flushing force is its biggest selling point.

It uses less water without you having to do anything differently.

Toto Drake II Two-Piece Elongated

One other benefit of having so much force rocketing around the bowl–the Drake II practically cleans itself. You’ll still want to do your weekly cleaning around the bowl when you sanitize the seat and surfaces, but you shouldn’t have to worry about any streaking or debris left behind. It blasts everything away with each flush.

Unlike a lot of other super-powerful toilets, the Drake II isn’t overwhelmingly loud. The Kohler models in this article are certainly quieter, but the Toto is actually fairly subdued, given how it performs.

Like the Kohler model we’ve looked at above, the Toto Drake II fits in with practically any style of decor. It has a sleek understated design that adds class to your bathroom without drawing unnecessary attention.

This model is right at 17 inches when the seat is added on, making it ADA compliant to meet comfort height standards.


Like the Kohler, the Drake II doesn’t come with a seat. Plan on buying the matching one when you check out.

While we think it’s more than nice enough for most people, it is still a two-piece toilet. It’s not going to be as easy to clean as the Kohler or Toto models below. Nor will it look quite as outstanding. Still, for the price, it can’t be beat!

There are certainly some cases where you might want to pay more. For instance, if you want a more ornate design, you’ll need to spend a bit more money. If you want a modern Japanese toilet with all the bells and whistles, be prepared to spend substantially more (see our review of the Toto below for more details).

It doesn’t look quite as good with more traditional, ornate decor as othermodels. That’s also true of the other Toto models below. While this one certainly won’t clash, it’s a bit smooth for a bathroom with more elaborate fixtures elsewhere.

This one is extremely efficient, but you won’t save quite as much water with this one compared with a dual-flush model.


3. Toto Eco Ultramax

Compared to other selections, this one-piece is a much better choice for the average bathroom.

The Toto Ultramax is our recommendation to anyone who wants a one-piece toilet with a traditional silhouette (The Kohler below is also a one-piece, but it has a distinctive, curved look that won’t work well in nearly as many spaces). Compared to other selections, this one-piece is a much better choice for the average bathroom. We think it’s a worthy investment for anyone who can afford it.


It’s a one-piece. There are two key advantages to going all-in-one: the Eco Ultramax looks incredibly sleek, and it’s a lot easier to clean.

You don’t have awkward cracks and crevices between the tank and the bowl, so you can just wipe the surfaces clean without having to finagle your paper towel into awkward spots. Not only is that going to save you time on your weekly cleaning, but it’ll prevent any unreachable buildups from forming.

For something so powerful, it’s quieter than you’d expect–like the Drake II.

Plus, while you might not think you pay that much attention to the joints on your toilet, your eyes definitely do! Something like this is infinitely sleeker than a cheaper two-piece model, and it adds a whole new level of class to your bathroom decor.

While it’s heavier to lift than something that splits in two, installation is less complex. Once you get the Eco Ultramax into place, all you have to do is connect it to the inlet and outlet. There aren’t a bunch of joints and connections to deal with between the tank and the bowl.

That extra simplicity of the design also means that there are fewer components to go wrong. Every extra joint adds a possibility of leakage, so this one’s much less likely to go south over the years.

It’s efficient, using just 1.28 GPF. This will save you a substantial amount of money over your standard 1.6 GPF toilet. We think it’s perfect for the average person, who wants to do their part (and save some money on bills) without having to think about it or change anything in their routine. There’s only one setting, and you never have to worry about whether you’re using it properly or telling guests how to flush.

While it’s heavier to lift than something that splits in two, installation is less complex.

Toto Eco Ultramax

It’s ADA-compliant, with a raised seat height that’s on par with the Drake II’s. This one should be comfortable for just about anybody. It’s not too high for the average person, and it’s much easier to get up from if you’re a senior citizen or someone with back/accessibility concerns.

It’s a great flusher. The flush valve and trapway are redesigned and expanded for maximum power. This one’s comparable to the Drake II, which is as high of praise as we can give! The Eco Ultramax flushes reliably, effectively, and cleanly.

For something so powerful, it’s quieter than you’d expect–like the Drake II.

While it’s certainly more expensive than the Drake II, it’s not exorbitant by any stretch. You can usually get one of these for well under $750. Considering that it’ll be a lot easier to live with than a two-piece, we think it’s worth the investment for anybody who can afford the extra up-front cost.

It’s covered by the same 1-year warranty as the other models in this post, and extended coverage is available. You shouldn’t need to use it, though, since the Eco Ultramax has an excellent reputation for long-term durability and reliability. The finish doesn’t take on stains, and the internals are solidly-made.


It’s quite a bit pricier than the two-piece models we’ve recommended. Depending on current prices, it can be as much as twice the cost of a comparable two-piece. This isn’t something we recommend if you’re on a very tight budget.

It’s not designed to conserve quite as much water as a dual-flush toilet. The 1.28 GPF is efficient, but there’s no option to use even less water for #1’s. Having said that, the advantage of a design like this is that you don’t have to think about the savings you’re making! You can just flush and go as usual.

The Sanigloss glazing inside the bowl isn’t as good as the newer coating on the latest Toto Drake II. It’s still quite good at staying clean and stain-free, but it isn’t quite as low-maintenance.

Going one-piece doesn’t completely eliminate nooks and crannies around the outside of the toilet. You’ll still have to do a decent amount of cleaning, but at least your life will be substantially easier than with a two-piece.


4. American Standard 288DA114.020

If you are looking for a temporary fix that you can upgrade in a few years, this is the toilet for you.

This might not be the best but it can be a great choice for budget-conscious buyers who are looking to purchase a toilet at a cheap price. It’s quite efficient as well, having been WaterSense certified. If you are looking for a temporary fix that you can upgrade in a few years, this is the toilet for you.


  • It has a classic style that works in most bathrooms.
  • It is an efficient toilet that uses up less water.
  • This toilet cleans thoroughly through its siphon jet bowl technology.
  • It is an efficient toilet that uses up less water.
  • It can be installed easily.
  • It is WaterSense certified.


  • You need to buy the seat separately.

5. Toto Neorest

This one’s not for the faint of heart, but it’s the best of the best in its category!

Toto’s Neorest is our ultimate recommendation for a toilet. Of course, we should clarify that this is a lot more than a toilet! Most toilets include a basic combination of tank, bowl, and seat. This one packs more functionality than most people have in their entire bathroom.

Should you invest this much in a throne? Well, it depends on what you’re after. If you just want a basic solid and liquid waste disposal system that flushes efficiently and effectively, you can easily get by with something a 10th of the cost of the Neorest. However, if you’ve ever experienced a modern Japanese toilet and want that kind of experience at home, this is the best way to get it.

As far as we’re concerned, the Neorest is the best toilet/bidet combination fixture available today (at least, it’s by far the nicest one that’s easily available at a decent price). This one’s not for the faint of heart, but it’s the best of the best in its category!


It includes full Washlet functionality. Washlet is Toto’s branded name for a bidet that’s integrated into a toilet. You can get Washlets as toilet seat attachments to retrofit traditional Western toilets, or buy an integrated combo unit like this one. With the Neorest, you get a toilet with a bidet and all the bells and whistles under the hood. That makes for a much neater appearance and far fewer components to deal with.

It does absolutely everything the nicest standalone Washlets can do. You’ll not only have a bidet wand, but there are oscillating and pulsating spray settings to personalize your experience. The Neorest also includes a front nozzle for female users. You can save all your preferences, including your favorite water temperature, in a personal profile.

There are a lot of reasons why the Washlet approach is better than a traditional bidet faucet-basin combo, but sanitation is the key one. The Neorest’s bidet wand has a self-cleaning, sanitary nozzle. It cleans itself before and after each use, so cleanliness is as good as it gets in the bathroom!

It’s an efficient, dual-flush toilet to boot. In fact, this is one of the most efficient fixtures available! It would be a remarkable toilet without any of the bells and whistles. Not only does it give you two flush settings, but they’re both far more efficient than other dual-flush models to buy.

It flushes very powerfully, which is especially impressive when you consider the fact that it’s only using 1 GPF to clear solid waste. The Neorest features Toto’s new dual cyclone jets, which are really sophisticated technology for something as old-fashioned as making a #2 disappear! You shouldn’t have any issues with clogging, let alone debris left in the bowl.

It does absolutely everything the nicest standalone Washlets can do.

Toto Neorest

It packs practically all the features you’d expect from a deluxe Japanese toilet. While these used to be novelty items, more and more Westerners have been abroad and used these toilets, and seen that while they can seem gimmicky at first, they genuinely make your life more enjoyable.

The Neorest flushes automatically, for a start–and it knows when to use more water and when to use less. That takes the entire learning curve right out of using a dual-flush toilet!

The lid opens automatically when you go to use your toilet. That’s a really small feature, but it’s honestly one of the most satisfying on the whole Neorest. It’s the sort of small feature that makes you feel like you’ve spent your money well and are getting a truly premium experience.

It’s equipped with a remote control which can be mounted on the wall or kept anywhere nearby the toilet. You can make all your adjustments and select all your preferences without having to get up or twist around!

The skirted design is so much easier to clean than traditional porcelain.

It includes a heated seat with temperature controls, just as you’d expect.

We also love the warm air drying feature, which makes you feel like you’ve been to a really nice carwash for your own undercarriage.

The Neorest’s night light is its other technology highlight for us. Again, it’s a small feature, but it makes a big difference in the enjoyment you get out of your toilet. It seems almost like a friend rather than an appliance since it recognizes you when you use it and leaves a light on during the night.

It looks infinitely modern. There’s no traditional tank, so the whole thing is relatively low and sleek. There aren’t any nooks or crannies, either. It’s one clean swoop from the seat deck to the ground. This one will instantly set the tone for your bathroom, and that’s before you even go to use it!

The skirted design is so much easier to clean than traditional porcelain. You don’t have to clean all the troughs and peaks around the pipes. Personally, that cuts out one of our least favorite parts of cleaning a bathroom.

One of the best things about the Neorest is that it combines the latest and greatest functionality with a relatively simple interface. It’s important to remember that however passionate you may be about bidets and modern toilet tech, your guests probably won’t all be on the same page. This one is a lot more newcomer-friendly than the Toto models with massive control panels and infinite options. It’s flexible enough to please practically everybody, without being inaccessible to the casual user.

It has an excellent reputation for reliability. Some of the less expensive Toto toilet/bidet combo models are iffy in that department, but not the Neorest! It should last you for years of daily use.

Better still, it’s covered by a 3-year warranty. That’s triple the coverage that you’d get on a plain Washlet attachment or any traditional toilet. Sure it’s not the longest policy for a $5K setup, but you can also add on up to 3 extra years with a SquareTrade policy. That’s

While we’re aware that most folks will consider dropping $4K+ on a toilet to be fairly exorbitant, we want to stress that the Neorest is actually very reasonable for what it is. You can easily drop $10K on something like this, if you’re not a smart shopper. We think that’s absurd, since the Neorest offers practically the same functionality for half the price. Yes, this is an extremely expensive loo, but it gives you a luxury experience that makes it easy to appreciate where your money went.


It’s a very sleek, modern design, and won’t work well with traditional decor. You’ll need to have a fairly up-to-date bathroom for this to play nicely with the rest of your fixtures and furnishings.

It’s only available in one color. No black or off-white choices here!

You’ll need an outlet in your bathroom, nearby the toilet. You might not have thought about that before, as many toilets don’t require power connections. So, be sure to check that power is readily available before you buy. If not, you’ll want to figure out how much it would cost to have an outlet added. This can be expensive, so factor that additional cost into your calculations.

It’s very, very expensive. We should say that the Neorest is actually fairly affordable compared to some of the other, comparable Toto designs with the same features. However, if you aren’t absolutely insistent about having an all-in-one deluxe bidet/toilet combo, you don’t need to buy something like this. This ones for the ardent believer, not the first time user.

If you’re not sure whether the Neorest is a good choice for you, don’t worry! We know that bidets (especially the Toto Washlets) are a fairly new concept for most folks. We suggest getting your hands on a cheaper Washlet and trying that out on your current toilet before investing in something this expensive. That way, you can get a sense of the experience without having to spend a lot of money on taking a chance.


6. Kohler K-4007-0

This model has a rounded, more ornate design that works better with traditional decor than the Toto–especially in small spaces!

This Kohler is our alternative recommendation for anyone who wants the low-maintenance class of a one-piece in a slightly different package. This model has a rounded, more ornate design that works better with traditional decor than the Toto–especially in small spaces! This is an excellent choice for an ensuite, or for anywhere you want to save space and achieve an unobtrusive appearance.


The look is distinctive without drawing too much attention. Most toilets have a fairly similar design–a boxy tank that’s mounted perpendicular to the bowl. This one has a rounded tank that curves around the bowl slightly. It’s quite unique in that regard.

We love this design because it instantly sets itself apart without being obvious. You and your guests will appreciate the look without thinking too much about it. It makes a quiet statement–and that’s the gold standard when it comes to toilet designs!

It’s very space-efficient. It’s lower than our other recommendations, both at the seat and at the tank. So, if you’re trying to get a toilet into an ensuite with an angled ceiling, this one makes your life easy. It also sticks out less to either side, since the tank curves around the bowl.

It flushes much more effectively than other compact toilets.

Kohler K-4007-0

The curved lines help to make it less obtrusive to the eye, too. In fact, this toilet appears smaller than it actually is. That’s a really neat visual trick that helps you maximize the space you have to work with.

It is designed so that it’s easy to clean and keep looking great. The one-piece design means that despite the curves, there aren’t any awkward spots for dust and grime to accumulate. You can quickly and easily wipe around the outside surfaces without having to deal with cracks or crevices.

The porcelain is extremely well-made, and quality control is excellent.

It flushes much more effectively than other compact toilets. Most small fixtures like this are anemic at best and maddening at worst. This one packs all the power you’d expect from a full-size fixture into a much smaller package. Not only does it stay clog-free, but the water comes from all around the bowl to keep things clean.

The flushing power is particularly impressive when you consider that it only uses 1.28 GPF! It’s just as efficient as the Toto models we’ve looked at above. That’s not usual for something with this more traditional appearance. Most compact models like this are actually quite inefficient. Not this one!

It’s a high-quality fixture. The porcelain is extremely well-made, and quality control is excellent. All the colors look consistently, and the lighter colors don’t acquire unsightly stains over time. We also appreciate everything going on under the hood. There’s a redesigned seal for less potential leakage over time, plus guts that should last for years of daily use.

As with our other recommendations, it’s covered by a 1-year warranty and has an excellent reputation for durability and reliability.

It’s one of the only toilets we recommend that’s available in a wide range of colors and finishes. You can get it in black, grey, and a range of off-white looks (like cotton white). That makes it incredibly easy to choose the perfect look for your bathroom. No matter whether you have dark or bright white fixtures, there’s likely to be a Kohler in exactly the right shade.


It’s quite expensive. It costs more than any other “traditional” toilet we recommend. The only pricier styles we’ve included in this article are the deluxe Totos with all the bells and whistles. This one can cost as much as $750, depending on the finish you choose.

It’s relatively low. This is designed to what we’d consider a traditional toilet seat height, as opposed to the ADA-approved models we’ve looked at above. It’s comparable to our budget pick from Kohler in that department. If you have a back that gives you grief or some other accessibility concern, you probably won’t want to choose this one.

At this price, you would reasonably expect everything to be premium. That’s true of the vast majority of the components on this one, but it’s not true of the seat, which is pretty chintzy plastic. It’s perfectly serviceable, but definitely a let-down. You can get a replacement, but that’s complicated if you choose one of the non-white finishes.


7. Saniflo 023 Sanicompact Self-Contained Toilet 

It would be great in a small apartment or even a powder room under your staircase.

Need a toilet for a half or a small bathroom? We think this is a fitting choice that is small in size but still provides adequate vertical pumping capacity. It would be great in a small apartment or even a powder room under your staircase.


  • It can be connected to a sink.
  • The technology that powers flushing power effectively cleans the toilet.
  • The toilet seat features chrome hinges.
  • It can be connected to a sink.


  • It’s quite a pricey toilet. It’s even more expensive than the previous recommendations and they are full-sized and featured-packed toilets.

8. Toto Drake Elongated Bowl and Tank

Although an older choice, it still delivers a lot of features and is a good price for people on a tight budget.

This is the predecessor of the Drake II. Although an older choice, it still delivers a lot of features and is a good price for people on a tight budget.


  • It also features a larger water surface.
  • It has a powerful and quiet flushing mechanism.
  • The trapway is larger than in standard toilets.
  • It also features a larger water surface.


  • There is an annoying ridge design in the bowl that makes it look like the toilet needs some cleaning as it leaves a dark shadow that looks like dirt.

9. Kohler K-3723-0 Persuade Curv

We think this is an excellent choice for a modern bathroom because of its ridge-less design and narrow profile.

We think this is an excellent choice for a modern bathroom because of its ridge-less design and narrow profile.


  • This flushes forcefully and doesn’t leave residues behind.
  • It is quite an efficient toilet.
  • It has a skirted trapway design, making way for easier cleaning and maintenance.
  • It is quite an efficient toilet.


  • It is hard to access the attachment of the toilet seat for cleaning. Once broken, the toilet seat is also difficult to replace.

10. American Standard 221DA.104.020 Colony

Again, it would be a great choice if you are looking for a temporary option.

Here is another less expensive option that might not have the same quality as the others but has a good enough durability that can still last for years. Again, it would be a great choice if you are looking for a temporary option.


  • It features a PowerWash function that thoroughly cleans the bowl.
  • It makes use of 20% less water, and meets the WaterSense guidelines.
  • It is made from vitreous china, so it should be easy to clean.
  • It makes use of 20% less water.


  • It does fill up the tank loudly and has an unusual flushing action but if you are okay with those, this can be a good choice.

11. Toto Entrada

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If you want something cost-effective but still durable, get this one.

This is easy on the budget but has a quality that can surpass the others. If you want something cost-effective but still durable, get this one.


  • It has the efficiency to bring to the table.
  • The height is just right for most people.
  • It’s not difficult to install.
  • The height is just right for most people.
  • It does have a powerful flushing mechanism.


  • This toilet doesn’t come with a toilet seat, so you have to shop for one that matches this toilet.

12. American Standard 221CB.104.020 Colony

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It doesn’t take up a lot of space and has a nice and compact design.

This toilet is a fitting choice for small bathrooms. It doesn’t take up a lot of space and has a nice and compact design.


  • It a fast flushing action. No need to wait for a long time.
  • It doesn’t rock even when heavier people use it.
  • The tank doesn’t take a long time to refill.
  • It feels stable and solid.
  • It doesn’t rock even when heavier people use it.


  • It doesn’t come complete with the hardware and seat that you need to install this.

13. Toto UltraMax II One-Piece Toilet

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It is pricier than the Eco UltraMax but it is worth it because of its many features.

If you like the Eco UltraMax, then you will like this upgraded version. It is pricier than the Eco UltraMax but it is worth it because of its many features.


  • The Tornado flush system truly flushes down all particles.
  • It comes with a SoftClose seat.
  • It is easy to clean because of its Cefiontect glaze that prevents residues from sticking.
  • It comes with a SoftClose seat.


  • This is a slightly more expensive option compared to the Toto Eco UltraMax.

14. American Standard 2889518.020 H2Option

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It also has a more versatile style that works in modern and vintage style bathrooms.

If you are looking for a modern, dual flush toilet, this is a good option. It also has a more versatile style that works in modern and vintage style bathrooms.


  • It is a gravity-flush toilet that helps in completely flushing down residues.
  • The dual flush option is very convenient.
  • The bowl doesn’t get easily dirty.
  • The dual flush option is very convenient.
  • It has a compact size that can work in small bathrooms.


  • The water doesn’t get higher around the bowl when it cleans.

15. American Standard Cadet 3

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If you have a vintage style bathroom, this can work.

The Cadet 3 has a more traditional design than the other American Standard toilets we featured. If you have a vintage style bathroom, this can work.


  • The elongated bowl can cater to the needs of more people.
  • The surface has an antimicrobial function.
  • The elongated bowl can cater to the needs of more people.
  • The flapper is resistant to chemical corrosion.
  • At a height of 15 inches without a seat, this toilet is a comfortable height.


  • It doesn’t include a seat.

16. Swiss Madison Ivy

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It’s easy to keep clean, without much effort.

This toilet has a groove-less design that is ideal for smaller spaces and modern bathrooms. It’s easy to keep clean, without much effort.


  • We like the design that is easy to clean and maintain.
  • When it flushes, the noise is minimal.
  • It has an elongated bowl that can accommodate different sizes of users.
  • It comes with a Soft Seat function.
  • When it flushes, the noise is minimal.


  • If the seat is damaged, you might not get a replacement.

17. Kohler K-3493-0 Highline

Click for Price

If you want something reliable, this can be a good option.

It doesn’t have the most attractive design as it tends to look a bit bulky. If you want something reliable, this can be a good option.


  • It flushes down particles effectively.
  • It’s not prone to clogging.
  • It flushes down particles effectively.
  • It is an excellent product that can last for a long time.
  • The seat is 18.5 inches from the floor, allowing it to meet comfort height standards.


  • The flushing sound can be a bit loud.

18. Swiss Madison Concorde

Click for Price

The design limits it for modern spaces.

Love square toilets? Get this one then. The design limits it for modern spaces.


  • The square design is quite unique.
  • There are no annoying pipes that are difficult to clean.
  • It has a slow close seat.
  • The square design is quite unique.
  • It is efficient.


  • Since it is a one-piece toilet, it is heavy.

19. Niagara Stealth

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But, if you like an inexpensive option, that is reliable and quiet,this can be a good choice.

It’s not from a recognizable brand. But, if you like an inexpensive option, that is reliable and quiet,this can be a good choice.


  • It’s not noisy.
  • It has a strong flushing action.
  • It’s not noisy.
  • It doesn’t get dirty easily.


  • The water doesn’t swirl around the bowl, so if there are particles there, it might not clean them out.


[su_box title=”Our Picks for the Best Toilets” style=”glass” box_color=”#f7dfa5″ radius=”4″]

Which of these top-rated toilets should you buy for your bathroom?

The Kohler K-3998-0 is our recommendation to anyone who wants to a great toilet for a low price. It’s by far the cheapest toilet in this post. It’s also the cheapest throne we recommend–period. We think it’s by far the best option under $500.

Of course, there are tradeoffs for getting such a good deal. The seat isn’t included and this toilet isn’t as powerful as our other recommendations. You should also bear in mind that this is an older style toilet, with a lower seat height than the ADA recommends. You may or may not think that this one is comfortable. However, if you’re coming from an older throne and don’t have any complaints about the height, you should be perfectly happy with this one.

Toto DrakeThe Toto Drake is the best toilet and is our recommendation to most buyers. It’s the ideal balance of value and performance for the majority of folks. It’s efficient, attractive, and easy to maintain. You may want to pay more for a seamless one-piece like the San Souci or The Eco Ultramax, though, if looks and ease of cleaning are worth the extra investment. If not, stick with the Drake. It’s the most popular model for good reason!

The San Souci is our recommendation to anyone who wants a standout toilet with a distinctive appearance. Its curved tank design and one-piece body make it instantly stand out from your average throne. It’s also a great choice for anyone squeezed for space since it has a more space-efficient footprint than typical designs. The look won’t be for everyone, though.

It’s also quite expensive, considering that the build quality and flush power aren’t any better than the Toto Drake’s. As we noted with the other Kohler, the San Souci is also lower than ADA recommendations and has an older style rounded bowl, which does tend to be a bit less practical.

The Toto Eco Ultramax is our recommendation for anyone who wants the best of the best in a traditional design. It’s got the ease-of-cleaning and added beauty of a one-piece design, with a sleek profile that’s both familiar and classier than average.

Unless you’re going to shell out for an ultra-premium toilet with a bidet, this is as much as we think you need to spend. There really aren’t any downsides to this one, aside from the price. Even that is still perfectly reasonable for what you’re getting!

The Toto Neorest is our recommendation to buyers who want a full-featured Japanese toilet with everything built-in. If you’re after something with an integrated bidet and all the luxury bells and whistles, this one’s for you! Sure, it costs several thousand dollars, but it’s phenomenally good and gives you a feeling of luxury each time you use it.

Don’t get this if you’re on an even slightly tight budget, though. You should also make sure you know what you’re in for. Don’t buy the Neorest unless you’ve been abroad and used one of these, or have tried a Washlet attachment on your standard toilet to get a sense of the functionality.

Toilets: How to Choose the Best One

There are lots of things to think about when you’re choosing your new toilet. After all, while we’ve been very selective in choosing the models in this article, there’s still a wide range of high-quality choices to choose from. That’s why it’s important to think hard about what exactly you’re looking for and which models best fit your needs.

Below, you’ll see our comprehensive buying advice for helping you choose your ideal throne. Think carefully about all these criteria to make the most informed, considered decision possible!

Water Consumption

water flushing on toilet

As with any plumbing fitting in your house, it’s important to think about the amount of water your new toilet will use. As water becomes ever scarcer, it’s essential that each of us do our part to reduce our usage. We suggest that you choose a low-flow or a dual-flush throne to replace your old toilet. Both are an excellent choice and will help the environment as well as reducing your water bill!

Remember that a toilet is actually one of the biggest waste points for water in your home. Most older toilets use an absurd amount of water with each flush, which is particularly galling when you consider how often they clog or act up.

If you’ve got a finicky older toilet that sometimes runs on unnecessarily, you’re dealing with even more money running down the drain. That’s why investing in a newer, more efficient choice is the responsible thing to do for your pocketbook, as well as for the planet. You can save hundreds of dollars on your water bills over the life of your toilet by choosing a low-flow or dual-flush model.

While low-flow toilets used to be absolutely appalling to use, recent water restrictions have forced manufacturers to go with creative ways to do more with less. You might not know it to sit on one, but modern toilets have a lot of design ingenuity going on. There’s no practical reason to choose a full-flush toilet these days. In fact, we’ve found that the best-performing models are often those that use less water than is legally allowed!

There are two options when it comes to saving water in the bathroom: low-flow fixtures or dual-flush models. Technically, these are both low-flow options. However, the first type simply has one flush setting that uses a lower amount of water (usually 1-1.28 GPF), whereas the second type has two different flushes to choose from (typically .5-1 GPF for a #1 and 1.28-1.6 GPF for dealing with #2s).

While low-flow toilets used to be absolutely appalling to use, recent water restrictions have forced manufacturers to go with creative ways to do more with less.

So, which should you choose? Dual-flush or low-flow?

Low-flow toilets are the more common option, and the most familiar to use. They look and feel just like a traditional loo. The only difference is that they use less water. The nice thing about these is that you don’t have to think about them. They simply work like a typical toilet, albeit with less water going through the bowl.

Dual-flush models have a bit of a learning curve if you’ve never used one before, but they work very well and give you multiple selections (for #1 and #2). These models generally us a sizeable less amount of water, even compared with a low-flow toilet. You can use another 30% less water when you use a dual-flush toilet instead of a low-flow model. That comes out to about half the water you’d use with a standard 1.6 GPF fixture! The utility savings add up fast when you cut your water usage that drastically.

Get a low-flow toilet if you don’t want to think about which button to push when you flush. They’re simple, and offer excellent efficiency without you having to explain to your guests how to use a toilet (which can potentially be quite embarrassing). Otherwise, we recommend choosing a dual-flush design. There are far fewer available, but they save even more water over low-flow models, while still keeping a full-flow flush option for when you need it.

You should check the flow restrictions where you live before you start shopping since different states and municipalities have varying degrees of restrictions on water usage. In most of the country, 1.6 GPF is the legal limit. In some areas (particularly in CA), restrictions are tighter. Be sure to check yours so that you can choose an appropriate model.


bathroom with a plant and a brick wallToilets come in two different types. The most common are two-piece toilets, which have a separate tank that attaches to the bowl portion. One-piece toilets are exactly what you’d expect. Their tanks and bowls are integrated into one seamless piece of porcelain.

Two-piece toilets have a few advantages which keep them selling well even after one-piece toilets have become commonplace. These models are much cheaper to manufacture and easier to get into your house. After all, it’s a lot easier to carry half a porcelain throne than to carry the whole thing! You’re also much less likely to run into problems with shipping damage. If you’re looking to spend less, two-piece models are still the way to go. They’re ideal for new homeowners who are on a tight budget, or for installation in rental properties.

We generally recommend that anyone who can afford a one-piece toilet buy one.

There are plenty of reasons why one-piece toilets are on the up-and-up, though. They’re quite a bit more expensive and a lot heavier to carry to your bathroom, but they’re miles easier to keep clean and a great deal classier to look at. One-piece toilets eliminate most of the nooks and crannies where toilets tend to get dirty, and they also cut out a lot of the joints and fittings that tend to spring leaks over time.

Which type of toilet should you actually buy? We generally recommend that anyone who can afford a one-piece toilet buy one. They’re simply so much nicer to live with. You don’t have all those seams and joints to clean, which makes your cleaning routine much faster. There are also fewer plumbing components to develop leaks or need maintenance.

However, if you’re trying to stay on budget, just get a decent two-piece toilet. They still do the job very nicely, and anyone who’s never owned a one-piece toilet isn’t going to feel as if they’re missing anything by sticking with a stalwart two-piece.


Chances are, you probably haven’t thought much about toilet height before. If a toilet is comfortable, that’s that! You don’t give it a second thought. However, if you’ve sat on a toilet that was either significantly higher or significantly lower than was comfortable, you know how important a consideration this is.

If you have back issues that are triggered by getting up after you’ve been seated for an extended period, you’ll probably think that old-fashioned, lower toilet heights aren’t ideal. More recent designs offer a slightly raised seat that tends to be more supportive and comfortable for most people (and easier to get up from). If you’re particularly short, you may think that these newer toilets are awkward to use. However, for the vast majority of people, they’re much better.

In most cases, we recommend going for an ADA-approved toilet with a height that’s considered comfortable and accessible for most users.

Not only are modern toilet seat heights more comfortable for the average user, but they can also make a huge difference in accessibility for those who have additional needs to consider. Many people who have traditionally had a hard time using toilets will find that a “comfort height” toilet is much more accessible. That’s why most companies are offering two different heights in each model of toilet they produce. One is suited to those who like the old-fashioned, lower seat, while one is updated to suit the current standards.

In most cases, we recommend going for an ADA-approved toilet with a height that’s considered comfortable and accessible for most users. If you want something significantly higher or lower, be sure to take that into account and check the specs before you make a purchase. Remember that there are usually multiple variations of any toilet you’re considering. Most companies offer a choice of rounded and elongated bowls, as well as a traditional seat height or a “comfort height” toilet that’s ADA-approved.


beautiful bathroomLike it or not, your toilet is the centerpiece of your bathroom. You can spend all the time in the world designing your perfect sink and mirror setup, but eyes will inevitably be drawn to your throne. So, make sure your new one looks the way you want!

Consider the rest of your decor and fittings in the loo. Should you choose white porcelain or an off-white color? Do you want something sleek and modern, or something with a more traditional profile? Are rounded edges the best fit, or does a throne with bold angles make more sense? Make sure to consider both style and color.

You should also think about whether you want to go for a circular/rounded bowl or an elongated bowl.

You should also think about whether you want to go for a circular/rounded bowl or an elongated bowl. Most toilets come in both the circular or elongated bowl shape, though elongated bowls are now much more common. We generally recommend elongated bowls, since they tend to be more practical and comfortable for the average person.

However, if you’re trying to suit more old-school decor, a rounded bowl can fit better from a visual standpoint. Rounded bowls also conserve some space, since they don’t extend as far from the wall as an elongated design.

Be sure to consider all the different aesthetic characteristics of any toilet you buy. Picture it in your space and think about whether any aspect of it clashes with the surroundings. You should also take measurements and be sure you’ll have room for the toilet you choose. That includes checking the space above the throne if you’ve got a lower or angled ceiling to consider.


Toilets ought to be an investment you can count on for decades. You don’t want to be constantly searching for a new one and dealing with the hassle of replacements! While we certainly take price into consideration when choosing models to recommend, we always stress the importance of making a larger investment upfront in order to avoid having to pay replacement costs sooner than you have to.

All the models we recommend in this article are extremely durable compared to the competition at their price points. If you decide to choose a model we haven’t included here, you’ll want to be extra sure you choose something from a reputable brand and with a decent warranty.

Our first suggestion, if you’re not thrilled about any of the models featured above, is to have a look at our other guides to see the rest of the models we currently recommend. Or, if that doesn’t get you much further in your search, have a look on Amazon at some of the other offerings from Toto, Kohler, or American Standard. American Standard, for example, is a very well known brand and have been making quality products for products for decades.

Toilets ought to be an investment you can count on for decades.

There are two things you’ll want to check for when it comes to durability:

First of all, make sure you’ll have free returns and exchanges! Toilets are made of porcelain, after all, and you’ll occasionally run into issues with chipped and cracked units. As more and more of us are buying these fixtures online, companies and vendors have done a much better job with packing and shipping. However, you don’t want to end up having to pay to send a damaged unit back!

Second, be sure to check the warranty on your new loo. You can expect at least 1-2 years of manufacturer coverage. You can also tack on a Square Trade policy to give yourself an extra few years. If one’s available at the checkout, we suggest opting in. You’ll pay a few extra dollars upfront, but the extra peace of mind (and the fact that you won’t have to spend even more money to replace something out of warranty) make the investment worthwhile.

Be sure to check whether the manufacturer’s warranty stipulates that you have the toilet installed by an authorized service provider. That’s not usually the case, but it’s increasingly popular for companies to add in that wording. You should read carefully and then plan accordingly when you choose a plumber.


Last but not least, don’t forget to consider your budget! We’ve included a wide range of models here, and you could spend anywhere from $250 to $5000 on our recommendations. Think about how much you can afford to invest. That’ll help you narrow down your picks and get a sense of what’s realistic for you to buy.

Think about how much you can afford to invest.

Be sure to consider the total cost of your new toilet, not just the sticker price! Not all thrones come with a seat included. If yours doesn’t come with one, check to see how much it’ll cost to get the matching one. If you’ll need to buy additional seals or other fittings to get up and running, take that into account as well. You’ll also want to factor in the cost of having a plumber do the installation if you’re not going to be doing it yourself.

Although it’s hard to choose one product as the best toilet overall, we’ve chosen the Kohler K-4007-0 for its beautiful design and high performance.


Believe it or not, toilets can come with a lot of different bells and whistles. Custom seats are cool, but they can cost you a lot of money when it comes to replacing them. Custome seats can easily cost more than $100, for example.

Custom seats are cool, but they can cost you a lot of money when it comes to replacing them.

If your last toilet had a problem with a sweating tank though, that might be an extra you want to invest in. Choosing a pressure-assist model will allow the water to be held inside the inner tank. This means the outer tank won’t sweat. Gravity toilets can also be set up in a way they don’t sweat, you just need to order one with tank insulation already installed. Also, you can install a small shower speaker to pass your time while you’re doing the thing. 

Other’s Also Asked

Can A Handyman Install A Toilet?

Yes, a non-licensed handyman can install your new toilet-most of the time that is. If you are wanting the location of your toilet to move, meaning piping has to move as well, you will need to hire a licensed plumber though. Make sure you get an outline of your handyman’s prices and terms for unexpected findings before he starts working in your bathroom.

Are You Supposed To Caulk Around A Toilet?

Yes, you should caulk around your toilet, but not for the reason you might think. Caulking around your toilet is not to prevent water leaks. In fact, some decide to not caulk around their toilets for fear that if water does leak they won’t know about it until it’s too late. The truth is that toilets rarely leak around the floor. You should caulk around your toilet both to keep the toilet secured to the floor and also to keep other liquid (bathwater, mop water, urine of little boys who miss the bowl) from leaking through the crack in a way that is it is impossible to clean up.

Will An Elongated Toilet Seat Fit On A Round Toilet?

No, an elongated toilet seat will not fit on a round toilet. That is because, although the holes in both toilets are the same size, round and elongated toilets have different lengths between the holes and toilets rim. All elongated toilet seats have 18 1/2″ between the post holes and the edge, all round toilets have 16 1/2″ between the post holes and the edge.

What’s Next

We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide to picking out the best toilet for you–as much as anyone enjoys talking toilets, that is! Now that you’ve finished reading all our reviews and buying advice, you should be well on your way to choosing your next throne. Click on the links in our reviews to learn more about any of the high-quality fixtures we’ve recommended here. That’s the easiest way to check current prices, see full spec lists, and check out all the colors available. Be sure to look carefully at the product listings for any model you consider, so that you can add on a matching seat or installation kit if necessary.

You can also check out our other guides if you have a more specific interest in categories like dual-flush toilets or low-flow models. We’ve got all your needs covered, from bidets to extra-wide toilet seats! Links to all our latest content are easy to find here on our homepage. Just click on the menu at the top of the page.

You can also see a few of our featured guides below! Check them out see all the other products we recommend that we haven’t had room to include here on our homepage.

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We love dual-flush models, so we’ve dedicated an entire section to help you choose your dream one! In it, we explain the advantages of using a dual-flush model rather than a traditional low-flow fixture, and we make the case for each of the dual-flush models we currently recommend.

Low Flow

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Water conservation is more important than ever these days. Whether you’re living in a state that experiences drought conditions or not, it’s essential that all of us do our part to reduce our water usage and lower our impact on the environment. While using less water in your toilet might seem like a recipe for disaster, we’ve actually found that low-flow toilets today are actually the best-designed and most effective flushers on the market! In our guide to the best low-flow toilets, we explain how to get the most toilet performance from the least amount of water.


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Extra Powerful

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While all the models we recommend are powerful, effective flushers, we’ve dedicated an entire buying guide to rounding up the most powerful, unstoppable models on the market. Read it to see which models you can safely assume will be clog-free for as long as you use them. We’ll explain all the specific features that add to a toilet’s effectiveness at waste removal, and show you how to make objective comparisons between models from different brands.

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We’re passionate believers that any fixture you buy ought to last you as long as you need it to. You can count on any of the models recommended on this site to last for many years of daily use. However, no toilet lasts forever!

The good news is that fixing a typical toilet is actually quite easy for the homeowner to DIY. That’s where we come in!

We’ve put together an in-depth guide to toilet repair kits. In it, we explain how to diagnose your toilet troubles, whether you’re dealing with an anemic flush or a constant run.

We’ll tell you which components need to be replaced, and what you need to buy to get the job done right.

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