Best Square Toilet Reviews: Top-Rated, Straight-Edged Loos We Love

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Best Square Toilet Reviews

The toilet can be a design point in a bathroom. With so many design options these days, it’s easier to use the toilet as a design element. It can even be the focal point of the space. Square toilets, for instance, are a great addition to the bathroom if you are going for a modern and more streamlined look.

But aside from its look, you would still want to make sure the square toilet you are getting is functional. It should have the efficiency that elongated or rounded toilets can provide. With that said, we checked what the market has to offer and found those that do not just boast of style but also durability, efficiency and ease of usage.

Read on to find the best square toilets.

What Makes the Best Square Toilet?

There really is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to the best square toilet. It boils down to your personal needs and preferences. So, while one person might like this specific brand of square toilet, you might not share the same sentiments because you have your own unique needs.

Ultimately, the best square toilet is the one that has the features and functions that will truly serve you well. It has to fit in your bathroom. It should be easy to use. The one you should pick should also feel comfortable so when you sit on it, it doesn’t feel constricting and uncomfortable.

Whatever style of toilet you are buying, you would want to look into the features first. Find something that won’t cost you a lot of money to run. Look into its energy-saving features so you will end up getting one that you will be happy with for a long time.

Budget is also a good factor to consider when buying. The best square toilet is that one that fits within your allotted budget. Thankfully, there are a lot of reasonably-priced toilets out there. Depending on the features you are looking for, you can have a functional and durable toilet that will serve you well for many more years to come.

Best Square Toilet Reviews

1. Best Function and Performance: Swiss Madison SM-1T106 Concorde Square Toilet Dual Flush

Swiss Madison SM-1T106 Click for Price

It’s easy to see why this Swiss Madison toilet is a favorite. It’s because of its high-performance gravity that is at 0.8/1.28 gpf. This feature is the best out there so if you are looking for one that delivers in power and performance, look no further because this is the product that will fit your needs.

You will love its one-piece design made from porcelain materials that give this toilet a sleek finish. It is a cinch to clean, thanks to its simplicity and groove-less design where no cobwebs or dirt can seek refuge. The square bowl is actually quite comfortable and gives plenty of room for users.

The seat closing is also satisfying – it doesn’t slam shut and just closes in an effortlessly gentle manner. And if you are going to clean it, you can remove the seat through its Quick-Release function. You can get in those corners and tight spots without hassles.


It has a simple design that will work in modern and minimalistic bathroom styles. The simplicity of the design also makes this so simple to clean.

It is compatible with any bidet. If you already have one, you won’t need to get a new one compatible with this.

The height of the toilet seat is 17 inches – just right for most people. It is easy to sit on it and it feels comfortable.

The dual flush function makes it easier to maintain efficiency. The high-performance gravity gives this a lot of edge over other toilets. It also has a tornado flush effect, ensuring that earthing will be flushed out.

This product also meets the criteria of EPA. You can be assured of its performance and quality functions.

We like the Quick-Release functions of the seat cover. The chrome hinges come off easily so in case dirt gets trapped in there, you won’t have to buy a small brush just to get the dirt out of that narrow and obscure part.

It is easy to install. The bottom part of the toilet can be carried with ease. A lot of homeowners also did not have issues fitting it with their existing plumbing and flange.


If your drain is installed too close to your bathroom wall, you might need to move it first before having this toilet installed. It is a one-piece toilet, so it might not be that easy to move around. Also, you might need to work out some arm muscle to get this in place.

Some users had issues with the toilet seat being too big for them. Check the specifications to find out if it’s going to be a good fit for your needs first.


All in all, this is the square toilet to get if you are looking for unmatched performance. It is not just an energy-saving toilet that has a good flushing mechanism. It is also easy to clean, which is good news for those who hate scrubbing their toilet all the time because it is a dirt trap.

2. Best in Style: WoodBridge T-0020 Dual Flush Toilet

WoodBridge T-0020 Dual Flush Click for Price

Woodbridge is known for their quality bathroom and kitchen products. They have mastered the art of designing bathroom products so it’s not surprising to find that this stylish-looking toilet is from them. It is a striking one-piece toilet that will easily make a statement in modern and minimalistic bathrooms.

No dirt or dust will be trapped on the sides of this toilet because it is devoid of grooves that can collect debris. It has a straightforward and simple look that everyone who wants to simplify their life will truly love.

Another feature to like about this is its high-end soft closing seat. It stays intact as well, thanks to its stainless-steel hinges. You don’t have to worry that the toilet seat will slam shut and damage its porcelain material.

Take advantage of its glazed flush system as well. It has quiet flushing features, which would make this an ideal master bath toilet. It also boasts of durable functions and mechanisms not susceptible to leaks and clogs.


One of its best points is its design. It’s so simple that you won’t find this hard to clean. Despite its simplicity, it has a striking look that will make sure people visiting your house will notice it immediately.

It’s also a joy to use just because of its quiet mechanisms. It has quiet operations so even if you have thin walls between rooms, it won’t be a disturbance every time you flush it. It also flushes so powerfully that everything goes right in.

It comes with all the tools you need to install it. The package has a hand wrench that you will use to keep those bolts properly tightened. It also comes with a step-by-step illustrated guide so avid DIY-ers won’t have issues installing it without professional help. If the manual is not sufficient, you can also contact their customer service for additional help in installing it.

It is comfortable to use. Even taller and bigger people won’t have issues with its comfort. People can use their phone while doing their business and forget about time. That’s how comfortable it is.


Its height doesn’t make this ideal for children to use. You might need a booster or stepping tool for children to comfortably reach it.

Some customers commented on how low the low-level flush is, but it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

This product is also a bit more expensive than other toilets out there but for its clog and leak-resistant properties, great design and comfortable features, shelling out a couple of extra bucks for this is worth it.


It’s really hard to find something bad about this product. From its design to its features, you can tell the manufacturers really thought about comfort and performance. Over-all, this is a great value for your money. If you are looking for something stylish that does not compromise on performance, this is the best option for you.

3. Time-Saver: Duravit 2157010005 Durastyle One-Piece Toilet

Duravit 2157010005 Durastyle One-Piece Toilet Click for Price

This square toilet should serve you well for many more years to come. That is how durable and sturdy it is. It is an eco-friendly option, thanks to its dual flush functions that will allow you to choose the most efficient setting.

The Alpine White Finishing is attractive and will fit well with modern bathroom designs. It also has straight edges, no grooves or corners, which is a good feature if you are looking for one that is easy to use and easy to clean.


It is easy to clean. You also have the option of ordering it with a WonderGliss coating on, which is a kind of baked coating that prevents limescale, dirt and other debris from accumulating on the surface of your toilet. This makes the toilet easier to clean and maintain.

It comes with a dual flush capacity that is a standard in most toilets today. You can conserve a lot of water if you choose this toilet.

It looks great in modern and minimalist bathroom designs. You can easily match it with other design elements in the room.


It’s a bit more expensive than others. It also doesn’t come with a toilet seat cover. You will have to order it as an extra accessory.

It has an internal plumbing connection, which means you might need to install an access panel right behind this product so that you can hook it up to your water line. It shouldn’t be too difficult to install though, and most people install it without any issues.


This is one attractive toilet that you won’t regret spending more money on. And since it comes with an extra coating that will help you keep it clean, it can save you a lot of time in the long run. Get it if you don’t fancy spending minutes scrubbing your toilet every week.

Which One Should You Buy?

Any of these products should serve you well. They are rated highly by customers who have tried using them in their home. However, if you care more about the flushing performance of the toilet, get the Swiss Madison SM-1T106 Concorde Square Toilet Dual Flush. It is not only powerful, it also works quietly.

We recommend getting the WoodBridge T-0020 Dual Flush Toilet if you are looking for something that looks sleek and will work perfectly in modern bathroom settings. It is chock-full of features that make it easy to maintain and affordable to use.

The Duravit 2157010005 Durastyle One-Piece Toilet might be a little bit more expensive but for its features and price, you are definitely getting one with a quality you will be satisfied with. You can save yourself the time and trouble of keeping this clean.

Buying Guide:

Here are a few additional things you would want to keep in mind when buying the best square toilet:

Fittings and installation. Is it easy to install? Can you easily install it right next to a wall? Some square toilets might require extending the water line, especially if it is found right next to your system’s valve.

Compatibility with plumbing and existing fixtures at home. If you already have a bidet, you would want to ask first if it is compatible with the bidet you have. If not, you might have to spend money on a new bidet.

Comfort. It might take some time adjusting to its comfort level. Unlike rounded ones, the toilet seat might feel a bit larger. It might feel like you are going to fall right in. Make sure you check the dimensions, so you have an idea how big the toilet is.

Flushing power and quiet functions. Does it perform well? Can it flush everything with enough force? Also look for those with quiet functions so it will not disturb the entire house whenever you flush your toilet.

What’s Next?

Still on the lookout for toilets? Make sure you know what is out there. Check out our guide about the best toilets and find more product recommendations to help steer you in the right direction. We have chosen only the best toilets that are worth the price. Also, read our buying guide to know which toilet is the best choice for your needs.

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