7 Best Dual Flush Toilets Reviewed: Efficient Options for Better Flushing

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Best Dual Flush Toilet ReviewsDual flush toilets are ideal for reducing your environmental footprint, but we’ve come across quite a few lower quality models might force you to flush twice or even three times. Not only is that annoying—but multiple flushes negates the entire purpose of a water saving toilet!

You don’t want to be that guy (or gal) who buys a crappy model and wastes more water than you save. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back…

We’ve compared ALL of the most popular models and picked just the best of the best. We compared design, build, water usage, price and size, as well as the long-term reliability of each toilet. Here are our top three favorite dual flush toilets.

Best Dual Flush Toilet Reviews

1. American Standard H2Option

Best Value

  • 0.92/1.28 GPF
  • Bowl Height: 16.5"
  • Round & Elongated Options
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2. KOHLER K-3987-0 Wellworth

Classic Look

  • 1.1/1.6 GPF
  • Bowl Height: 14.5"
  • Round Front
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3. Swiss Madison SM-1T112 Ivy

Simple Design

  • 0.8/1.28 GPF
  • Elongated Bowl
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4. Renovator’s Supply White and Green Porcelain

Unique Design

  • 0.8/1.6 GPF
  • Bowl Height: 16.75"
  • Elongated Bowl
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5. Convenient Height 20 Inch Height Toilet Bowl

Tallest Seat

  • 0.9/1.28 GPF
  • Bowl Height: 20"
  • Elongated Bowl
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1. American Standard H2Option Siphonic Dual Flush Toilet

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In our opinion, the best dual flush toilet is the American Standard H2Option.

It’s also one of the most consistently highly rated in consumer review platforms, and according to our expert sources its also one of the best selling models of all time.

The American Standard H2Option has won a very loyal following among both home handymen and professional installers. All sorts of users praise the toilet’s combination of water-saving ability and flushing power!

We think it’s the best choice for anyone who can afford it.


We’re deeply impressed with the flushing power of the H2Option. It  flushes solids cleanly and quietly with a single press of a button. You shouldn’t have any issues getting things to go down in one go on the higher-volume setting. The lower setting doesn’t have any issues cycling through a tank, either!

The H2Option releases 1 gallon per liquid waste flush, and 1.6 gallons for the solid waste optoon. The dual flush function is controlled by two silver buttons on top of the tank.

It uses American Standard’s patent-pending siphonic technology to add an extra boost to the limited amount of water it uses. This includes a jet-powered stream and a pressurized rim, which discharges water into the toilet from tiny holes to effectively power-wash the bowl when you flush.

In addition to handling all its human duties easily, other reviewers report that the American Standard was also ready and able to take care of flushable cat litter in one go! That’s not easy with older models, if you’ve ever tried.

More than anything else, we’re pleased with the quietness of the flush, which belies its strength! Even though the American Standard has far better waste-clearing specs than the competition, it’s actually quieter.

You don’t have to take anyone’s word for it, though.You can see this power flush with your own eyes in a demo video from American Standard…

The H2Option effortlessly flushes 20 golf balls the demonstrators pour into the bowl, as well as many other objects that shouldn’t go in toilets.

The H2Option is a great long-term investment, too. Long-term owners report excellent results and consistent performance. You can plan on having this run clog-free for years of daily use!

The combination of the American Standard’s Everclean surface coating and strong flushing power makes this one extremely user-friendly. You don’t have to clean it very often at all, and it doesn’t accumulate stains or films easily.

The H2Option is a smaller-sized unit, which makes it a good choice for bathrooms with limited space, or families with children. This one’s especially good for older homes with more cramped quarters.

It’s also designed to be easy to set up in your home per the included instructions. This is a great help if you’re ordering a toilet off the Internet, and will save you the cost of hiring a contractor.

In appearance, the American Standard has a pleasant design—not so intrusive that it demands attention, but attractive enough to complement your decor. The finish is American Standard’s EverClean glaze, which keeps the toilet shiny and clean, while preventing bacterial growth.

The seat height is an ADA-compliant 17”. The H2Option comes in two models, one with a round front and the other with an elongated bowl (which is slightly more expensive).


There aren’t many downsides to this model. It’s well-designed and well-built.

However, the smaller size of the whole toilet may be good for families with children and/or limited space, but it can be troublesome for tall people. Senior citizens may also find smaller toilets to be rough on the back and joints. If you have joint, back or hamstring problems (and you plan to use this toilet as the main toilet in your home) you may want to consider some toilets with a taller seat height.

2. Toto Aquia II

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The Toto Aquia II is another model worthy of consideration for dual flush toilet shoppers. The sleek and compact design gives it a unique appearance that would complement bathrooms with a more modern interior design scheme. It performs nearly as well as the American Standard, but has a bit more visual definition.

The Aquia II features a skirted bottom, which eliminates the nooks and crannies of more traditional toilets and makes cleaning a breeze. It also comes in several different colors to pair better with your specific bathroom decor! We suggest it for anyone who wants a dual-flush loo that’s contemporary and streamlined!


Like the H2Option, the Aquia II also features two chrome buttons on the top of the tank to control water volume per flush. The heavy flush is 1.6 gallons, and the lighter flush is .9 gallons.

It’s a solid performer. By that, of course, we mean that it takes care of business effectively with every flush! Toto doesn’t offer as much of a description of the mechanics behind their flushing power, so we can’t give you a scientific explanation of why this one’s so great.

Regardless of how they’ve gone about designing the AquiaII, the fact is that it empties the bowl perfectly each time. Like the American Standard model, the Aqua II rates highly with our reviewers in terms of performance! It’s as effective as any single-flush model.

The Aquia II also has many long-term owners who assert this model stands the test of time. One review we came across stated that after two years, the toilet hadn’t been clogged a single time. They said that was pretty impressive for a 3-person home that saw plenty of overnight guests. We found that lots of buyers who started with one Aquia II ended up replacing all their toilets with these, since they’re so easy to maintain.

The Aquia II, like the H2Option has a small size, but the elongated skirted design of the Aquia has an even smaller footprint. It’s very easy to make work in your space!


We’ve already said that we think the Aquia II is just about on par with the American Standard in terms of build quality and design. The primary reason that Aquia II came in second to the H2Option is the price. Currently, the Aquia II  retails for a significantly higher cost.

The Aquia II has also a few more negative comments from online buyers regarding performance, although we rated its performance very highly.

We also noted that some negative reviews were due to the fact that installation isn’t quite as easy as the H2Option. Some users asserted that setting up the toilet was a breeze, but a few found installation to be a challenge—even for hired contractors.

Addition, the Aquia has a 15.5” bowl height, which is lower than ADA standards. Thus, people with physical issues (i.e. back pain, joint pain, etc.) and very tall people may find this Toto unit difficult to use.

Another minor issue: many users noted that the flushing buttons have a bit of a learning curve. They have to be held down for up to 5 seconds to perform a full flush. This isn’t necessarily a dealbreaker for most, but some arthritic users may find long-term use painful. It’s not an instant flush like the American Standard.

3. KOHLER K-3987-0 Wellworth

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The Kohler Wellworth has a unique, slim and attractive design with a sturdy build that many prospective customers will find appealing. It also comes in three different finishes and eight different colors, ready to pair with any bathroom design.

Another standout feature is flushing mechanism, which is controlled by a two-part lever instead of a button. The longer green colored lever is used to control the 1.1 gallon flush for liquid waste, while the whole lever releases the higher volume 1.6 gallon flush.

The Kohler also uses a siphoning/jet combination for added flushing power to compensate for less water. The Wellworth product page boasts that it can handle up to four times the amount of waste the average adult needs.


The lever design is a particularly appealing feature. As mentioned above, the button system of the other two toilets we mention here can have a bit of a learning curve, and can be rough on arthritic fingers. The Wellworth design is more intuitive, and leaves the top of the tank free for things like tissues, potpourri and candles. It still gives you two flush options, though, so you can be sure you’re saving water with each flush.

Users also noted that installation was very easy, and many mentioned that their Wellworth never clogged. As with the other models we’ve looked at here, Wellworth users said they hadn’t had to plunge their toilets in ages.


The major complaint among reviewers seemed to be the height of the toilet, which many claimed was a little too short for comfort—particularly for the elderly and tall people.

The top of the bowl is 14.5” off the floor, and the final height of the seat will depend on the thickness of the toilet seat you use (most will add an extra inch). However, this may be a benefit for shorter families or families with children.

Another possible issue is the clog-free design. The large, rectangular opening of the Wellworth can be great for preventing most clogging incidents. But even the best toilets can clog unexpectedly.

Ironically, if the unit does clog, a standard plunger won’t be able to unclog it. Users may have to purchase a wider plunger to prevent future disasters.

Another reason the Wellworth scored lower is that, at the moment, it has far fewer reviews than the other two toilets mentioned here, and no mention of long-term uses. As this model only comes with a 1-year warranty, we’re hesitant to recommend a model that hasn’t been reviewed for long-term use.

4. Swiss Madison SM-1T112 Ivy One Piece Elongated Toilet Dual Tornado Flush

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Sleek and boasting of a skirted design, this toilet can fit in most modern homes. It instantly creates an impact with its simple design that is bereft of grooves that are difficult to clean. If you are looking for a dual flush toilet that can be maintained with ease, set your sights on this one. Its flushing power of 1.28 gallon per flush ensures no residues will remain in the bowl. The dual tornado flush system effectively minimizes water consumption.


It is an Environment-Friendly WaterSense Toilet that ensures it doesn’t use up an unnecessary amount of water. It is easier to keep up with your home’s efficiency standards with the help of this toilet.

It is a well-designed toilet. You will like how smooth the sides are, so dirt won’t easily collect. You won’t find yourself cleaning this rigorously all the time.

The bowl is Comfort height and has an elongated shape to provide more room for users. It works for different sizes of people. It is comfortable to sit on as well, great for those prolonged usages or when you just want to relax in the bathroom.

The Soft Seat function is a nifty feature. It slowly closes, preventing it from startling you if it accidentally closes down.


Installation can be trickier with this dual flush toilet. Many customers wished it came with the bolts needed to install it.

5. Renovator’s Supply White and Green Porcelain Two-Piece Dual Flush Elongated

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If you like toilets with all those small and attractive details, get this one. It has an ornate design that will surely work in vintage style bathrooms. It is scratch and stain-proof, making cleaning and maintenance for this toilet virtually pain-free. The seat height is at 16-3/4 inches, which is just right for most people. It’s not too high but not too low either.


Save as much as 25,000 gallons of water every year with the help of this dual flush toilet. The half flush uses just 0.8 gallons per flush while the full flush uses 1.6 gallons per flush. It has met EPA water conservation standards.

The white porcelain finish gives this a nice and attractive look. If you like the look of ornate toilets, this should be an ideal choice.

The no-slam mechanism is a nice feature as well. If you have experienced using toilets with toilet seat covers that slam shut before, you will know how nice this is to use.

The Reno-Gloss finish protects this toilet seat from scratches and stains. It should last you for a long time.

Some customers commented on how well the customer service is. There were those who received broken parts and let the customer service know. They were given a replacement right away.


There are a few parts missing, so you might have to get those before installation. The bolts used to hold the base to the tank are also made from plastic materials, which can be flimsy.

6. Convenient Height 20 Inch

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Are you on the lookout for a toilet that is taller than standard? Get this one that still boasts of dual flush functions. It is 21 inches in height, which is taller than your average toilet seat. Sitting down and standing up is easier with this toilet seat. Everything seems built to last. The plastic components can assure you that it will not succumb to corrosion.


This seat is taller than many of the toilets today. This is ideal for the use of people with mobility issues but can also be a great choice for any household with taller individuals.

The half flush uses up 0.9 gallons of water and the full flush uses up 1.28 gallons of water. These figures make this toilet an economic choice.

It is easy to maintain and clean as well. It doesn’t corrode easily.

It is backed by a 3-year warranty. In case you experience leaking or damages, you can use the warranty to back you up.


This more expensive than other options out there. Some also said the seat that came with this is too narrow for them.

7. Swiss Madison SM-1T106 Concorde Square Toilet

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We like this dual flush toilet because of the square design and seamless skirt that we think is a good fit for modern bathrooms. It should blend right in with your modern fixtures in the bathroom. The square shape makes it more interesting and a statement piece that can wow even your guests.

Since the square design of the seat offers more surface area, it can accommodate bigger users. It also provides adequate support to the rear and has a high that can cater to the needs of most people, making this an ideal all-around choice for small to big households.

It has a reputation for not being easy to install, so if you are new to toilet installation, you might find yourself frustrated with this. But otherwise, this should be a good choice for you.


The dual flush function is easy to use. Even if you put it in a guest bathroom, they won’t have a hard time using it. The flushing mechanism is located at the top. One push is all it takes to flush down liquid or solid wastes.

It is quite the efficient toilet. A half flush makes use of 0.8 gpf while a full flush makes use of only 1.28 gpf. No more worrying that you are wasting so much water flushing down the toilet.

Although it doesn’t use up a lot of water, it still effectively flushes down a big amount of solid wastes. You don’t need to flush it a second time to get all of the nasty stuff flushed down.

It comes with a soft closing seat. You won’t be startled if you accidentally close it.

The seat has a quick release function. If you need to clean the attachment area, you can release it and remove the seat to make it easier to reach that area.

It is easy to clean and doesn’t get dirty easily. There are no annoying pipes at the back of the skirt where dirt and dust often get trapped.

It functions quietly. Even the full flush isn’t annoying. It is a good toilet to install in a master’s bathroom because it is quieter.


It is a one-piece design, so it’s not for those handling it alone. You might need to get extra help if you want to install it in your home. There were also those who had some difficulty with the installation. The bolts were difficult to install because the holes were so small, it takes some effort just to get to them.

If you already have a bidet, check to see if it fits here. Some people were not able to use their existing bidet because it doesn’t fit.

There were those people who did not find the square shape comfortable. They also said the toilet seat has a tendency to wiggle.

Comparison of Our Top 3 Picks: Which to Choose

The Wellworth seems like an excellent toilet for the price—slightly more expensive than the American Standard, but less expensive than the Toto (at the time of this writing).

The Wellworth is another great option, and nearly every reviewer seems very pleased with the product. The two-part lever is an excellent design choice, and for many people, this may be the selling point—particularly individuals who suffer from arthritis in their hands.

There’s no significant mechanical problems with this toilet, and the build is sturdy and reliable. Its height, however, may prove problematic for tall or elderly users.

Save yourself the trouble of cleaning the nook and cranny of your toilet with the help of the Swiss Madison SM-1T112 Ivy One Piece Elongated Toilet Dual Tornado Flush. The simple and no-groove design makes this a cinch to keep clean.

funny cigar smoking ceramic bowlThe unique design of the Renovator’s Supply White and Green Porcelain Two-Piece Dual Flush Elongated Toilet Gold Accent Seat is what makes it appealing. You will like adding it to your plain bathroom as it truly makes a statement. It also has all the bells and whistles you might be looking for in a dual flush toilet.

The Convenient Height 20 Inch Height Toilet Bowl is ideal for taller people or those with mobility issues. It is taller than your standard toilet, so getting up from the toilet is actually easier. It has powerful dual flushing mechanism that will help save a lot of water.

The Swiss Madison SM-1T106 Concorde Square Toilet is yet another unique toilet to consider adding to your list options. It is more ideal for modern bathrooms. Because it is slightly narrower than others, it can also work in smaller sizes of bathrooms.



Water Usage

Bowl Height

Our Rating

American Standard H2Option$$1 - 1.6 gallons17"5.0
Toto Aquia II$$$0.9-1.6 gallons15.5"4.0
KOHLER K-3987-0 Wellworth$$$1.1-1.6 gallons14.5"4.2

Dual Flush Guide: How to Choose the Best One

What should you think about when you’re deciding between these fixtures?


Think about which of these would match your bathroom decor, and your personal style! Be sure to consider angles vs. curved lines, ornate touches vs. simple lines, and so forth! Remember that most models are offered in both rounded and elongated bowl shapes, so choose what works best for you!


Make sure your new throne is at a comfortable height for you and your family! We try to include ADA-compliant fixtures in our guides, since they tend to be best for everybody. However, if you don’t find standard ADA toilet heights comfortable, be sure to check measurements and make sure the seat will be appropriate for you.

Warranty Coverage

Get covered for the long term, so you don’t have to worry about replacements! Most thrones have generous coverage from the manufacturer. However, on the more expensive options, extended coverage plans can be a smart buy.

Water Usage

Check the actual flow rates on our models, and see how much of a savings you can make. Remember that most dual-flush models use the standard 1.6 GPM for solid waste [1], so you’ll mostly be saving on your liquid waste removal. That still adds up over the course of a day! If you want to be saving in both modes, though, look at something with a solid waste option that uses less than 1.6 GPM.

Flushing Mechanism

find something that works best for you, traditional or modern! Do you want buttons, knobs, or something else? There are lots of options! One way to narrow down your options is to decide how attached you are to being able to store things on top of your tank. If you are, you’ll probably want knobs instead of buttons.


[su_note note_color=”f7dfa5″ text_color=”#333333″ radius=”3″ class=””]

All three of our top picks here will be a great addition to any household. All will help you reduce your water bill and reduce your home’s ecological impact.

The best one for you will depend on your personal aesthetic!

The classic and powerful American Standard H2Option is our overall favorite performer. We love it for its flushing power and time-tested quality. We think it’s a good purchase for just about everybody, thanks to the timeless and simple design. It’s built well, it’s designed smartly, and it has a proven track record. This is one of the most popular in public restrooms for that reason.

When it comes to finding the very best dual flush toilet, we’ve weighed up the options and chosen the American Standard H2Option as our favorite for its great value and high performance.

The Toto Aquia II, on the other hand, is a more modern, streamlined design—which might be better suited to your decor if you’re into minimalism or modernism! It’s certainly sleeker than the American Standard. Don’t feel like you’re sacrificing practicality for that look, though, since it functions similarly. Buy this one if you’re going for sleek, simple lines in your bathroom!

Are you more of a traditionalist? In that case, you may be interested in theKohler Wellworth, with its sturdy design and unique lever operation. It’s a nice way to conserve water but keep a classic look and feel. Kohler’s toilets don’t have quite as good a track record for long-term performance as American Standard or Toto, but they certainly look fantastic! This one’s also better than the rest of the brand’s offerings. Choose this one if you’re trying to disguise your dual-flush as a standard toilet, or match more traditional decor !

Why Switch to a Dual-Flush Toilet?

How toilet flush workThis style of toilet is one of the most popular formats among people who are trying to reduce water usage. Think about how many times you go to the bathroom in a day, especially if you’re drinking as much water as you should. Each time you make a bathroom trip just to pee, you’re wasting water if you use the same flush as when you’re taking a Number Two trip. So, these thrones give you two options to choose from, so you can decide how much water you actually need on a given trip.

The big benefit of a dual-flush as opposed to a single flush model is that you can choose the amount of water you use with each bathroom trip. If you go for a strict water-saver fixture, you’ll save a heck of a lot of water. However, you may run into clogs when you’re taking a #2 trip. A flexible model like these allows you to get just as powerful a flush for solid waste as a normal toilet, but with an extra, more conservative mode for liquid waste.

Usually they feature two buttons on the top of the tank, one for liquid waste and one for solid. The first button releases a reduced volume of water for liquids, and the second releases a larger volume to flush solids, which is more like a conventional fixture. The liquid function can save 50% or more of the water you’d use with the solid function! Over the course of the day, that really adds up. You’re conserving water without actually compromising on sanitation or convenience.

Dual flush toilets aren’t just good for the environment—they’re good for your wallet, too. By saving water every time you flush liquid waste, you can significantly reduce your water bill. After a few years of use, the dual flush toilet can pay for itself–especially if you use a municipal water supply.

Update: We have a recently updated guide to what is a dual flush toilet and why you might want one.

What’s Next?

Looking for a slightly taller set of toilets? Check out our One-Piece reviews—all ADA-approved. Interested in reducing your household water usage even more? Take a look through our Best Low Flow Toilets, or Best Composting Toilet reviews. Visit our article on the Best Toilet Reviews.

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