The Best Handicap/ADA-Approved Toilet Reviews: Our Top Picks

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Looking for a reliable and comfortable ADA-approved toilet? You came to the right place. Comfort height toilets are ADA-approved/handicap toilets that are taller than normal toilets, making them easier to access for people with disabilities and those who suffer from impaired mobility. These toilets are essential for homes with elderly people or those who suffer from injuries and illnesses that prevent them from moving around easily.

Not all toilets out there are comfort height and ADA-approved toilets, so make sure you do your research and find the ones that will work in your home. We did a more thorough research for you and found toilets that do not just have the specifications outlined in the Americans with Disabilities act but also have the usual sought-after functions of toilets such as excellent flushing capability, good comfort and durable materials.

Comparison Chart for the Best Handicap/ADA-Approved Toilets 

PictureProductWater UseWeight
Toto Drake1.6 gallons per flush92 pounds
Woodbridge T-00011.6 gallons per flush119 pounds
Kohler Cimarron1.28 gallons per flush65.3 pounds
PictureProductWater UseWeight

Best Handicap/ADA-Approved Toilet: Reviews

1. Toto Drake: Best Price

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“Affordably meets quality. This is the toilet we recommend to anyone who needs a handicap-friendly toilet because it is affordable but it doesn’t sacrifice on quality.”

Toto is one of those toilet makers you can turn to again and again for quality products. This one isn’t an exception. Cash-strapped buyers will find this a great choice because of its more affordable price tag. The solid construction doesn’t disappoint. It can take a lot of beating and can accommodate the weight of heavier people.


This is an ADA-compliant toilet that has a height that makes sliding on and off the toilet seat easier. It has an overall height of 30.5 inches. The overall width is 19.5 inches. Its high profile provides more comfort to people with disabilities.

“We like its GMAX flush technology that effectively flushes down solid wastes without a need for a second flush.”

It has also been equipped with a flush valve that is 125% wider than standard valves out there, making sure that sticky solid wastes do not cause a blockage.

It flushes down solid wastes fast. There are siphon jets integrated in it, which means the water flows around the bowl for a more thorough cleaning. Other toilets will require you to hold down the flush lever until it flushes down completely. You don’t have to do that with this toilet. One press and it flushes effectively.

We definitely find its compatibility with bidets an advantage. For people with disabilities or mobility problems, installing a bidet can make life more convenient. This toilet makes room for a bidet and makes installation easier.

Installation is fairly easy and manageable. It comes with a manual that will walk you through the process. If you have prior experience to installing toilets, this should not be a pain to install.


The bottom back area requires more space. That design point can be disadvantageous when installing this toilet in a small bathroom. The manufacturer did mention the size of the rough in, so buyers should take that into consideration to make sure it will really fit in their intended spots.

The base also tends to take up a large footprint. It’s not as compact as the others in this list, which is again another problem if you have space constraints.

If you are 5”1’ and shorter, you will find this toilet too tall for you.

2. Woodbridge T-0001: Best Design

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“We recommend this toilet to people who hate having to constantly scrub their toilets clean. It has a grooveless minimalist design that is easy to keep clean.”

If you gravitate towards more modern toilet designs, we highly recommend this one. Although it has an overall height that is more fitting for people with disabilities and those with limited range of motion, it does have a compact and streamlined profile that isn’t obtrusive to modern spaces. We like the low tank and the squared edges. The elongated seat also gives this toilet the ability to provide comfort. More than its modern aesthetic, we think this is a great choice for anyone who just wants a reliable toilet that will do its job well.


This one-piece toilet features a skirted trapway and grooveless design. We appreciate this style of toilets very much just because we have a very busy lifestyle and we don’t relish the idea of spending a long time scrubbing the toilet clean. It doesn’t get dirty easily, which is good for people like us who can’t be bothered with tedious cleaning chores.

You know how some toilet seats can cut off circulation because they are too small? That isn’t a problem with this. The elongated toilet seat is wide enough to accommodate different sizes of users. It doesn’t look like it because of how different the style is with standard toilets but it’s actually comfortable. The front of the toilet also tapers down, which means you can sit with your legs pushed in for better stability.

This will work as a master’s bedroom toilet because it flushes down quietly. It won’t produce a loud flushing sound that can be disrupting if you put it right next to your sleeping quarters.

We don’t find any issue with its flushing efficacy. Everything comes down in one solid flush. It picks up the residues on the sides, so the toilet remains clean.

Unlike the first toilet, this one already comes with a soft closing seat. It is attached firmly to the toilet, so even if the users roughly sit on it, it won’t wiggle around. It feels solid and stable, great for people with impaired mobility. It is also made from a stainless-steel material, so it should handle heavier loads better.

“One of the things you can find in this toilet that you can’t find in the other toilets is its Quick Release seat function”.

Not a lot of ADA-approved toilets have this feature but it’s very convenient to have because it allows you to remove the toilet seat easily without using other tools. Dirt often gets in that area, so it’s really nice to be able to completely remove the toilet seat and reach that spot for cleaning.


The stems inside the tank that connects to the flush button is too short. Sometimes, it doesn’t activate the flush function easily. You might have to hold down the flush button a bit longer to get the toilet to flush.

The hinges of the toilet seat, because they are made from steel, can be prone to rust. You might have to apply an anti-rust treatment to prevent this from happening. You can also get the manufacturer to replace the hinges if this happens to you.

3. Kohler Cimarron: Most Efficient

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“This toilet is classic-looking, functional and doesn’t compromise on efficiency. This is a perfect choice for anyone looking to conserve more water.”

Is efficiency a big factor for you to consider? Get this one then. It is more efficient than the previous two toilets, so it can offer considerable savings on water bills. Compared to the other two, you can save as much as 20% of water if you use this. Although efficiency is its biggest trait, anyone looking for a reliable toilet with a powerful flush will also find its flushing capabilities more than satisfactory.


It is a comfort height toilet, so the height is similar to that of chairs. It can provide adults with mobility issues the ease of usage they are looking for.

It is a two-piece style of toilet, so it is easier to carry into your bathroom. If you are going to install the toilet all by yourself, this two-piece construction might be a better choice for you. Installation is also easier because it already comes with a metal bracket integrated at the tank’s bottom. You don’t have to bolt it down. Not only is this easier to install, it also keeps leaks at bay as there are no bolt holes for water to potentially escape from. You also do not have to deal with corroded bolts.

“The AquaPiston flush engine works and it’s also different from the others because it allows the water to swirl in all sides to clean the bowl much more effectively.”

The flush is satisfying. It’s so powerful, it pulls down all the solids in it. No need to flush twice to get the results you want.


The seat has a tendency to loosen up from time to time. While that might not be a deal breaker, it can be annoying when you have to tighten the seat repeatedly.

The inside parts are different from standard toilet parts. This might come as a problem in the future when some parts wear out and you will have to get a replacement.


Do you have budget constraints? We recommend getting the Toto Drake. It’s just a little bit less expensive than the other two but actually has more to offer when it comes to durability and features than the other two options. We think this is the best choice overall because of the combination of excellent features and a good price range.

We like the design of the Woodbridge T-0001 the most just because it dispenses the need for constant cleaning and maintenance. We think you can get away with not having to scrub your toilet clean for days because the design just doesn’t allow it to become dirty easily. It’s an excellent choice for busy individuals or those who hate doing chores.

Its efficiency is one of the reasons why we picked the Kohler Cimarron. We recommend this to those who want to conserve water or who live in an area where there are occasional water shortage problems.

All these toilets have a good height and comfort level ideal for people who have difficulty moving around.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Handicap/ADA Approved Toilet

We can help you find the right handicap-friendly toilet out there. Just take the following things into consideration:


“Although comfort height or ADA-approved toilets are taller than standard toilets, you would want to check its height specifications, to find out whether it is high enough for your preferences (1).”

If there are other people who will use the toilet, you should also consider their needs. If it is too tall, it might not be easily accessible to children or to petite individuals. Find a good height that can cater to the needs of the people in your household.

Flushing Power

You still would want it to function well. You might have a good toilet height but if it doesn’t flush well, you still won’t find it easy to use. Pressure-assisted toilets tend to have more powerful flushes compared to gravity ones but if you have your sights set on gravity-operated toilets, you should look for other assistive features like siphon jets to help the toilet flush down solid wastes more effectively.


How much water does it need to flush the toilet? 1.2 gpf toilets are the most efficient ones you can get today but if it doesn’t flush well, you will have to do a second flush, which defeats the purpose of getting an efficient toilet. So aside from how much water it consumes, also consider how well it eliminates solid wastes.


Does it already come with a toilet seat? If so, how comfortable is it? Soft close toilet seats are a staple in modern toilets but make sure you check the material used to see if they can provide the comfort you are looking for.


A glossy finish makes it easier to maintain the toilet because dirt doesn’t collect easily on its surface. Sticky solids also slide off easily. Aside from that, also choose a design that is easier to clean. Avoid those with a lot of curves that can become dirt magnets.


Decide on how much you want to spend on a toilet. While you can definitely find affordable toilets with quality functions and features, it is better to spend a bit more money to afford brands that are more reliable.

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