Best Toilet Repair Kits Reviewed: Top DIY Flush Valve Rebuild Assembly Options

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Best Toilet Repair KitsAs much as we all try to buy the perfect toilet up front, having to repair your throne eventually is a fact of life for the modern homeowner. When possible, try to use your warranty coverage to pay for replacement parts and labor costs! However, if you’re out of warranty, you shouldn’t be stuck paying a fortune for a plumber to come by. Most toilet repairs are actually really simple. All you need is a cheap repair kit!

Here are a few of our favorites:

1. Korky 2003BP EasyFix Toilet Flush Valve & Flapper Repair Kit

Amazing Value

  • Flapper Valve Only
  • Easy to Install
  • Made in USA
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2. Fluidmaster 400CRP14 Universal Toilet Fill Valve & Flapper Repair Kit

Most Popular

  • Fill Valve + Flapper
  • Seamless Installation
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3. Korky 4010PK Universal Complete Toilet Repair

Full Toilet Repair

  • Fill Valve + Flapper
  • Quiet Flushing
  • Made in USA
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4. Next by Danco HydroClean Water-Saving Toilet Fill Valve Repair Kit

Built-in Leak Detection

  • Fill Valve Only
  • Water Saving Valve
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5. Plumbcraft 7029000 Toilet Repair Kit

Complete Repair Kit

  • Fill Valve + Flapper
  • Saves up to 40% More Water
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6. Hibbent Universal Toilet Fill Valve Kit Adjustable Water Line

Universal Fill Valve

  • Fill Valve Only
  • Easy to Install
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Best Toilet Repair Kit Reviews

1.Korky EasyFix

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This kit is a super cheap way to get your flusher valve working again. It costs less than $10, and includes the Korky Plus Flapper,  a replacement valve seat, and silicone sealant to put it all together.

It’s a great fix for corroded valve seats or float issues. It fits any 2” flush valves, and it’s designed to take less than 15 minutes to install. You don’t have to remove the tank to make the fix!

We also appreciate that the materials are resistant to both bacteria and corrosive deposits. It’s all a synthetic, flexible rubber material that seals well and lasts .

If your toilet is leaking past the flapper, or keeps trickling after the end of a flush, this is a good solution. The best part is–it’s all made in the USA, in a WI factory! We’ve found that this one is extremely easy to install, and didn’t show any signs of wear after a few months’ use.

Be aware that this kit is just for the flapper valve assembly, so it won’t fix anything related to the fill valve. It’s not a universal kit, either, so make sure you have 2-inch valves. The one big downside of this design is that it’s not quite as decisive as a floater, so be aware that you may have to manually jiggle the handle on some older toilets.

You’ll also need to be careful using the silicone, and make sure everything seals properly, to make sure you don’t end up with another leak. It’s always a good idea to check that your toilet is compatible with silicone before you buy.

2. Fluidmaster 400CR

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The Fluidmaster 400CR is a kit for overhauling your fill valve and flapper all in one go. It’s actually the most popular toilet repair kit on the market right now!

If you have problems at both ends of your tank assembly, this is a better kit than the Korky EasyFix. It includes both a flapper assembly and a fill valve assembly, with all the necessary sealant and o-rings to get the job done tight.

It also has some design tweaks and improvements which make it one of the best fill/flapper kits over the long term. No only is the material resistant to bacteria, it’s coated in Microban, which is a very effective compound that’s used to prevent the spread of germs on equipment in public restrooms and medical facilities. All the components are also extremely resistant to chlorine. The fill valve has a filter which can get clogged if you have hard water. It’s also covered by a 5-year warranty.

It’s even faster to install than the Korky, too. That’s helped by the inclusion of much better instructions than the Korky comes with. The solid-frame flapper design makes this one more consistent in flushing than the Korky, which occasionally has some issues with phantom flushes.

The Fluidmaster’s not made in the USA, though, so quality control can be fairly inconsistent. Some buyers said theirs held up well, while others said components failed pretty shortly after installation. You also can’t jimmy-rig the flapper to work for a slightly different toilet design.

The downside of the rigid design is that it’ll either work perfectly, or not at all. And finally, like the Korky, it’s not a universal kit. You can only use this one on 2” fittings, and some tank shapes just won’t work perfectly.

3. Korky Universal Complete

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Our current favorite toilet repair kit is another Korky model. It’s basically an expanded version of the Fluidmaster, but with the USA build quality and helpful instructions that come with Korky products. It’s universal for all 2” assemblies, and it includes both a flapper and filler valve set.

In fact, this kit includes absolutely everything you’ll need to overhaul the whole toilet mechanism. There’s nuts, bolts, washers, and gaskets to go along with the two main components.

This one’s better than the Fluidmaster in a number of ways. The valves and fittings are manufactured more precisely, so they fit better with fewer leaks than the Chinese version. They’re made with a Chlorazone material, which is extremely durable, no matter what chemicals are in your water supply. The whole thing is also much quieter with each flush, which is a key measure of quality for these components. We especially like that this one is adjustable, so it can be fitted to pretty much any size of tank.

It can last for years, as previous buyers have attested, and it’s backed by a 5-year warranty. Reviewers also said they were extremely pleased with the quality of the instructions. They said they made a wonderful change from poorly-translated Chinese manuals. Korky also have a really good video tutorial online, and the URL’s in the manual so you can find it easily.

On the downside, this model costs twice the price of a flapper-only kit, and it’s $5 or so more expensive than the Fluidmaster. Most of that cost can be justified by the improvement in quality, but this is still one of the more expensive kits on the market right now.

It’s not perfect, either. The rubber rings are on the harder side of things, so you’ll have to be careful to fasten the fittings to avoid leaks. Some buyers who were used to softer seals said they ended up with leaks. Take your time, and make sure you check for drips before you finish the job.

4. Next by Danco HydroClean Water-Saving Toilet Fill Valve Repair Kit

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Be the ultimate DIY-er with this repair kit that can effectively detect leaks. The toilet fill valve alerts you with an audible warning if there is a leak detected. That means all leaks are immediately addressed, so no more surprises the next time you get your water bill. You can get peace of mind knowing that this will alert you in case of a leak.

It also features a water-saving function as well, thanks to the mini valve that has been built-in to its system. It automatically makes adjustments to the water level.

Aside from being a wonderful repair kit, this can also be your ally when it comes to keeping your toilet clean. The cleaning jets flush out debris from the toilet tank, leaving you with a clean toilet all the time. That minimizes all the tedious responsibility a lot of people have about cleaning.

This is a highly recommend repair kit for the novice user since it installs easily. It has been equipped with a Smart Nut function that allows even the most inexperienced homeowner to install this with no issues. It also makes way for easier adjustments. It automatically shuts off the tank to make filling and repair fuss-free.

It is not often you see a toilet repair kit that works in calibrating your toilet as well. But with this nifty function, you can experience full toilet flush efficiency.

This inexpensive kit comes with a cleaning tube as well. You can also take advantage of its 5-year warranty.

5. Plumb Craft 7029000 Toilet Repair Kits

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Spend a bit more money on this complete repair kit with multiple and versatile functions. It includes fill and flush valves, bolts, washers, toilet flapper, gasket and flush lever. It aids you in conserving water. It guarantees to save as much as 40% of water. There are 7 water flow adjustment caps included in this purchase and all of them are color-coded for easier usage.

Everything about this set is built to last. There are no parts and materials that are prone to corrosion and rust formation. You can enjoy using this for many more years to come.

It also turns a noisy toilet into a quiet one as it replaces the floating ball mechanism. A lot of users did not go through so much trouble installing this one. Even those that did not have prior experience in installing a toilet repair kit found this easy to install.

It’s a little bit more expensive than your average toilet repair kit but since it comes with more parts and functions, it is worth spending a bit more money. It’s not that heavy on the budget as well. And if you are looking for a kit that you can rely on for a lot of uses, this will definitely fit the bill.

There were just a few isolated cases here and there such as the valve not stopping right away. It will take a minute or so before completely stopping, which some users find bothersome.

6. Hibbent Universal Toilet Fill Valve Kit Easy and Rapid Adjustable Water Line

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This inexpensive repair kit is just the thing you need if you are only looking for a tank fill valve replacement. It takes care of most concerns about the fill valve such as slow filling problems, noisy or cracked valves. This is a completely adjustable fill valve. Just push down the ring and find the right height that works for your specific needs. It goes from 7.8 inches of height to up to 13 inches.

It is a universal fill valve, so you shouldn’t have issues fitting it in different brands of toilets. It also has an automatic shut off function, so it will conserve water effectively. You also have the option of delaying the fill water function.

Customers have been raving about how easy this repair kit to install is. They said it took them no more than 10 minutes to hook it up to their toilet. It also solved many of their toilet flushing issues such as noise and uncontrollable filling.

If you have a high-efficiency toilet such as those low-flow ones, you can also use this repair kit. It works even with the shorter fill valve because it is completely adjustable.

There aren’t a lot of negative reviews about this product. There weren’t issues with leaks, which should tell you a lot about how reliable it is. It also operates silently according to users.

Perhaps the downside is that there aren’t a lot of reports about how good the customer service is. If you have any questions about its usage, you might not get a lot of support. Also, it is lacking in bells and whistles that many people might look for as it is only a fill valve and no other functions are included.

How to shop for the best toilet repair kit:

Figure out what your problem is

Before you start shopping, it’s a good idea to diagnose your toilet’s problem. Depending on whether you’ve got a “phantom flush”, a continually-running flow, leaks, or a flapper/floater that won’t stop the tank filling over the sides, you’ll need to replace different parts and components.

To diagnose your toilet, simply flush it to empty the tank, then shut off the water. Usually, that involves switching a valve next to the base of the throne.

Once the water’s off and the tank is empty, you can have a look inside! You should check all the seals and valves for corrosion since corrosion and mineral deposits are usually the culprits for leaks and other issues.

Check the valve seats, fittings, and other metal components for pitting, and if they’re deteriorated, make sure to scrub them with steel wool before you re-fit the toilet. Watch your floater ball carefully, and take it through its range of motion with your hand. Don’t worry–tank water hasn’t touched anything unsavory!  if it’s not working properly, or if one of the wires has broken/come loose, just replace it with a flapper valve kit.

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Here are a few common problems, and what to do about them

-your toilet has phantom flushes or runs intermittently

in this case, the culprit is probably the tank’s floater ball or flapper mechanism, which isn’t doing a good job at reading the water level in the tank. If your floater/flapper assembly can’t judge the water level, it’ll keep trying to fill the tank, or work like it’s always in the middle of a flush.

If this is your problem, the solution is to re-fit the flapper valve and replace the gaskets and seals. Pretty much any toilet repair kit will come with a flapper valve, so you should be able to get away with one of the cheaper ones for $10 or less. Gaskets and seals are even less expensive to replace. Just be sure to lubricate them if necessary, and make sure they’re completely flush before you start using the throne again.

-your toilet keeps running non-stop

If your toilet won’t stop running at a slow trickle (something you’ll almost certainly hear), your problem is a faulty fill valve, which is usually a ball-cock style with a smaller float that’s attached to an arm inside the tank. Again, this is a case where the mechanism is acting like more water is needed even though it isn’t.

You can try cleaning out the original valve, to see if that solves the problem. In many cases, clogged or mucked-up valves can be the culprit. If you can simply clean and re-fit them, you’re good as gold without buying any components! Use an old toothbrush and vinegar. That usually does the trick.

If cleaning doesn’t solve the problem, you should buy a kit that comes with a new fill valve and all the accompanying fittings. Fill valve kits will cost you between $15 and $20. You’ll have to replace all the affected components, then make sure the replacements fit together tightly.

Learn more on How to Fix a Running Toilet

-your toilet has a weak or incomplete flush

If your toilet doesn’t have a good strong flush, your problem is either the flush-valve cartridge or the air inducer/filter on the fill valve. Both of these parts are fairly easy to clean with a good wire brush and a soak in vinegar, and they probably won’t need to be replaced. With that said, folks with hard water may need to completely replace parts more frequently than others.

Choose a kit that has the appropriate components to solve the problem

best toilet repair kitThis next step is fairly obvious, but you should know which parts you need to have in your kit. In addition to the main components like the fill valve and flapper, make sure you keep a tally of all the O-rings, seals, or bolts you need to replace. Many kits come with extra fittings, but they may not necessarily match the hardware already on your toilet. When you’re comparing the big components like the valves, make sure you take a good look at the holes on your toilet. Know the size of the hardware (most standard toilets use 2” connections), and know the shape of the holes, because they can vary between ovular, circular, and square.

Buy American where possible

Here at Homeworthy List, we always like to shop domestic where possible. American-made parts support your fellow workers, and they keep our economy strong.

And while it’s true that you’ll find imported kits and components for lower prices, you’ll find that American parts have better overall quality. That means they’ll fit more precisely (and leak less often), and last longer. You can’t put a price on that!

So, while you might have to pay a couple dollars extra for something made in the USA, we think it’s always a smart investment. We always indicate the country of origin in our recommendations!

Know whether you’ll be using silicone

You should check your toilet warranty documentation or info sheet to see if it’s designed to be used with silicone. That might seem like a tiny detail, but some fixtures are built to be compatible with silicone, and some aren’t. Compatibility matters because many kit components are made from silicone, or are meant to be used with a silicone sealant.

If your toilet isn’t silicone-friendly, you probably won’t be able to get a good seal for the internal components. You could also end up with unintentional corrosion or chemical reaction between your sealant and the material on the toilet itself. Always consult your throne’s documentation before you make any repair decisions!

Don’t expect miracles

Lastly, and we can’t stress this enough, toilet repair kits aren’t miracle-workers. They’re designed to address specific issues with a throne or to replace particular components.[1] If your toilet is just plain poorly-designed, they’re not going to do much to help you out.

Let’s break that down. These repair kits are designed to resolve problems with specific parts of a toilet’s flushing mechanism. They can stop things running constantly, or help you replace a leaky seal. They don’t solve problems with the toilet itself. They won’t make it more efficient, beyond stopping runs and drips. They won’t make any miraculous improvements to flushing performance, either.

If you need to find the best toilet repair kit we’ve done all the hard work for you and would recommend you try the Korky Easyfix thanks to its incredibly low cost and functionality.

So, if your commode has worked very well in the past, but develops a problem over time, a kit is probably the best approach. If it’s never worked particularly well, you may want to consider replacing it with something better. That’s when it’s time to read our main buying guides!

Final Verdict

In conclusion, the above products are indeed the best toilet repair kits. They have excellent features and amazing functionality which makes them worth the value of your money. They are easy to install, excellent at repairing, chlorine resistant and use less water. If you’re still confused as to what toilet you should get, read more on Best Toilet Reviews. If you need a place to keep them then you can hold them in your shower cabinet if you have extra space. 

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