Best Corner Toilet Reviews: Small Fixtures To Save Serious Space

Best Corner Toilet Reviews

A corner toilet is a surefire solution to the biggest problems with the bathroom, space. If you’re one of the people who wasn’t blessed with a huge bathroom, feel a little bit claustrophobic every time you enter your bathroom, don’t supply enough legroom, would love to utilize more space in your bathroom, or simply don’t know how to deal with a cramped and small space, then a great investment would be a corner toilet.

Corner toilets can supply you with space-saving and sometimes compact options for your bathroom. Some have more of a triangular shape that is designed specifically to fit in the corner of the bathroom, instead of it being erected right from the center, they fit in the space where the two walls meet.

It is no doubt that bathrooms usually are thought about last when it comes to the design process of the house, and they usually tend to be the smallest and most cramped.

Corner toilets come in all sorts of different colors, styles, and designs and with varying technologies – from water-efficient technology to germ-battling techniques, as well as dual flush designs. Whether you face horribly restricting spaces in your bathroom, or you want to free up more space – corner toilets are a good option.

We’ve done our research and measured all the pros and cons, below you will find our picks for the best corner toilet. Read below to find out more about your buying options.

Best Corner Toilet Reviews

1. American Standard Corner Toilet – 270BD

American Standard Corner Toilet – 270BD

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They always provide top-notch products with great warranty, customer service and cutting-edge technology in their designs.

To start off, American Standard as a brand is one of the most well-known and recognizable ones in the industry of making toilets. They always provide top-notch products with great warranty, customer service, and cutting-edge technology in their designs.

The Standard Corner Toilet isn’t just used for saving up plenty of space (which it already does), but it has plenty of other advantages. It has got a sharp, white, contemporary look to it, it’s quite strong (all thanks to the vitreous china it’s made out of) and it perfectly juxtaposes sleek style with strong performance to create the perfect product.

You’ll find different sizes and styles (so you can finally choose between elongated and round). If buying a cheaper option is important to you, then definitely go for the round bowls – which also save much more space than the elongated. If you’re looking for a stylish addition to your toilet while also saving space – then choose the elongated one. The products come with a 3-inch valve used for flushing and has had consistent raving customer reviews.


This is the perfect toilet if you need a strong, durable toilet that also saves you up a lot of space and fits well in your bathroom’s corner.

The white design is sleek and stylish.

It’s quite water efficient and environmentally friendly as it only uses 1.6 gallons per flush, thus making sure no water is wasted. [1]

The design is ADA compliant. That means that whatever type of bathroom you have will work well with this type of corner toilet.

You don’t need batteries for this toilet.

If you’re big on cleaning and using chemical materials to clean, or if you live in a household with many people and clean the bathroom daily, then you’d be happy to know that it comes with a large flapper specifically made to resist hard chemicals.

The 3-inch flapper also provides a very strong flushing mechanism – so that contrasted with the low amount of water used is a great advantage.

The seat of this toilet comes with an Ever Clean surface. Ever Clean surfaces have become revolutionary and are slowly becoming essentials in all types of toilets. That type of surface resists any types of bacteria or germs from growing on the toilet set, thus increasing the hygiene of the toilet and decreasing any potential risks.

You don’t need batteries for this toilet.

The toilet comes with a smart flush which only needs a light touch to flush instead of a hard push.


It is quite expensive.

The set does not come with a seat, and when seats are added, the toilet becomes a bit higher than normal ones. This could cause difficulties for children.

The toilet doesn’t completely stick to the wall behind it.

2. American Standard Elongated Two-Piece Triangle

American Standard Elongated Two-Piece Triangle

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It can be fitted in any small area, and you have the full freedom to separate the tank from the seat.

When it comes to both, design and function, this product rates very high thanks to its triangle shape and elongated bowl. This seat perfectly blends all the factors that you need for a toilet seat that saves space but looks sleek and modern.

It can be fitted in any small area, and you have the full freedom to separate the tank from the seat. This is called two-piece design, which is considered more flexible and a much better choice if you want to replace any of the parts later on.


This toilet seat ranks high when it comes to looks and features.

They boast Ever Clean surfaces which, as mentioned above, help fight against microbes, infections and germs. If your bathroom is used by multiple people at the same time, then this is a great choice.

They are made of the sturdy vitreous China material, meaning that the surfaces are rough but sleek enough to make it a breeze to clean.

The toilet seats will not get stained, they will stay pristinely white for the life of your toilet.

The lifetime of the seat is quite long compared to others, and it’s known to be one of the most durable.

The toilet consumes 1.6 gallons per flush – making it water-efficient, and saves up on water bills.

The toilet seats will not get stained.

It is very easy to install and is equipped with an easy installation step-by-step guide so you can do it on your own at home.

3. American Standard Titan Pro Right Elongated Toilet Triangle Tank

American Standard Titan Pro Right Elongated Toilet Triangle Tank

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The toilet seats are a breeze to install, and they are available in bone color.

Another American Standard brand – the Titan Pro should be your first option if height is your first priority, and style comes second. The toilet seats are a breeze to install, and they are available in only bone color.

Dimensions are usually about 48.63 × 29.63 × 33.67 so they fit very well in the corner and save up a lot of space. The height is about 16.5 inches from the floor.


This corner toilet tank will save up a lot of your bathroom.

The strength and durability of the tank are unparalleled thanks to the vitreous China material.

This is also a great option if you’re looking for a simple, no-frills option.

As mentioned above, the height is about 16.5 inches which is taller than normal toilets, this will supply you with more comfortable option. If comfort is important, or if you have back or leg problems, or if you have elders around the household – then this should be your first option.

No clogging.

The seat is included.

The biggest advantage of this is that it features an 1.28 gallon per flush rate. This is the most water-efficient option in this list, and your water bill will not be affected as much as with other toilets.

This is also a great buying option if you’re looking for a simple, white, no-frills option. It does not supply a lot of features, but it is sturdy and efficient.

You get a 10-year warranty with the seat from their website – so if you’re ever looking for replacements, or need to fix the toilet, you don’t need to worry.


The seat is not included.

Only one color option is provided, so you won’t be able to get a white toilet in this line.

How To Pick The Best Corner Toilet

Water Efficiency

American Standard Titan ProThe first thing you need to think about is how much you care about water efficiency. As a rule of thumb, the more gallons the toilet consumes per flush, the less water efficient. Anything ranging from 1.6 gallons per flush to below is considered very water efficient.

Water efficiency is a major advantage if you care about the environment, are leaning towards a more eco-friendly product, or simply don’t want your water bills to pile up. Try to look for the least gallon per flush number. This will save you money in the long run, as the fewer gallons flushed, the less money you spend. You can also look for a dual flushing option, as well as look for a toilet that features an  EPA certified water-saving label if you want to get the most efficient water savings.

As a rule of thumb, the more gallons the toilet consumes per flush, the less water efficient.

One-piece, two pieces, or a full set?

Do you want a one-piece or two-piece toilet set? That depends on whether you plan on replacing/changing parts and your budget. Some products come with a seat, and some don’t. Some come with just a bowl. Or just a tank. You need to decide if you need to change the entire toilet set up in your bathroom or just one piece. Bowls come in elongated shapes and round ones. Round ones usually are more compact, but elongated ones give that sleek, contemporary look to your bathroom.

Round ones usually save up even more space, but elongated ones give that sleek, contemporary look to your bathroom.

Is cleaning time a priority?

If your main priority is to spend as less time cleaning the toilet as possible, then there will be a few factors you need to consider. That includes the coating used – some companies create a coating that resists bacteria and mold for example. You can also decide to choose a toilet that features smooth surface for easier cleaning, or a bowl with holes inside.

How Much Space Do You Need?

Not all toilets are built in the same size, make sure you get a measuring tape and see how much space you actually have and then decide upon that. You need to check the exact dimensions of each toilet you’re looking for and the dimensions of your own toilet. If you have limited space, you can check our other recommendations for the best space-saving toilets for small bathrooms.

Benefits of Corner Toilets

Whether your bathroom is small or not, installing a compact corner toilet will instantly give your bathroom a more spacious, open and free look. You’ll suddenly feel like you’ll have much more space in your bathroom.

Once you’ve installed your corner toilet, you’ll realize you have much more space than you intended, so it will give you more freedom to add items to your bathroom. You could install a shower, get a new laundry box, and much more.

You won’t need to tear down your wall and they’re very easy to install.

Corner toilets can come with just as many features as a standard toilet, such as dual flushing options. And because they come in both round and elongated designs you can choose your level of comfort.

You’ll suddenly feel like you’ll have much more space in your bathroom.

Disadvantages of Corner Toilets

The main problem with corner toilets is the difficulty of reaching the plumping system. Because they are more in the corner, it will be harder to access due to their location.

You won’t find the color or design choices and you’ll be limited when it comes to the type of toilet you choose. This is because those types of toilets are not that popular yet.

Another main problem is that you’ll need to relocate the main drain which means you have to break down a part of the floor.

The main problem with corner toilets is the difficulty of reaching the plumping system.

Buyers Also Asked-

Do corner toilets save space?

Corner toilets do not necessarily save space, as they are the same size as an average toilet. What they do is use space better though. This is because you no longer have to worry about knee room when you are using a corner toilet.

How much space is needed for a corner toilet?

How much space you need for your toilet will depend on your cities building codes. Most codes require that you should have at least 15 inches of space between the toilet and any sidewall or fixture. You should also have at least 30 inches of space between the center of your toilet and the center of any sanitary fixture, and 24 inches of space in front of your toilet.

Which is better, a round or elongated toilet?

An elongated toilet is better if you have room in your bathroom. It is reported to be more comfortable for most users. A round toilet is usually the better choice if you have a small bathroom though because they take up less space.

Final Thoughts

American Standard 270BDBy choosing a corner model toilet, you might sacrifice the look of the toilet itself but you’ll definitely be adding value to a cramped toilet. The advantages of owning one outweigh the disadvantages, and you can find all the features you generally need in a normal toilet in a corner one. Whether you want a dual flushing system, an EPA certified toilet, clean surfaces, sleek designs, or an option that provides comfort– you’ll find them all in corner toilets.

We only recommend, however, that you choose a corner toilet only if you really need to. You’ll have to break down the main wall and change the drain, so you need to think if it will be worth the investment or it will be a waste of money.

Consider all the factors mentioned in this article – height, shape, design, water efficiency, space, hygiene, and price, and then make a decision about which is the best corner toilet for your home. Always make sure to go with renowned and recognized brands that offer warranty and exceptional customer service to avoid any hassles. We recommend you to our overall best toilet reviews for more product reviews on toilets and great bathroom products.

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