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latest-toilet-technologyThere have been improvements into many facets of our lives. One of the oldest overlooked areas for any advancement is the toilet. Several companies have noticed the neglect. They set out to change the oldest activity done by humanity.

The developed countries have taken toilets for granted. Forty percent of the world lack access to toilets. No reliable way to manage human waste has a cost. The areas these people live have dirty conditions. Human waste contains bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Poor management means water sources are susceptible to contamination. Peepoole seeks to provide an answer. They developed a bag with a special lining. The lining converts feces into fertilizer. The bag kills off harmful organisms. After treatment, the bags contents to help local farmers’ crops. No plumbing required is the greatest feature. Removing plumbing means more help for undeveloped countries.

What about the people in the developed countries? Citizens in these countries wouldn’t be able to poop into a bag. How can they contribute to local farming? Ecotoilets steps in to help. They operate in the United Kingdom. They provide composting toilets to residential houses. They claim their toilets require little effort to stay clean and protect water sources. The toilets, more importantly, keep sewage from ending in landfills. Ecotoilets sales double every year in the United Kingdom. The toilets separate the solids and liquids. The toilets are mini-waste processing systems.

We discussed how to make human waste help farmers. What if farmers have enough fertilizer? The Gates Foundation’s engineers had an idea. What is the sewage sludge was something valuable instead of trash? They created the Janicki Bioenergy Omniprocessor. The processor takes the sludge removes the water. The dried sludge burned in a furnace. The furnace creates hot pressured steam. The steam going into a steam generator and produces energy. The energy powers the processor first. Excess energy goes out to the community. The removed water runs through a cleaning system. What you end up with is clean drinking water.

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