Best Toilet Paper For Sensitive Skin: Top Hypoallergenic, Unbleached & Unscented Brand Reviews

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Best Toilet Paper For Sensitive Skin

“All toilet papers are the same”. You might be one of those people who think all toilet papers are created equal until you suffer from allergies and other sensitivities that could be caused by your toilet paper. Let us be clear that the toilet papers you find out there might look the same, but they are, by no means, equal.

They can vary in strength and formula. Some may have been incorporated with chemical ingredients while others might be made from recycled materials. There’s a variety of toilet papers you can find today so it’s a good idea to be more discerning.

If you are looking for a hypoallergenic toilet paper that will ensure you or your family members will not suffer from allergic reactions, you came to the right. We checked out the brands touted by many as the best, so you can also follow suit and use them in your home.

1. Charmin Ultra Gentle Toilet Paper

Best Value

  • 2-Ply
  • No Chafing
  • Hypoallergenic
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2. Cottonelle Ultra GentleCare Toilet Paper

Best Cleaning

  • 1-Ply
  • Aloe Vera + Vitamin E
  • No Added Dyes
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3. Seventh Generation Unbleached Toilet Paper

Most Eco-Friendly

  • 2-Ply
  • Unbleached
  • No Added Dyes
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4. NatureZway Bamboo Toilet Paper

Longest Lasting

  • 2-Ply
  • No Artificial Dyes or Chemicals
  • 100% Bamboo
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Best Toilet Paper for Sensitive Skin Reviews

1. Charmin Ultra Gentle Toilet Paper

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This is a value-for-your-money pack that comes with 6 rolls of tissue paper that has 300 sheets of paper for each roll. One roll is equivalent to 4 rolls of a regular brand, so you are saving a lot of money if you get this one.

What makes this better for people with sensitive skin is that the paper has been integrated with a lotion for a soothing effect. It doesn’t grate or chafe your skin. In fact, it is recommended even if you have sensitive and irritated skin.

It is also dermatologist tested. You can be assured that this toilet paper won’t irritate your skin as it has undergone stringent tests to ensure that it is safe to use on sensitive skin.[2] Aside from its hypoallergenic properties, it is also safe for your septic tanks.


  • This toilet paper is really soft. It doesn’t leave wipe burns and doesn’t hurt the skin, which might even make this ideal for babies.
  • It can be flushed in your toilet because it is safe for septic and sewer systems.
  • It also does a thorough job in cleaning the bum. You leave the toilet really feeling clean.
    Many of those who have used this have stuck with it for years because this is the best toilet paper they have tried.


  • Some said they are disappointed that the previous size of this was bigger, so they consume more rolls now than before this one came out.

2. Cottonelle Ultra GentleCare Toilet Paper

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When it comes to soft and hypoallergenic toilet papers, you can’t go wrong with this product from Cottonelle. It has been incorporated with Aloe Vera and enriched with Vitamin E, making this product ideal for people with sensitive skin or skin issues like eczema.

You will like its wavy texture as well. It cleans effectively without chafing your skin. You leave the bathroom feeling fresh and clean. It is also three times stronger compared to an average toilet paper, so it won’t tear easily while using it.


  • This is a good-sized toilet paper that can last you a long time.
  • People with sensitive skin will like how it effectively cleans the bum without causing micro cuts or without leaving behind lint that can irritate the skin. The aloe vera and vitamin E are also soothing and nourishing, so even younger kids who have delicate skin won’t have trouble using this.
  • The quality is really a stand-out. Many users liken the quality to a soft pillow. Some even said it is strong enough that you don’t need the 2-ply. Just one play is enough for your needs.
  • It doesn’t rip easily unlike other toilet papers. It is also cheaper than other brands like the Charmin previously mentioned.
  • Many also use this for the face. They used this to wipe dirt from the faces of kids and didn’t have issues. You can also use this for wiping dirt or make-up from your face.
  • The price is just right for most people. Their rolls are also long-lasting.


  • Some had issues with the rolls being shortened. There were also people who said they prefer that aloe is not used. Some said you can smell the aloe vera content when you use it to blow your nose.

3. Seventh Generation Unbleached Toilet Paper

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What makes this tissue paper ideal for people with sensitive skin is that it is devoid of artificial ingredients and additives that can irritate the skin. It doesn’t have dye or fragrances. It is also unbleached, so it is completely safe to use, even for children.

One pack comes with 48 double rolls, which is equivalent to having 120 regular rolls. Each roll has 400, 2-ply sheets. You can also flush this because it is safe for sewer and septic systems. People living in an RV or camper van can also use this. It is ideal even for low-flow toilets.


  • This is completely natural. It doesn’t have additives or chemical ingredients such as bleach, dyes and inks that can irritate the skin, perfect for people with sensitive skin.
  • It is a 2-ply tissue paper. It is strong and doesn’t tear easily.
  • It is an eco-friendly choice. By choosing this brand, you are conserving water and energy and saving trees.
  • If you go on camping trips using your camper van or RV, this is also an ideal toilet paper to use.
  • It doesn’t damage your septic system at home and even in low-flow toilet set-ups.
  • Many people who have chronic issues with their private organs have experienced relief when they tried using this tissue paper. There were also a lot of testimonies about how this tissue helped with their allergies.


  • Some said the paper is a bit on the thin side and that they tend to run through rolls of this tissue paper faster than normal. Some also preferred that this didn’t come with embossing as it made the surface rougher.

4. NatureZway Bamboo Toilet Paper

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This hypoallergenic toilet paper is made from bamboo pulp. It is completely free from BPA and other artificial fragrances and ingredients, making this the perfect choice if you suffer from sensitivity and allergies. It doesn’t contain dyes and chemicals as well. Each package comes with 48 rolls. Each roll has 400 sheets of 2-ply tissue paper.


  • This toilet paper doesn’t shred easily. It’s a good thing because there won’t be toilet paper residues stuck on your skin, which can still cause irritation.
  • It is made from 100% bamboo, which is a more sustainable way of making toilet paper. You can rely on its eco-friendly functions as well. If you are looking for a safe toilet paper to use that is gentle on your skin but you don’t like using the recycled ones, this is the best choice for you.
  • Many said the entire packaged lasted for a long time. Households don’t go through the rolls fast, a testament to how strong and thick it is.[1]
  • It is also ideal for low-flow toilets such as those found in RVs.


  • Some said it is more difficult to tear off.

Effects of Cheap Toilet Paper

Cheap Toilet Paper

Buying cheap toilet paper made from materials that are abrasive can inflict micro cuts to your private organs. And when you wipe repeatedly, which will then cause small wounds to appear, these wounds can get infected or irritated.

UTI or Urinary Tract Infection is another issue that you have to be wary of. It is caused by bacteria entering the urinary tract. Women are more susceptible to this problem and one of the contributing factors is improperly wiping the female organ.

That is not to mention that cheap toilet paper can cause irritation or redness. Anyone allergic to the ingredients in a toilet paper can develop adverse reactions such as itchiness and rashes.

This is why you would want to look for a toilet paper that is hypoallergenic but won’t necessarily cause you to spend a lot of money. Thankfully, there are plenty of options out there.

Here are the toilet papers great for their hypoallergenic benefits:

Which One Should You Use for Your Home?

Charmin Ultra GentleAre you a fan of the Charmin Ultra Sensitive? Get the Charmin Ultra Gentle Toilet Paper then. It’s just as good but what makes this different is the added lotion incorporated in the toilet paper to make it less abrasive on the skin, a plus if you have sensitive skin that gets irritated by harsh toilet paper.

The Cottonelle Ultra GentleCare Toilet Paper is an all-around toilet paper that you can use not just in the bathroom but for removing makeup or wiping your face as well. It is soothing because of its aloe content. If you like your toilet paper with this feature, get this.

For those who like unscented toilet papers that are also devoid of chemical components, get the Seventh Generation Unbleached Toilet Paper. It’s ideal for those with allergies as well as those that suffer from sensitivity in their private areas.

Don’t like the idea of using recycled paper? Go for the NatureZway Bamboo Toilet Paper instead. It is made from bamboo and is completely hypoallergenic as it is devoid of irritating components like chlorine and bleach.

How to Save More Money on Toilet Paper

Even though these toilet papers are affordable, buying a steady supply of them can still put a dent on your wallet. This is why it is a good idea to learn tips and tricks on how you can save money on toilet paper. Here are some of the things you can do so you can cut down your usage of toilet paper:

Provide rolls of toilet paper for each person each month.

Have you noticed that if you replenish the toilet paper in the bathroom, it tends to get used up faster than if you just give the people in your household their individual supply of toilet paper? You can divide and fold toilet papers so all you need to do is get one when you need to pee or poo in the toilet. It controls the amount of toilet paper you will have to use.

Look out for discounts.

If you don’t want to restrict your ration of toilet paper, just make sure you are getting great deals, so you can save money. There are a lot of stores offering discounts. You can also try couponing. It will help you save a lot of money.

If you can use a towel, do it.

Reserve the toilet paper for wiping the bum or wiping snot from the nose. If you are drying your hands, use a towel instead. You have more to wash in the laundry, but it definitely beats running through your supply of toilet paper.

Toilet Paper Buying Guide

There are plenty of toilet papers out there but finding one suitable for your needs can be really challenging unless you are okay with just about everything the market has to offer. But here are a few tips that can help you find a good brand that will suit your needs:

Check out the ingredients.

If you are allergic to a certain ingredient found in toilet papers such as chlorine, you would want to check the ingredient list at the back and determine whether there are ingredients there that could cause irritation or allergic reactions.

Check the thickness and durability.

Some might fray easily, which is why you should go for those that tend to be thicker. 2-ply ones are generally better, but some 1-ply tissue papers are as thick as 2-ply ones.

Make sure it is soft and doesn’t chafe the skin.

A toilet paper that has a rough surface can rub against your sensitive skin and this can cause redness and irritation. You would want something that has a smoother surface to prevent this from happening.

What’s Next?

Make sure you check out this page to find out the best toilet paper for you. Be sure to read our buying guide and reviews so you can be better-informed.

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